More Crafting From January 2012

A bit of a variety in this batch.  From New Baby to Sympathy.  From a card and box suitable for a man to a card and box, with a teddy on, suitable for a child.

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(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  These linked pages also have a longer description of how I made the item.)

Cards & Boxes:

Some more playing around with Designer Resources first, but this time to make a brown toned card, insert and box that’s more suitable for a male than the lace look set in my last post.  These are all made from the same items although the shading does look slightly different in the photos because of different lighting conditions when the photos were taken.

1cup279978_1514 - card07 - 9 sheets of A4 Background Papers  2cup185244_543 - card05 - 6 Mens Belts  3cup185244_543 - card01 - 6 Mens Belts

  1.  9 sheets of A4 Background Papers by Jacqueline Hatton (I used two of the backgrounds from the pack for the insert, putting a clearer oval panel on for the writing of a greeting.  This basic layout was then taken, and built upon, for the card front.)
  2. 6 Mens Belts by Vicki Avcin & 9 sheets of A4 Background Papers by Jacqueline Hatton & African silhouettes by Debra Jenkinson (Although I have used brown, black, navy, etc., ribbons, sometimes with knots, on cards for the males of the species, I was looking for other ideas, and was immediately struck by the possibilities given by the belts in this pack of Designer Resources.  I’ve used several copies of the same belt on this card – as well as putting them on the box that follows, not only using as a demarcation near the left, but as a greeting panel as well.)
  3. 6 Mens Belts by Vicki Avcin & 9 sheets of A4 Background Papers by Jacqueline Hatton & Hexagon Box Template by Carol Lepard (After playing round in my graphics program to create the sheet ready to print out, the actual cutting of this box is all straight lines.  It is a little box, just under 3″ across, but is just the right size for little gifts.)

Back to ready designed sheets as the basis for the next batch of cards and the box.

1cup41049_442 - card01 - Morning Rose Gatefold Insert  2cup228996_906 - card03 - sheep dog  3cup277735_825 - card01 - Baby Boy Announcement Oval Pyramid  4cup283620_96 - card01 - Floral Cross Easter Sympathy Card  5

  1. Morning Rose Backing Sheet 1, Morning Rose Pyramid and Morning Rose Gatefold Insert all by Rebecca Brindley (This is a really lovely card that could be used for many occasions but is quite easy to make.  Straight edge cutting and cutting round the ovals, and nothing intricate to cut.  I used my Hougie Board to do the scoring of the printed out backing sheet, after trimming, to make the gate-fold card, and used a corner rounder punch to give neat corners to the front corners of the gate-fold card.)
  2. Sheep dog by Terri Hawley (The most intricate cutting to create this card was cutting out the greeting panel, and you couldn’t really call that intricate – it could even be left off if you wanted as the base layer has a space to put the greeting in any case.  The base card was bought in already in the fancy shape – a sale item in a Hunkydory pack.)
  3. Baby Boy Announcement Oval Pyramid by Frances Dent (This card looks very intricate but the only cutting was straight cutting of the base layer, oval cutting of three layers, and punching the base layer corners with a corner rounder punch.  I just used a pre-prepared base card which had the outline punched detail from my crafting stash – a Hunkydory card blank.  I simply used a long piece of shear, white, organza ribbon to decorate, weaving it in and out through the holes around the edge and then putting a long piece across the front and tied on the right hand side.)
  4. “Floral Cross” Easter, Sympathy Card by Anna Babajanyan (This was a really simple card to make – just print, cut, and stick on.  There were two greetings panels provided on the sheet but I wanted a Welsh sympathy card so used my own peel-offs in a matching tone.  The most intricate thing about this card was putting on the sticky back, faux pearls, in place, for which I used a pokey tool to move and place, but you don’t have to add these to the printed pearls if you don’t want to.  I also used a Sakura, clear Stardust, gel pen to add some highlights to the coloured throats of the flowers.)

1cup286945_2 - card02 - Gable-top box - Teddy’s Red Bow  2cup283840_2 - card03 - Teddy’s Red Bow - vellum

  1. Gable-top box – Teddy’s Red Bow by Judith Flavel (I needed to get my craft knife and steel edged ruler out to cut the handle centres out as well as the slots in the two side panels.  There was also more intricate cutting on the teddy and bow for decoupaging onto the box, however, you don’t have to cut these out and layer them on as the images are on the base box and it doesn’t need the added embellishment to function as a box.  I didn’t actually use all the teddies and bows on the box but kept some to make the matching card.)
  2. Teddy’s Red Bow – vellum by Judith Flavel & Gable-top box – Teddy’s Red Bow by Judith Flavel (This card may look fancy but the base card was one from my crafting stash, another one from Hunkydory if I remember rightly.  I just cut a square of the printed background to fit, punched using a corner rounder to tidy each corner, put on a strip of gold, linen effect, card down the right hand side.  The teddy and bow toppers were all spare pieces I kept behind when making the matching box.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – The mailer E-mailed out today, 13th January, can be seen by clicking – here.  Today’s mailer is given over to the designer Ann-marie Vaux.  Ann-marie is only the third CUP designer to reach the Titanium status, and getting to be a Titanium designer means that a total of 50,000 sales of her designs have been made via the CUP site.  Now that is a huge number of sales and just proves how popular the items that Ann-marie designs are.

These are a small number of the cards I’ve made using Ann-marie’s designs.

1Black Lotus Flower Oriental Hand Fan 3D Topper  2Lace Card Front Step by Step  3Gold Birthday/Anniversary White Rose Book Sheet  4Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker Card Front  5cup160132_10 - Beautiful Poppies Card Envelope Pointy Stacker AIO

  1. Black Lotus Flower Oriental Hand Fan 3D Topper
  2.  The Angel A5 Lace Card Front Step by Step
  3. Gold Birthday/Anniversary White Rose Book Sheet
  4. Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker Card Front
  5. Beautiful Poppies Card Envelope Pointy Stacker AIO

Card Making Competition – The Crafter of the Year 2011 has been announced, and the winner was Margaret Mccartney, the runner Up was Dianne Jackson, and the person in 3rd Place was Angela Styles.  I finished at 24th with 38 points.  Thank you so much to all the CUP Designers who voted for me.  If any body would like to see the leader-board of the top 40 places crafters then click – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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