The knitting is growing, More New Cards, etc.

Yesterday I wrote in my blog post that I’d been trying to a bit of work every day on the shawl I’m knitting as a Christmas gift for my sister.  Well this is how much I’ve made so far:

Shawl 02

 It’s definitely growing!  I’ve used around 5 x 25g balls of yarn so far, so it’s very light material.


I’ve managed to put together a few cards this morning.  I’d printed the sheets and cut them out in readiness a few days ago.  This morning I wanted something to keep me busy and awake while I waited for Tesco to deliver my groceries, so I pulled all the pieces out and went to work.  These are the ones I got made before the delivery man arrived – quite a few really as he didn’t turn up until five minutes past the delivery time-slot:

1With our best wishes  2West Highland Terrier Puppy Dog 3D Lace Framed Decoupage  34 Elephant birthday toppers  4Autumn scene 02

  1. With our best wishes by Sally McIntyre (This is a stunning image.  It is decoupage so there’s quite a bit of in and out cutting to get all the pieces done, so for me the cutting out was a “good day” cutting out job.)
  2. West Highland Terrier Puppy Dog 3D Lace Framed Decoupage by Elaine Sheldrake (Although not straight cutting, the corner elements on this card were not too difficult to cut out and are reasonably forgiving if cut not exactly on the line.  The lace frame nicely sets off the image of the dog, who reminds me of our little dog.)
  3. 4 Elephant birthday toppers by Sharon Poore (4 simple toppers with just straight line cutting which make quick cards an easy task.)
  4. Autumn scene 02 by Astrid Spijkers (This card is made up of a card front which includes a pyramid topper and therefore is very easy to cut and make.)

1Bourton on the Water Cotswold Quick Card,Frame & Sentiments  26 x 6 Vintage Rose - Butterfly Decoupage Gold Square Card  3Bunch of pigs

  1.  Bourton on the Water Cotswold Quick Card,Frame & Sentiments by Elaine Sheldrake (There is some cutting that isn’t straight involved in cutting out the inside of the frame, but I copped off the tendrils and just went around the ivy leaves to make it an easier job.)
  2. 6 x 6 Vintage Rose – Butterfly Decoupage Gold Square Card by Elaine Sheldrake (As this design is made up of decoupage pieces it does involve more cutting out than some of the rest, although most of the pieces are quite “rounded” in nature and therefore not too intricate.)
  3. Bunch of pigs by Astrid Spijkers (This card has a straight edged pyramid topper and therefore is easy to cut out and put together.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer The E-mail mailer sent out yesterday evening can be seen by clicking – here.  This mailer is showcasing a few kits of a variety of background designs and lots of Christmas designs which have been created by Silver craftsUprint designers.  There’s also a CUP TV episode, some Tent Bookmark Kits, and news of several CUP Crafters meeting up at the SECC Show in Scotland, amongst some other bits of news and information.

Card Making Competition –  The time to enter the October cardmaking competition has passed and entry is now closed.  Well it is according to the instructions on the competition entry page – “Entry open until October 28th”.  However the page is still saying “Voting has not yet started”, so don’t know when it will start as the page also says “Winner will be announced on October 31st”, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for those who are eligible to vote to do so.

If you are a Registered Crafter or CUP Designer, and therefore eligible to vote, please, please, use your vote when the voting starts.  Have a good look at all the entries, at how the card maker has taken the design bought from CUP and made up their card, and vote for the card you think is the best.


Anybody who’s read the mailer will have already have seen this, but in case you haven’t – here’s the information on the latest craftsUprint discount code:

Enter the code HALLOWEEN into your shopping basket
then click Update to save 20% this weekend!

Offer expires midnight 31/10/11

So make the most of this 20% saving by going to the craftsUprint site now and taking your pick of all the wonderful designs.  Remember, it’s not just for Card Making.  There are also designs for ScrapbookingCrochet, Cross Stitch, Knitting – both by hand and machine, as well as Designer Resource Downloads for those who want to design their own cards or scrapbook pages.  And if you are lucky enough to own an electronic/digital cutting machines you’ll also find an assortment of Cutting Files.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.