More Makes From Mid January

I made the small number of cards I’m showing you today the same day as those I put up in my previous post, but, as the last post was themed, I kept these for a separate post.  These are a very mixed assortment of cards suitable for lots of different occasions.

 (Remember that you can click on the thumbnail images to have a better look at each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  These linked pages also have a longer description of how I made the item.)


1cup288005_596 - card05 - Scalloped Oval Layers……Studio  2cup95460_117 - card01 - Cat and Sundial.jpg  3cup51767_601 - card03 - Cow Iris Folding Pattern  4cup287560_596 - card05 - Scalloped Layered Cross Toppers…Studio

  1. Scalloped Oval Layers……Studio by Tina Fitch (I used a bought in base card for this card.  When cutting the ovals out of Silk Art card on my CraftROBO I needed to double cut, as the Silk Art card is a bit too heavy to be used in a CraftROBO really, but decided to risk it.  Just decorated using peel-offs and sticky back gems.  So no hand cutting – other than chopping the bits of foam tap for the back of the layers!)
  2. Cat and Sundial by Pamela West (The Cat and Sundial image is a Designer Resource, which meant that I could play around with it in one of my graphics packages before printing out.  For this one I added the frame, in a blue colour to tone with some of the flowers in the image.  I also created some oval pyramage layers.  I could, of course, have gone to town creating corner stackers, or decoupage, or any other style of card, but wanted to keep it simple to cut out while still having some dimension, and oval stacker layers are reasonably easy to cut out and are forgiving of a little unevenness when put over the layer beneath.  Framing the image before printing meant that matting and layering were not needed after printing.  I just used a corner rounder punch on the right corners of the base card and each corner of the framed image.)
  3. Cow Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones & Someplace Backing Paper 2 by Carol Lepard (When I saw this pattern for Cow Iris Folding up on craftsUprint I just had to buy it because I thought it would go perfectly with this background which I’d bought previously.  I printed the background on one side of the paper and the Iris Folding pattern on the other before cutting out the aperture – I have to admit that I set up a cutting file in the Silhouette Studio software to cut the outline out as I didn’t feel up to cutting out by hand that day, and just tore ready cut iris folding strips to the right size, so didn’t do any cutting to put together the image.  I did use a paper trimmer to cut the finished image to shape to fit my card front after finishing the iris folding, and for cutting the splodges of colour for sticking on top of the cow to give the markings.)
  4. Scalloped Layered Cross Toppers…Studio by Tina Fitch (White and silver were used for this cross design, again cut out using my CraftROBO.  I then felt that I wanted some colour, without going over the top, so used some Mulberry flowers from my crafting stash.  So a simple to make card with no hand cutting at all.)


1Knitted Set 02 01

  1. This is another pair of fingerless gloves, knitted on the same circular knitting loom as the pair I showed you in my blog post of the 7th of January, that you can see by clicking – here – only this time I’ve knitted it in more utilitarian yarn to make a pair to ware to take the dog out, rather than the mohair mix yarn that I’d made the last pair from “for best”.

I’m still working on the scarf to go with the original pair of fingerless gloves, but I put it to one side to make this pair of gloves as my hands were freezing one morning when out in the garden with the dog.

CUP Update:  

CUP Newsletter Mailer – If anybody hasn’t seen the mailer sent out by the CUP team on Friday, 20th January, then you can see it by clicking – here.  The main showcase section this time are designs created by CUP Exclusive designers who’ve reached the Platinum level by selling 10,000 and more items.  You’ll also see the usual “CUP LATEST NEWS” section with lots of snippets of news, so click through to catch up with the latest from CUP land.


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  1. Another lovely set of cards again Gwynneth. I have to say that iris folding is not something that has ever appealed to me but the result is amazing. But my favourite of these four has to be the cross.