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I wanted to make something on Friday, and with 4 birthdays in the family in February I felt I should make a start on something suitable.  Plus – my mother had already mentioned that she’d be needing some cards to send to the same people as well.  But I wasn’t feeling up to doing much, or had much inspiration of what to make either.  So I raided my box of bought in, die-cut, sheets of designs and dipped in to see what I’d come up with.  I landed up with 6 cards by the end of the day.  Unfortunately, when I was taking pictures of the cards I’d made, I got a bit mixed up between the bundles of those I’d taken and not taken pictures of and landed up with two lots of pictures of four of the cards and no pictures of the others.  I would have taken pictures of the rest today but some of the family members, who a couple of the cards are for, were here all day so I couldn’t get the cards out without them seeing them before their birthdays.  So in this blog post you’ll just see pictures of 4 cards.  I’ll get photos of the rest and upload them as soon as I’m able.

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This first batch of two cards are made using die-cut sheets and background sheets from Doolicraft.  They feature members of the McDooli Clan.

1Doolie Clan 01 03  2Doolie Clan 02 01

  1. This is made up on a square card with some tartan background paper and tartan paper ribbon.  Just used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to build up the pyramid.
  2. Also made up on a square card with tartan background, this time put in the centre rather than the side, with two strips of tartan paper ribbon either side.  This time, although the design was an oblong pyramage, I trimmed off the top of the layers around some of the background contours and hat to give some added shape, without having to go to the bother of cutting out individual elements to make a decoupage.

This second batch of cards were made using base cards and die-cut topper sheets that were Create & Craft branded.

1Dog 01 02  2Dog 02 04

  1. The card base itself was to make a tent like card with a base, but I scored the middle panel along the centre and stuck the base image layer to one side of it to make an easel card.  I used foam tape for attaching the bottom layers of the decoupage and glue gel for the top layers after giving them some shaping. I used some corner peeloffs as decoration on this card.
  2. For this card I trimmed off one of the panels to leave an ordinary, tent fold, base card, decorated the corners with corner peeloffs and put on a greetings peel-off, then used foam tape and glue gel to attach the decoupage layers.

CUP Update:  

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You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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  1. More lovely cards Gwynneth. I really like the McDooli clan ones – I have a couple of Tom’s relatives in Scotland so they would be quite good for cards for them!

    Catherine x