Knitting, Weaving and CUP

I’ve not made any cards to show you in this blog post today, but I have finished the knitting I’d got on my knitting board as well as started on an easy weaving project.  So please read on.


I’ve finished knitting the shawl for my sister’s Christmas gift on my Authentic Knitting Board.  There are a small number of ends to tidy away, but this is what it looks like now.

Throw 03 04


These pictures show some closups of what I used to make this shawl:

Throw 04 03   Throw 04 02   Throw 04 04  Throw 04 01   Shawl 01 01

(You can click on each thumbnail to have a closer look at the image.)

You can find the yarn by clicking here -> Sirdar Reflection Knitting Yarn

This board looks to be the same as the one I got, although I got mine from a different place -> Knitting Board

The board is also available as a 10″ version, one of which you can see by clicking here -> Knitting Board.

You can see the site of the Authentic Knitting Board company by clicking -> here!


You can use an Authentic Knitting Board for weaving as well as knitting.  You can buy Loom Extenders to insert instead of the bolts and gauge blocks. I’ve got the 10″ ones (which you can see on the Authentic Knitting Board site by clicking-> here.)

Weaving 01 01   Weaving 01 02   Weaving 01 03

It took me around two and a half hours to make this piece, which will be the back and front of a shoulder bag.

I used yarn made from Recycled Silk Yarn Skein to loop around the nails on the loom (Like this one here -> Silk Yarn)

And I used Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Selection of three different coloured hanks, as shown in the second thumbnail, to weave in between. You can see a single colour one here -> Silk Ribbon Yarn, and hanks of multi colours by clicking here -> Silk Ribbon Yarn.  I got my pack from -> here.  Because the sari ribbon strips, as well as the silk yarn, is thick and chunky to work with, it is quite easy to use – even with fingers that don’t work properly.  I wouldn’t like to attempt weaving with thin yarn.

The extra long “crochet hook” shown sticking up between the arms of the chairs comes with the Loom Extenders, but isn’t needed for weaving with the ribbon strips.

I’ll show you how this looks once taken off the loom and stitched up into a bag in a future blog post.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – There have been two mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post.  If you haven’t seen them yet then you can find them by clicking the following links:

Friday 11th November – click – here!  Announcing the launch of several new CD-ROMs and Crafty Bob’s A4 Premium Gloss Craft Photo Paper, in addition to showcasing designs, a new CUP TV episode, and lots of news from CUP HQ, designers and crafters.

Monday 14th November – click – here! The designs being showcased are mostly Christmas, and the “New From” feature are “Fun Advent Wheel Cards”, along with lots of other bits and bobs of news and information.

Card Making Competition –  There are 30 entries already in for the CUP November card making competition.  You can read the instruction details by clicking – here.  It’s to be a “Floral” card this time ladies and gentlemen. The entries are to be uploaded to – here – so click through to have a look at the ones already entered.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.