Just Two Cards This Time!

Not done a lot of crafting the last couple of days.  Haven’t really felt up to doing much, although I’ve got a lot I’m planning in my head, so you’ll have to wait and see what comes out of my head and into paper format over the next few days.

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(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  These linked pages also have a longer description of how I made the item.  Leave me a comment if you want any further information.)


Just two cards this time, but three pictures as one card has a matching insert.
1cup291004_3 - card03 - Rose in Hexagon frame  2cup285058_539 - card01 - Blue floral backing sheet  3cup285074_539 - card02 - Blue textured spot insert

  1. Rose in Hexagon frame by Linda Whittles (You may well be shouting – but a hexagon is a polygon with six edges, and this card doesn’t have that – and you’d be right!  But that’s the title the designer has given to the design.  By my reckoning the outer is a square and the inner frame is a Dodecagon.  But none of that alters the fact that this is a simple card to cut out and make, but looks really lovely.  Straight edge cutting only to cut out the design, and I raided my crafty stash for embellishments to just stick on.)
  2. Blue textured spot backing sheet by Sharon Poore (What could be easier than printing out a background design onto card, trimming with a paper trimmer, scoring and folding and using a paper punch to round the corners!  All the elements on the card come from my crafty stash of bits and pieces and die-cut elements that I’ve collected over the years.  Non required cutting – unless you count trimming the ends of the bit of ribbon I used at an angle – though there was some folding of the ready cut patterned panels.  It really was a quick and easy card to make.)
  3. Blue textured spot insert by Sharon Poore (Just printed, trimmed, scored, corners rounded, and stuck into the card described above.  Simple!)

I think I really need to use more of the bits and pieces that I’ve got in my crafting stash that I’ve found so far during my mini-clear-up of crafty stuff (which I started back in the autumn and still haven’t finished).  I’ve picked up a lot that I’ve forgotten I had over the years, and there’s some lovely bits and bobs there that would make simple finishing touches to some of my cards.  The problem is, the couple of boxes of bits and bobs I’ve got seem to be getting fuller as I find things, rather than getting less full as I use things.

CUP Update:  

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