Some More February Crafting

I’ve had my Cameo digital cutting machine out again, so once again this blog post is a mixture of projects made using things cut out using my machine and some hand cutting.  I’ve also started on my next knitting project.  I’m doing a few rows each morning while sitting with my mother in the sitting room watching the birds at the bird feeder through the window.  You can see how far I’ve got in my latest project below as well.


(Remember that you can click on the thumbnail images to have a better look at each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  These linked pages also have a longer description of how I made the item.  Leave me a comment if you want any further information.)

1cup290445_1415 - card01 - Wedding Cake Insert   2cup266587_415 - card02 - SPRING DAISY WEDDING WITH WEDDING CAKE FRENCH GATEFOLD   3cup266587_415 - card05 - SPRING DAISY WEDDING WITH WEDDING CAKE FRENCH GATEFOLD   4cup290510_1446 - card03 - St. David’s Day Greeting Card Easel

  1. Wedding Cake Insert WPC-GSD-AI-EPS-PDF by Rae Carr (I made this insert to go inside a card which I decorated on the front with the next card, a gate-fold card, tied with a yellow ribbon when closed, so the white and central yellow of the daisy flowers is the theme I’ve gone for.  So the pop out cake was cut using my Cameo.  The daisies I put together myself from cut out flower layers, and the leaves were die-cut from a pack of die-cut flowers I’ve got in my crafting stash.)
  2. SPRING DAISY WEDDING WITH WEDDING CAKE FRENCH GATEFOLD by Nick Bowley (The gatefold design could be use to make a lovely gatefold card, just as it is, but I chose to make it slightly smaller and use it as a topper on a card, with a yellow ribbon stuck behind the gatefold topper before sticking it to the front of my base card.  I also stuck a strip of the same yellow, iridescent card I’d used for the base card inside one of the gatefolds to overlap where the join is, to bring the colours through the card.)
  3. SPRING DAISY WEDDING WITH WEDDING CAKE FRENCH GATEFOLD by Nick Bowley (In this photo the gate-fold topper has been opened out.)
  4. St. David’s Day Greeting Card Easel by Tanya Hall (I love it!  Not only is there an Easel card, with some decoupage elements, in the kit, but there’s also an envelope, a bookmark, and round gift tags.  My problem is that my hands don’t let me cut out intricate designs, so cutting out the dragons individually to decoupage on was out of the question.  But I don’t care because I like the card with just one bunch of daffodils and the birthday greetings panel built up.  It comes with three different greetings for you to use.)

The following is another cutting project I’ve undertaken for the very talented Tina Fitch.

1Anniversary Card 01b.jpg  2Anniversary Card 08b

  1. The first picture simply shows the file just cut out of linen textured silver card and white card-stock, then stuck together.
  2. The second picture shows the same card after I’ve decorated it with silver, sticky back beads and flowers I made myself using flower layers punched out using a couple of the Tonic Petal Pairs punches.  I’ve also stuck on two small silver ribbon bows.

The beauty of cutting files like this is that you can cut it out of cardstock that the cardmaker wants and you aren’t dictated to as regards to your card colour by the designer.  So if your card is going to be for a Ruby wedding anniversary then use red cardstock.  Somebody is celebrating their Emerald Wedding Anniversary? – get out your green cardstock!  And then decorate the card how you want.

Although I cut the card out using my Cameo digital cutting machine from within the Silhouette Studio software on my computer (which you can see – here), the file is also available in .gsd format – here, and .svg file format – here.


Having finished knitting up the mohair mix yarn I decided to try something different.

Same round knitting loom, so no holding up of knitting needles with the growing project on it.  Making another scarf, but using completely different type of yarn.  I find it much easier to use a knitting loom or knitting board, and wind and then hook over the stitches, as I rest the round knitting loom on my belly and rest my elbows either on pillows if I’m knitting in bed, or on the arms of the chair or on cushions if I’m knitting in the sitting room. And for the larger knitting board it goes right across the arms of the chair.

The yarn I’m using this time is called Ostrich Yarn.  I got if from eBay before Christmas but am only just working my way round to using it.

1Scarf 03 05   2Scarf 03 06.jpg   3Scarf 03 03

I’m making the scarf in stripes of two tones of the yarn.  I’m using a circular knitting loom but not knitting in the round, but rather I’m stopping and turning back at the end of each row so that I end up with a flat piece.  The second picture shows a closeup of a single yarn over a piece of knitted yarn, and the third picture is the wrap from around the yarn with the details.


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