Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen – St. Dwynwen’s Day : 25th January

You may not know it, but in the same way as Valentine is celebrated as a saint for lovers, Wales also has a patron saint of Welsh lovers – and her name is Dwynwen.  As Dwynwen lived so long ago there are certain variations to the details when her story is told, but you can read up a bit about her by clicking here -> National Museum of Wales; Cadwyn; Historic UK.  St. Dwynwen’s Day is the 25th of January, so I decided to put together a few ideas for cards for the occasion now as there’s less than a week to go if you plan on celebrating with a card and a gift.

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I’ve purposely just put “Gyda Chariad” (Welsh for “With Love”) on these card so they could be used for either St. Dwynwen’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day.

1cup173475_572 - card04 - Red Roses Backing Paper   2cup108414_572 - card05 - Cream Roses Backing Paper  3cup287578_596 - card07 - Scalloped Heart Toppers 2…Studio  4cup287578_596 - card11 - Scalloped Heart Toppers 2 Studio

  1. Red Roses Backing Paper by Katy Kinsey & Scalloped Heart Toppers 2…Studio by Tina Fitch & Cream Roses Backing Paper by Katy Kinsey (This is an A4 card.  As all the cutting of the hearts was done using my CraftROBO, and all the decorations were little flowers from my crafty stash, there is no difficult cutting involved in this card.)
  2. Cream Roses Backing Paper by Katy Kinsey & Scalloped Heart Toppers 2…Studio by Tina Fitch (This card was made using the same style of hearts cut out using my CraftROBO, but because I decided to hang it in an aperture, rather than stuck on the front, despite using my CraftROBO to cut out the largest heart shape as an aperture in the backing sheet, I did have to cut the heart shape out by hand with a craft knife on the front of the card itself, using the aperture in the backing as a guide.  The card itself was made from an A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White card, with a 2cm spine to allow for the depth of the heart, so it wouldn’t go through my CraftROBO at that size.)
  3. Scalloped Heart Toppers 2…Studio by Tina Fitch (This is a closeup of the heart removed from the aperture of card 2.  I made it to tie up in the aperture with a bow, rather than using one piece of fixed ribbon between the heart and the top of the aperture, so that the heart can be removed and kept as a keepsake or hung up as a wall hanging.)
  4. Scalloped Heart Toppers 2…Studio by Tina Fitch (This is a side view of the heart showing how dimensional the whole thing is when made up double sided and stuck using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape between each layer.  It could be made even more dimensional if 3mm deep tape was used.)


I’ve made lots of boxes for various things from various pieces of jewellery to hand made chocolates, but today’s box is made of a card printed with a bubbly chocolate design and hides a box of chocolate truffles.  A perfect packaging to make a small gift look extra special.  A perfect gift for St. Dwynwen’s Day.  I’ve purposely kept the tones of embelishments to brown so it’s a suitable box to send a gift to a man, not just a woman.  You could even make the box a bit deeper than the box of chocolates and pop a Love Spoon in on top.

1cup289179_572 - card03 - Lovely Bubbly A4 Backing Paper in Chocolate Brown

  1.  Lovely Bubbly A4 Backing Paper in Chocolate Brown by Katy Kinsey (I printed the backing design out twice onto Super Smooth white card.  I measured the height, width and depth of the box of chocolate and trimmed and scored both pieces to make the box base and lid.  I used Template Tape to stick the flaps together.  The tag on the lid was cut on my CraftROBO and is one layer of Scalloped Oval Layers……Studio by Tina Fitch, with a very narrow brown ribbon threaded through one of the scallops and tied into the knot of the wider brown organza ribbon that’s tied around the box.  The greeting “Dymuniadau Gorau” is Welsh for “Best Wishes” and is suitable for many different occasions.)

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – A copy of the latest mailer sent out from CUP HQ (dated Wednesday, 18th January) can be seen by clicking – here.  The designs of some of the craftsUprint Gold designers are being showcased.  I you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, not St. Dwynwen’s Day, then there’s lots of designs suitable for the occasion to be seen – although some of the designs are very suitable for both occasions.  Of course you’ll find a lot more in the mailer, so please do click through for a look.


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  1. Love your cards Gwynneth and if I had to choose a favourite I think it would have to be the one with the cream roses. The Tina Fitch heart is a lovely design.

    Catherine x

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous cannot choose a favourite. Thank you for becoming a follower… Chris xx