More October Cards, CUP Discount, etc.

Santa Twinkle Pyramid Sheet Background 1I haven’t made a lot of cards since my last post, but you can still see the 750+ cards I’ve uploaded to the CUP site in the last 20 months by clicking – here.

What I have been doing is spending some time daily working on the shawl that I’m making for my sister for Christmas, which I showed you the beginning of at the start of my last post.  I’ve got half of it made by now.

But I have managed to make a few cards to send off to a charity, and one for a cardmaking competition.  The cards that follow are the ones I sent off to the charity.  The one for the card making competition I’ll post after the end of voting at the beginning of next month.


I’ve used quite a few bits from a Hunkeydory kit to make most of these, but added other material as well to all but the second card.

1Christmas Hunkydory 06  2Christmas Hunkydory 04  3Christmas Hunkydory 05  4Christmas Hunkydory 03  5  Stag 04

Please click on the thumbnail images for a better look at each card and then click “Back” in your browser to come back here.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer Three mailers have been sent out from CUP HQ since my last blog post.

The one sent out on Friday the 21st can be seen by clicking – here.  Amongst all the designs on show in this mailer you’ll see some “2 Drawer Easel Kits” as designed by Julie Hill.  I particularly love the “Wildlife Cards” designed by Frances Dent.  I think that – this one – is my favourite.

The mailer sent out on Monday the 24th can be seen by clicking – here.   In addition to lots of designs there’s news that Crafty Bob has been found on the CUP site, netting the finder a sum of £199.24.  Bob’s now back in hiding, so I wonder who’ll find him next time?  Amongst the other bits of news is a lovely picture of when two CUP favourites met up lately.

The E-mail sent out on Wednesday the 26st can be seen by clicking – here.  Lots of designs and news in this issue as well so please do click through to have a look.

Card Making Competition –  The entry to the latest craftsUprint cardmaking competition closes today.  The winner is to be announced on October 31st.  This time, in an attempt to make the competition fairer, voting will only be open to Registered Crafters & CUP Designers.  This should prevent any competitor getting family, friends, and craft club co-members to join Craftforums simply to vote for their card, when in actual fact these new members have no interest whatsoever in either CUP or being active members of Cratforums.

So, if you are a Registered Crafter or CUP Designer, and therefore eligible to vote, please, please, use your vote.  Have a good look at all the entries, at how the card maker has taken the design bought from CUP (“Make any Christmas card using any download from Craftsuprint!” is part of the rules) and made up their card, and vote for the card you think is the best.

Even if you are not eligible to vote you can still go and see all the entries in the competition gallery – here.  With over 55 entries there’s a lot of variation in styles and designs on show, and it just might give you some inspiration of something new to include in your own cards.


A little birdie let it out of the bag, at the end of a bingo winner notification yesterday, that the end of month discount code is HALLOWEEN.  So fill your Cart with some of those lovely designs from craftsUprint that you’ve had your eye on, type in the code, and don’t forget to press the “Update” button to save 20% off your total order cost for any order placed over this weekend. If you are not already a customer there’s no better time to take the plunge into crafting with digital downloads than now.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.