18th – Contribution To Food, a Card, a Gift, and a Presentation Box

You’d think that after Christmas would be a bit quiet, but not in our house.  With a niece having her 18th birthday at the beginning of January there were still a few things to do once the New Year celebrations were over with.  I had made some jewellery as a gift for her, and a box with drawers to put them in, to give to her, before Christmas, but that did leave the card that my mother had asked me to make, for her and my father to give their grand-daughter, as well as being roped in to make some of the food for the buffet, to keep me occupied, and having had a cold and coughed so much that I had no voice for days (even after the bad coughing stopped) I wasn’t exactly bursting with energy to get on with things.  What I still haven’t finished is the photo-book/scrapbook of my niece’s life that I’m giving her, but the last page of that will be photos from her party in any case, so couldn’t be finished until after the event.

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Nobody makes Scotch Eggs better than “Mamgu” (Welsh for Grandmother), according to my nephews and niece, so a big consignment of Scotch Eggs was what we were asked to make.  Have you any idea how many pounds of sausage meat you need to make 90 Scotch Eggs?  Lots!  One pound of sausage meat will give a covering to 8 small eggs or 6 larger eggs – and we had 90 to make.

Thank heavens that most of the work is done sitting down, and that the eggs themselves could be hard boiled and shelled the morning before, or we’d never have managed it, as neither of us is able to stand up or walk about for any length of time.  Doing things in batches and having a break in between and we managed to get them all done before they were collected for the evening party.

1Hard Boiled Eggs and bits and pieces  2Egg Breadcrums and breaded scotch eggs  390 Finished Scotch Eggs

  1.  Lots of hard boiled eggs, some breadcrumbs and some of the sausage meat ready to begin.
  2. A batch of covered Scotch Eggs, ready for the deep fat fryer.
  3. 90 cooked Scotch Eggs draining on layers of kitchen paper.


This card is made from an A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White Card.  I scored it in two places to give a three paneled card with the two outside panels being folded inwards.  On the main outside panel I scored using one of the Glitter Girls boards to give an embossed pattern on the top, with the same pattern being de-bossed on the bottom.  The circular design from the same board was embossed onto panels of card of two different colours and onto holographic silver paper.  The card was simply decorated with peel-offs.  The two different colours of round blob peeloffs are also of holographic silver but look different in the photographs.

118th Birthday 01 05  218th Birthday 01 03  318th Birthday 01 01

The other folded in panel was also decorated with panels embossed using another of the Glitter Girls boards, and the inside back was left blank for a message to be written.

The card can be stood as shown in the 3rd picture with both folded in panels visible.


This is a set of jewellery I made using stones and beads from a kit, except that the kit came with pink beads and I substituted blue beads from my bead stash as it was a more suitable colour for the intended recipient.  The black, longer, beads are magnetic Hematite semi precious stones.  The main piece has no catch as the whole string has magnetic pieces along its length allowing it to be worn in many different ways – wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet; wrapped around the neck as a choker; loosely around the neck as a necklace of whatever length and style required; around the middle as a decorative belt.

1Lariat Set 03  2Lariat Set 05  3Lariat Set 07  4Lariat Set 08.jpg

Special Gift Box:

This is a gift box I made to present the jewellery above in.  I can’t claim any part of the design of this one as it’s simply a lovely Hunkydory kit made up.  I’ve taken photos of it from several different angles.

1Hunkydory Easel Card Gift Drawers - 01  2Hunkydory Easel Card Gift Drawers - 03  3Hunkydory Easel Card Gift Drawers - 04  4Hunkydory Easel Card Gift Drawers - 07  5Hunkydory Easel Card Gift Drawers - 09

An easel card forms a part of the box with the card opening when the bow is pulled, so I didn’t make a separate card.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – A copy of the CUP E-mailed newsletter that was sent out on 9th January can be seen by clicking – here.  The “New From” section is given over to “Bookmark Card N Envelope” from top designer Carol Clarke.  Among all the other designs on show are cutting files, iris folding designs, notebook kit, backing papers, pyramage designs – and the list goes on.  The news includes winners of Crafty Bob’s Crazy Five Minutes, two designers meeting up in Las Vegas, the answer to Crafty Bob’s Thought for the Weekend, and lots more.  So well worth a click over to have a read.

Card Making Competition – The voteing has started for “CUP Crafter of the Year 2011 Competition”.  Today, Monday 9th January, it’s the turn of the “New” and “Bronze” CUP Designers to vote.  You can click – here – to read up more on how the Crafter of the Year is decided and to see the current leader-board.


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  1. What a huge variety of lovely goodies…my Dad is the best scotch egg maker in our house – they are lovely. The card, jewellery and box are fantastic and will be treasured.