Cards Made Mid-February

Just a small number of cards and one wall plaque to show you this time.  They look intricate, but you’ll notice that the cutting has mostly been done using my new toy, the Silhouette Cameo.  As far as cutting goes this machine is really top notch, managing to cut intricate designs out of everything from vellum (as seen on one of the layers on card 2 and the top layer of some of the butterflies on card 3 and 4), all the way through to textured metallic card-stock such as the panel on card 3.  And all with the added bonus of being able to create any design or shape you want to cut out of in the software.  Expect more experimenting over the next few months I think.

 Cards and More:

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1cup163545_262 - card02 - Guitar  2cup197967_1033 - card02 - Ribbon Border Edger  3cup238033_379 - card05- Studio Spiral Toppers1 & Mats  4Shades of Blue 02

  1.  Guitar by Silvia Griffin (I didn’t feel up to cutting out the aperture by hand so set a file up a file to cut it out in my Silhouette Studio so that I could cut the aperture in an oval mat out using my Cameo.  After that it was an easy job to lay out the paper strips – I had a pack of silver ones ready cut for iris folding use – and I used a roller glue pen to stick them in place.  With an iris folding design like this being a mm out in positioning the paper strips isn’t too obvious, but I do try and get them into the correct location and use one of those reverse tweezers to hold some of the smaller pieces while trying to get them to line up with the pattern beneath the aperture.  I use a pokey tool to position the music notes and treble clef peel-offs.)
  2. Ribbon Border Edger by Claire Norman and Scalloped Layered Full Letter Alphabet by Tina Fitch (This isn’t a card, but rather a wall plaque with an initial to hang over a little boy’s bed.  Because of its intended recipient I didn’t want a fussy design so just used gold coloured cards and vellum in different textures, and a brown ribbon to make it up after cutting in my Cameo.)
  3. Studio Spiral Toppers1 & Mats by Angela Burke and Flourish Butterflies – Embellishments – Studio by Ann Smith (Another card where all the pieces were cut out using my Cameo.  Two different gold cards for the topper and mat, and Satin Board and vellum for the butterflies.  On this card I used the largest butterflies as a focal point embellishment.)
  4. Lady of the Lake Toppers by Rebecca Brindley and Flourish Butterflies – Embellishments – Studio by Ann Smith (For this card I used the smaller butterflies that I’d cut out using my Cameo as added embellishment to a card that I made using just one of the many toppers on the topper sheet.  The topper itself was hand cut, but it was just four straight cuts, so nothing difficult.)

Please remember to check back every now and then as I try to put up a post of my crafting efforts several times a week.

CUP Update:  

Crafty Bob’s Crazy 5 Minute Game – It looks like Crafty Bob’s Crazy 5 Minute Game is causing a bit of stir.  It has been the topic of discussion in more than one thread on Craftforums lately.

Crafty Bob’s Bingo –  We are now playing for four corners and the centre in game 76 in the bingo game. Like the Crazy 5 Minute game, you just need to be a craftsUprint customer at some time to join in.


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