More Early December Crafty Makes

A while ago I decided to aim to get past the 800 photos uploaded to craftsUprint before the end of this year. Well I’ve now hit that target, and passed it by a bit. Please click -> here – to have a look at what I’ve created. It isn’t all cards. There are gift bags and boxes, including ones to present jewellery in, and other bits and bobs, such as a horseshoe for a bride, etc., amongst all those photos of items I’ve hand made. Cards:

(To have a good look at these cards please click on the thumbnail images to bring up larger images, then click the Back button in your browser to bring you back here.)

1cup274560_117 - card04 - Ceredigion Wales, Original watercolour painting  2cup274565_117 - card03 - Cottage door 1 - original watercolour painting  3cup29837_158 - card03 - Poinsettia Decoupage  4cup33928_325 - card08 - Santa & Sleigh Framed Pyramid  5cup33920_325 - card05 - Snowman & Friends Framed Pyramid

  1. Ceredigion Wales, Original watercolour painting by Pamela West (This card was made using a “Designer Resource” so allowed me to do digital design work with the image before printing and crafting with it.  I created the background and put the greetings tag on it before printing, and put a frame around the topper image and printed that out separately from the background, so actually only straight cutting was needed.  I did use a corner punch to round the background corners before sticking on the card.  So all in all this was an easy card to make.)
  2. Cottage door 1 – original watercolour painting by Pamela West (Another “Designer Resource”.  With this one I simply created a soft frame around the digital image of the painting before printing it off at the size I required.  Straight cutting out, corner rounding punch, sticking to card, and adding peel-off greeting – and the card was finished.  Easy!)
  3. Poinsettia Decoupage by Sheila Harris (This was the most difficult of this batch of cards to cut out as some of the Poinsettia leaves are cut out together to layer up.  But if you find this too difficult then there’s no reason why you can’t just use the background and topper layer.)
  4. Santa & Sleigh Framed Pyramid by Emma Bee (This is a straight edged pyramid topper so an easy card to cut out and make.)
  5. Snowman & Friends Framed Pyramid by Emma Bee (Like the previous card this is a straight edged pyramid topper.  Both these cards I sprayed with spray glitter.  This one was sprayed with silver spray glitter and the previous card with gold spray glitter.)


Scarf 03 02
This is a scarf that I’ve knitted on my knitting board as a Christmas gift.  The yarn is a mohair with a silver fleck along its length.

These pictures show the yarn and the scarf at an early stage of knitting.

1Scarf 02 06  2Scarf 02 04  3Scarf 02 03  4Scarf 01 01

Two balls of the yarn as shown in image 3 were used to make the finished scarf.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – Two mailers have been E-mailed out since my last blog post, as follows:

Monday, 5th December – which can be seen -> here.  It’s the turn of CUP Designers who’ve reached the Gold status to be showcased this time.  You’ll also find lots of other items and news to look at, such as Exclusive Designer Heather Howes‘ versions of “Easel Stand Cards”.

Wednesday, 7th December – which can be seen -> here.   Designs by more Gold status designers can be seen showcased in this mailer.  The “New From” feature this time presents the “Christmas Tall Wing Cards” cards designed by Sheila Rodgers.  Other bits of news include a designer at a Christmas Fair and a designer out in the snow with her Crafty Bob CUP bag.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

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