I’ve Won A Challenge! Wahoo!

Some of you, who read my blog regularly, will have seen me mention that I belong to a group of card makers, who are members of Craftforums, who each month send in a small assortment of hand made cards to a Charity Cards group organised by Diane Scotland.  Diane then photographs the cards, sticks labels on the cello bags if the chosen charity wants, and delivers all the cards to the charity.  A different charity is supported each month.  Diane does fantastic work sorting everything out so that all the rest of us need to do is post off some cards to her.

As well as the main purpose of the group, to donate cards that the chosen charity can sell to raise funds, a small challenge is run each month as well.  One card per person, which is also donated to the charity, can be sent in for the challenge, and this card is on a particular theme.  October was the turn of the RNIB to be supported. So an interesting challenge was set.  The challenge card needed to be suitable for people who are blind or have sight problems, taking into consideration that “the people who can’t SEE these cards will need to be able to TOUCH and FEEL them”.

Yesterday all the entries sent in were taken to the RNIB so that a member of staff could inspect, touch and feel, and choose the winner.  And the winner was – ME!

I was so surprised when this was announced on Craftforums yesterday evening.  Surprised, pleased and I wish to thank the judge very much for choosing my card.

Stag 04I have shown the card I sent in in a blog post a while ago, amongst lots of others I made around the same time, but I thought I’d show it to you again now and give you some details of how I made it.  Here it is:

I first thought about what I wanted on the card –

  • I wanted a card with dimension.
  • I wanted a card with a few different textures, but not all over texture so that it all ran into each other making it hard to differentiate;
  • I thought that if a person was partially sighted they may be able to differentiate between light and dark, so wanted a big contrast in colours;
  • I wanted the recipient, if a reader of Braille, to be able to read the greeting by touch.

I created a base card from Centura Pearl Snow White card.  To start on making the card dimensional I scored the card to give a 1cm spine.  I also scored and cut to give a 1cm deep recessed frame.  As a contrast to the white card I chose a black card and cut out a piece the same size as a recess and a panel as a base for the greetings panel.  I put strips of double sided tape around the recess and rubbed ultra fine glitter in for texture.

I chose some die-cut mats to suit the card, one in silver and the rest in white.  They came from packs similar to – this one, but I can’t remember exactly where I got them or what the exact pack I had was called.  The silver mat was stuck directly to the white mat behind it, and that was stuck to the black background using 2mm deep, double sided tape.

One of the elements I chose for texture was an image of a stag.  This came from a pack of “Creata Pack of 14 Rub On Flock Transfers“.  The flock has a raised effect against the background, so the shape could be felt.  It also has a warm feeling against the coldness of the silver mirror card behind it.  I also used a quickie glue pen in broken lines on the mirror card below the stag and sprinkled the same glitter as previously on this as well, to give the feel of snow drifts.

I went to the Internet and found a site that showed the alphabet in Braille.  I copied the images for each of the letters to make up “Happy Christmas”, pasted them in the right order to make the greeting into my graphics package, shrunk them down to the correct size to fit my greetings panel, and printed them out onto thin paper – paper thin enough to see the printed dots from the other side.  I placed the greetings panel, front side down, onto the back of a mouse mat, stuck the printout of the greeting, also face side down, on top of it using masking tape, and used a small embossing ball tool to gently press through on every printed dot to cause a raise on the right side.  Once completed I went round the edges of the panel with a metallic marker, stuck it to another panel and stuck this to the mat of black card.  Again I used foam tape to stick this on to raise it off the background of the card and give it dimension so it could be picked out easily by touch.

The final decoration was some holly.  These again were die-cut ones from good quality paper.  I shaped them before sticking them in place with glue gel.  I also put a dollop of glue gel over the printed berries and stuck lots of red seed beads in them for added dimension and texture.

Of course, a dimensional card like this wouldn’t go into a regular envelope so I made a box of a suitable size for it from the same Centura Pearl as the base card.  I lined the box with some tissue paper.  I did put a few drops of a “Christmas” scented oil on a layer of tissue in the middle of the tissue paper lining, though I rather think that that evaporated far too quickly.

CUP Update:  

Card Making Competition –  52 entries were uploaded to the competition album to be entered in the competition for November – and I’m struggling to choose one to vote for.  Not because there isn’t one I like, but because there are too many that are excellent and I love.  There’s not a bad one amongst them, so it’s down to personal choice, and I’ve whittled it down and choose – 9 of them!  But that won’t do as I only have one vote.  So I’ve decided to sleep on it overnight and look again with fresh eyes in the morning.  You can see the entries by clicking – here.   I do hope that everybody who’s eligible to vote will do so.


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2 Replies to “I’ve Won A Challenge! Wahoo!”

  1. Congratulations Gwenyth.
    Brilliant card and a very deserved win with the thought you put into the card!!

  2. WHOO HOO Gwyneth xx I had a feeling that your card would win the last challenge of the year, I could see for myself when I opened it that you had done some research and had given it a great deal of thought xx As I said to you Elma, from the RNIB was impressed by everyones cards, but yours, well…. it caught her eye the minute she saw it and commented on the effort you put into it, a huge WELL DONE to you honey, a well deserved winner xx let’s see how you get on with the challenges next year Gwyneth xxxx TC Diane xx