Cards Made in Early November, etc.

Although most of the time this week my hands haven’t been up to much cutting, I did have a couple of hours one evening when the pain killers had worked and I managed to do some cutting out of a few designs that were a bit more intricate than my usual.  Managed to put them together on Tuesday and even took some pictures, although getting enough light to get a good picture was almost as difficult as the cutting out.  Still, I did manage to get the pictures cropped, re-sized and of a good enough quality in the end, and they are now visible on my gallery of cards on craftsUprint.  These are the latest cards I’ve made:

(Remember – you can click on each thumbnail to see a larger image of each card and then use the Back button in your browser to come back here.)


1Jogger Dude (Blue) Decoupage Sheet  2Morgan Welsh Cob & Tally New Forest Pony Decoupage Lace Card  3Sophisticated Dress Decoupage Card Front and Insert - Blue 2  4Candle Duo Green Poinsettia 3D Scallop Wrap Card Kit

  1.  Jogger Dude (Blue) Decoupage Sheet by Gordon Fraser and Sunburst A4 Backing Paper in Lilac by Katy Kinsey (The Jogger Dude is a decoupaged image so there is quite a bit of cutting of ins and outs and was definitely a “one of my better days” cutting out jobs, although, because most of the pieces are quite big it went together quite easily on a day when my hands were not working so well.  I think it really goes well with the sunburst background and looks as if he’s running quickly towards the viewer.)
  2. Morgan Welsh Cob & Tally New Forest Pony Decoupage Lace Card by Elaine Sheldrake (Although all the lace border elements are not straight cut there is nothing particularly intricate about the pieces, and they are very forgiving of slight under or over cutting.  It all builds up easily as well.)
  3. Sophisticated Dress Decoupage Card Front and Insert – Blue 2 by Emma Winnell (The main square panel and insert, as well as the oval topper panel, are all easy to cut out.  For the dress on its own I just cut the dress and chopped off the hanger to make it easier to cut.  If any ins and outs cutting is difficult for you, you can use just the base image and oval topper and still have a nice card.)
  4. Candle Duo Green Poinsettia 3D Scallop Wrap Card Kit by Ann-marie Vaux (Other than some scalloped edges and the round topper on the outside, which are not to difficult to cut, all the cutting in this card is straight cutting.  I used Pinflair Foto Glue to stick on the inside of the wrap flaps so that I could maneuver them a bit.)

1Lilacs in a shoe  2Mauve Pansy Topper  3Hollyhocks and daisies, Original watercolour

  1. 12 Sumptuous Satin Backing Papers – Pretty Pastels by Emma Winnell and Lilacs in a shoe by Sarah Lake (Straight edge cutting only for this card.  There is some “inside” cutting on the layers to create the invertage, but I managed this with a scissors so it wasn’t too difficult to do.)
  2. Mauve Pansy Topper by Linda Whittles (Mostly straight edge cutting for this one.  Only the two large central flowers need cutting out individually and these are not particularly intricate in shape.  They look as if they’ve been glazed.)
  3. Hollyhocks and daisies, Original watercolour by Pamela West (I took the downloaded digital image of the watercolour and used a graphics package to create a card front, including framed image, ribbon and background element.  I also created some decoupage layers of the pink flowers to stick on top.  This watercolour could be used however you want, within the TOU, so you could use it just as a topper, matted and layered on a card to keep it simple, make it into a pyramage topper, or really go to town on the decoupage and make far more layers than I did.  It is totally up to the buyer of the designer resource.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The CUP Team have sent out another mailer.  You can see a copy by clicking – here. Lots of lovely designs being showcased as well as lots of news about CUP and members of the CUP family of crafters and designers. You can even buy Crafty Bob Merchandise now (go to this page on the CUP site to see what’s available) which includes “Crafty Bob’s Purple Craft Bag” that were being handed out to visitors to the CUP stand at the Hobbycrafts show at the NEC last week – and the bags are only 1p + postage!

Card Making Competition –  Instructions for the CUP November card making competition have now been announced.  You can read the details by clicking – here.  It’s to be a “Floral” card this time ladies and gentlemen. The entries are to be uploaded to – here.


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