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I’ve said in previous posts that I’d only put up a picture of my entry into the competition to make any New Baby card using any download from Craftsuprint after the voting in the competition closed and the winner was announced.  Well the voting closed earlier today so here’s my card:

Baby Card Competition Entry

The craftsUprint sheet I used for this one was “Boy in Basket 5×5 Scallop Side Stacker” by Sarah Edwards which you can see by clicking – here.  You will notice that this competition entry was made without adding the “side stacker” element, thus making a different look to the card on display on the CUP site with the sheet used.  I’m all for designs that have room to stamp some individuality to the finished card and can be used exactly as intended for a card, but can also be used in different ways to create different looks, and thus get maximum value from the same printed out sheet.

I wanted to keep things simpler than some of my previous competition entries for this card.  So no elaborate card shape, just a plain, A5 shape, as a landscape tent fold card, with some layering added.  And no flowers, glitter, mirror card, or gemstones added, just some lace and ribbon. And one simple word on a greetings panel.

I printed the whole design sheet onto Super Smooth 120gsm paper and then cut out the base layer, cutting up to the white loopy line rather than the outside of the layer (this was the fiddliest bit of cutting for this card and you could just do the straight cutting round the outside layer). I decided not to build up the side stacker layers but instead just cut out the rattle head, duck head and teat off the baby bottle out of the stacker layers. I put a square of card behind the cut out panel for stability, but made it smaller than the panel so that I could shape back the loopy border to give dimension. I looked at the colours in the image and picked the very pale yellow, green and blue from the image to use in the making of my card, making the base card blue, the first layer of matting a similar yellow to the highlighted area of the ducks face, and the smallest layer of matting a shade of green. All these were made from the same type of pearlescent cardstock. The base image layer was stuck to the front of the green card using 4mm of double sided foam tape. A piece of white lace was stuck around the edge of this green mat. I put a strip of strong Template Double Sided Tape along the length of the yellow mat, going round the sides to the back, and stuck on a piece of ribbon, blue with polka dots to echo the baby’s hat and T-shirt. This ribbon was looped along, and the ends stuck to the back of the mat. This yellow mat was stuck directly to the front of the blue base card. I used 2mm of double sided foam tape to stick the matted image onto the yellow mat, sticking this towards the left side. I finished off by sticking on the extra layer of rattle, duck head and bottle teat with glue gel, and put on a “BABY” panel from my crafting stash at the top right.

I thought that carying the soft colours of the image throughout the card, and using lace and ribbon for embellishment was very much in keeping with a “baby” theme.

You can see the uploaded entry page by clicking – here.   It received a small number of really nice comments from some lovely ladies on Craftforums, which I’m very grateful for.  It also received a small number of votes, which I sincerely thank those who voted for.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The holiday period meant that this week’s first mailer didn’t get sent out until today, Tuesday the 3rd of January.  In this one there are lots of designs created by the Platinum level designers.  Some new ‘Through The Looking Glass‘ designs created by Robyn Cockburn.  Information on the “Image of the Week” and top selling “Card of the Moment”.  And lots more, including – of course – the winner of the December competition.

Card Making Competition – The winner of the competition to make any New Baby card using any CUP download was Davina Rundle.  She embellished the design with a tiny pair of handmade baby booties.  While it wasn’t the card I gave my vote to in the end, both this card and the one which came 2nd were in my batch of top notch cards that I had to look at several times to decide which one to vote for.  You can now view all the cards that were entered, and have a good look to see if you agree with how the voting went, by clicking – here.


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