Last Cards Of 2011 & Thank You All!

The year is drawing to a close and my next blog post will be in 2012, but I thought I’d finish off the year with a small number of new cards I’ve made.  Please have a look to see what you think.

 (Remember that you can click on the thumbnail images to have a better look at each item.)


1cup277378_1026 - card01 - It’s a Boy Shaped Front  2cup271732_572 - card06 - Lots of Lace A4 Backing Paper in Blue  3cup283832_613 - card03 - Romantic Roses

  1. It’s a Boy Shaped Front in Blue by Sally Booth (If you click through to see the design sheet I used you’ll see that the dummies/pacifiers have their loop handle attached as part of the decoupage layer, but I knew that I’d find it difficult to cut out the landlocked area so I only cut out the top part, chopping off the loop handles.  And the same for the rattle as well.  When stuck on after shaping this actually gives more depth to these elements and doesn’t detract from the card.  So please remember to look at a design to see if you can make adjustments that make things easier for you to work with the design.)
  2. Lots of Lace A4 Backing Paper in Blue by Katy Kinsey (I printed the background design onto Super Smooth card and trimmed off the white edges.  The card was simply made by scoring in half and folding the card with the printing inwards.  The front was then scored and folded in half again, folding the side back so that the printing was on the outside.  The “Shaped Front” was only stuck down to this left hand side fold-back.  I attached an oval, white, die-cut element to the inside to allow for space to write a greeting.  I’ve put a “Llongyfarchiadau” (Welsh for Congratulations) peel-off on the top of this oval.)
  3. Romantic Roses by Deborah Davies (For this card I printed the sheet onto good quality glossy photo paper.  The base image was easy to cut out, the next layer with the scalloped edge was not to bad to cut out.  The more intricate cutting comes with the next layers.  If you have severe problems with cutting [I know I wouldn’t have been able to cut them out most days] then they can be left off.  While they do add a lovely dimension to the card they could also be left off if you need to keep the depth of the card low for posting using an ordinary letter stamp [in the UK.])

1cup280189_539 - card02 - Purple pansy off set gatefold card  2cup282694_539 - card02 - Purple pansy off set insert 1   3cup283618_96 - card01 - Amazing Sunset Various Occasions Pyramid Topper

  1. Purple pansy off set gatefold card by Sharon Poore (This is an easy card to make that could just be left with no additions or further embellished as you want.  I used a Sakura clear glaze pen to put a spot on the yellow centre of each pansy and also used a purple glitter gel pen to highlight the fine lines that radiate from the flower centres.  I’m thinking that I could play around with sticky back gems next time, and perhaps put a ribbon bow in the top left box – the one I’ve put a “Dymuniadau Gorau” [Welsh for Best Wishes] peel-off greeting in.)
  2. Purple pansy off set insert 1 by Sharon Poore (The perfect insert to the card above.  I printed this onto good quality 100gsm white paper, scored, trimmed, put in a greeting peeloff the same as the outside of the card, and stuck it in.)
  3. Amazing Sunset Various Occasions Pyramid Topper by Anna Babajanyan (This is another easy card to make as there isn’t really any intricate cutting out to do, just an oblong base layer and oval pyramid layers.  You could even use it as a plain topper without the added layers if you want.  This is a design that could be used for so many occasions – and you know how we like to have items in our digital library that are not so specific we can only use them once.)

cup283618_96 - card01 - Amazing Sunset Various Occasions Pyramid TopperThank You All!:

With this card I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being my friend in 2011.  I’ve met so many lovely people, from all over the world and all walks of life, through the medium of the Internet.  I’ve been amazed and inspired by some of the work you’ve shared online.  When fluctuating health and disability issues affect the ability to go out and about, the Internet and my online friends have always been there as company, even when I’ve not felt like getting involved and chatting in any of the groups I belong to, and even when I’ve not be up to getting on with my crafting.  Just  – Thank You for being there.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The latest mailer, sent out on Friday, 30th December, can be seen by clicking – here.  The main bits of news are the 20% discount (see below) and the fact that the voting is now open for the December Card Competition (also see below).  You will, of course, see an assortment of card designs to tempt you as well.

CUP Discount Code – Go to the craftsUprint site and click “Add to Cart” on the items you want to buy.  Then simply type the word ‘XMAS‘ into the REDEEM VOUCHER box on the basket page BEFORE you check out then click “UPDATE BASKET” to save a whopping 20% off your total order value!  Please remember – The Discount Code Expires: 31st December 2011 at Midnight GMT

Card Making CompetitionVoting is now open to choose the best entry in the December competition.   Only CUP Registered Crafters & CUP Designers who are Craftforum members are eligible to vote, but even if you are not allowed to vote you can still pop along to the competition gallery to see all the uploaded entries.  You can see them by clicking – here.  I obviously hope that my card will get some votes, but, being realistic, I don’t think it will win.  As I said in my last post – I’m not putting a picture of my card up here in my blog until voting finishes, but feel free to have a good look at all the entries (you’ll need to click on the thumbnail images to see the individual entries and their information properly) and see if you can spot which one you think is mine.


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