Crafting At The Start Of January

Cards and Boxes:

1cup6517 - card01 - Iris 2 backing paper  2cup190014_172 - card04 - Baby in Bath Circular Side Stacker  3cup222747_906 - card03 -  front pancy  4cup263197_906 - card05 - orchid green and gold.jpg

  1.  Iris 2 backing paper by Sheila Rodgers (As I wanted this to be quite a big box I wanted the base to be of stronger weight cardstock than would go through my printer, so I used a sheet of 350gms card-stock for that.  The top is the backing paper printed onto the heaviest weight white cardstock that will go through my printer.  I trimmed the white edges of the cardstock off and then scored in at 4.5cm in from each edge.  I marked the size of the trimmed background onto the card-stock I wanted for the base and then trimmed in a few mm inside the marked line.  This was also scored in at 4.5cm from each edge.  I then cut through to make tabs at each corner of the base and lid and stuck in place using Template Tape.  By making the base slightly smaller before scoring than the lid, it means that it fits inside perfectly. )
  2. Baby in Bath Circular Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (The design sheet to make this card is quite easy to cut out.  There is the rounded side to the side stackers but it’s quite a smooth cut with nothing intricate to cut.)
  3. Front pancy by Terri Hawley (The base layer of this card and the greetings panel are both shaped and so the cutting isn’t all straight, but the curves are not particularly intricate.  The flowers are more intricate to cut out, although you could leave them off it you have difficulty cutting out intricate pieces.)
  4. Orchid green and gold by Terri Hawley (Straight edges and ovals only to cut out for this card.  I only used two of the oval layers, thus meaning that there was less cutting out involved in making this card.  I used a Sakura Clear Stardust pen to highlight some areas of the flowers, which catches the light as the card is moved, so helping to give a special look to the card.)


The knitting loom ring I used to make this pair of fingerless gloves is the smallest (5.5″) in a set of 4.  It’s made to create little babies hats on, but rather than pull a piece of yarn through all the top stitches to pull together for the top of a hat I finished off by crocheting along the top edge and making lengths of crochet to go between the thumb and the fingers and around the index finger.

1Knitted Set 01 03  2Knitted Set 01 05  3Knitted Set 01 04.jpg

The hat was made on another knitting loom from the same set, this time the 9.5″ ring.  This set is knitted using the same type of yarn as I made the red scarf as a Christmas gift for a member of the family, but this time in the blue version.  I’ve now started to knit the matching scarf using the 7.5″ circular knitting loom.  The colouring of the pieces looks different in the pictures because of the different lighting conditions when the photos were taken, but they are all made using the same yarn.

1Knitted Set 01 07  2Knitted Set 01 08  3Knitted Set 01 10

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – A copy of the latest mailer, sent out Friday, 6th, January, can be seen by clicking – here.  You’ll see lots of designs created by the CUP Exclusive Designers, as well as see some cards created by the Registered Crafters and read snippets of news from CUP land.  The Crafty Bob Treasure Hunt game has come to an end on the CUP site and a new “Crafty Bob’s CRAZY Five Minute Game” has started.  Read all about this new idea by clicking – here.

Free Card Verses for your Cards – It seems that there are now a lot more “Free Card Verses for your Cards” available on the site.  Click – here – to see the categories available and make your choice.

Card Making Competition – The “CUP Crafter of the Year 2011 Competition” has been announced.  Details can be seen by reading the information – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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