Some October Makes, etc.

Back last winter I bought an Authentic Knitting Board and started making a pair of knitted slippers for myself.  I’d only made one when a couple of my nephews decided they wanted ones as well, so I left knitting the second one for me and went on to knit them a pair each, then knitted them a scarf and a hat each for their birthdays, before starting my second knitted slipper.  Then events got in the way, and I needed to complete cards and jewellery pieces for various birthdays.  And so the second slipper was left just cast on, on the board.  Yesterday I went back to it and finished it.  So just need to sew it up now and I can hopefully get it photographed to put up in my next post.

I’ve now cast on a shawl.  This is what it looks like so far – what do you think of the colours?

Shawl 01 01

I’ve also made a small number of cards and a gift bag during the last couple of days.  I’ve had them, and several others, cut out for days, but haven’t felt up to putting them together.  Hopefully I’ll manage to get more done during the next few days.  These are the ones I’ve done so far.

1Stokesay Castle Shropshire England Decoupage Card Sheet  2Away in a Manger  3The leaopards stare  4Ballerina  5pink teddy bear

  1. Stokesay Castle Shropshire England Decoupage Card Sheet by Elaine Sheldrake (This is a decoupaged image so has some quite fiddly bits to cut out.  Those who’ve read my blog in the past know that I tend to only do designs that are very easy to cut, but like to have a sheet or two at a time ready to do in my digital library for days when I want something a bit more challenging when my hands are behaving themselves a bit better.  This, for me, was definitely a “very good day” cutting out challenge, but I’m so glad I did it as it’s a lovely image.)
  2. Away in a Manger by Judith Flavel and Starry Starry Nights 2 background  (This, like the first card, is a decoupage, and one of my “good days” for cutting tasks, but I love a nice Nativity scene for a Christmas card and think that this one was well worth the effort.  I may even set up my CraftROBO software to cut it out for me the next time I make it.  I think the starry nights background works well with the decoupage image.)
  3. The leaopards stare by Julie Green (A simple to cut and make pyramid style design.  The card’s colours make it suitable for a card for a man as well as any woman who’s interested in wildlife or big cats.)
  4. Ballerina by Kristin Guyer (Another pyramid style design that’s easy to cut and make, but this time in very girly pink colours, so great for a little girl.)
  5. Pink teddy bear by Mishara Armenia (A sweet little pink teddy gift bag that would be nice to give a small gift either on the birth of a new baby – perhaps hand knitted baby booties, or a gift for a little girl – perhaps socks or a bangle or something like that.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer There have been two mailers sent out by the CUP Team since my last blog post.

The one sent out on Monday the 17th can be seen by clicking – here.  There are a lot of designs to be seen.  The Designer Spotlight is showcasing some of the work of the very talented artist, Pamela West, and the Card Maker Spotlight is the prize winning crafter Cynthia Massey.

The mailer sent out on Wednesday the 19th can be seen by clicking – here.   The Designer Spotlight falls on Elaine Sheldrake, a very talented designer of who’s work I have several designs in my digital library.  You’ll notice that the design I used for my first card above is by her.  There’s all sorts in this mailer, from calendars to keepsake baby shoes and from bookmarks to cards.

Card Making Competition – This competition is open to anybody, from anywhere around the world, who has bought a suitably themed card-making item via craftsUprint.  “Any Christmas Card” is the theme for the October competition, so lots of scope for the imagination here as it could be a card for a male or a female or a family, it could be for a young child or an elderly relative, so there will hopefully be lots of entries this time.  The details can be seen – hereThere are already over 25 entries which can be seen by clicking – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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  1. WOW Gwyneth your cards are all awesome, Will definatly take me a month of Sundays, (so to speak)lol to check em all out..thanks for sharing all your gorgeous cards, and love that shawl you are knitting hon, have not seen a machine like that one..looks fab, will come back for a visit and check out more of your lovely cards..huge hugs from australia