Crafting Mid March

I’ve not done a lot of crafting this week, so not a huge amount to show you, but I hope you like what I have made.


The first card in my batch today is the second card I made using one of Tina Fitch’s cutting files that had two cards to cut out using my Cameo in it.   The first one of the two I showed you in my “Last Post Of February” post a couple of weeks or so ago.  The rest of the cards are ones I’ve made over the last couple of days.

(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

1cup300449_596 - card52 - Scalloped layered Cards 9 & 10…..Studio  2craftydesignzquicksheet6 - card02 - Quick Pyramid Sheet 6  3cup221756_1056 - card02 - daffodil, tulips and floral mix  4cup302805_359 - card01 - A5 Bert does the Cleaning quick card n 3D decoupage  5cup307127_437 - card01 - Mini Dude Footballer Blue Decoupage Sheet

  1. Scalloped layered Cards 9 & 10…..Studio by Tina Fitch (This card has a lot of intricate cutting – but all done using my Cameo digital cutting machine, so no hand cutting to stress over.  I cut this out of pink card-stock that had a white back, but cut it from the white side so the pink side is inside and shows through the cut out rose apertures.  I put a white panel of same pattern as front mats inside the card for writing the greeting.  The flowers are punched out of white cardstock and white vellum using some Tonic petal pairs punches, and were shaped before being stuck to the matted area of the card.  Finally I stuck in some sticky back faux gems.)
  2. Quick Pyramid Sheet 6 by Ammie Sanders (This is a quick little card, and simple to make.  I printed it onto super smooth white card so the background element of the sheet could simply be cut out and folded to make the base card.  So the whole card came from one printed sheet.  As the topper is a pyramid it’s all easy to cut out, so this is a good one to make when a quick card is needed for a child – perhaps you’ve got children or grand-children who are always coming at the last moment and asking for a card for a little friend – this one would be great for a quick but cute make.)
  3. Daffodil, tulips and floral mix by Karen Wyeth (The kit I used to make this is a Designer Resource of several floral pictures, and I chose the tulips photo for making this card.  I played around with the photo in one of my graphics packages to tile a piece of the image to make background, make a paper ribbon from the image and also make a couple of decoupage layers.  I then set up a “Print & Cut” file of the resulting design so that I could cut everything out using my Cameo cutting machine.  This means that, although there’s some decoupage that included fine stems, this was an easy card to make as no cutting out by hand was required.)
  4. A5 Bert does the Cleaning quick card n 3D decoupage by Carol Clarke (Being a decoupage design there is some cutting out, that includes ins and outs, to do to prepare this design for assembly, but because the design is quite “chunky”, the cutting out isn’t particularly intricate, so can be done by a person with some dexterity problems but not by a person with bad dexterity problems I’d have thought.  Bert is a fun character that always brings a smile to my face, so have a look on CUP for other designs that feature this character on CUP.)
  5. Mini Dude Footballer Blue Decoupage Sheet by Gordon Fraser and Pretty Rose ‘Swirls Embossed’ Backing Paper by Carol Clarke (I put just a small panel of the swirls background down the left side of my chosen base card, then put on a panel of a background from the “Wishing on a Star” double CD-ROM on the card towards the right.  The mini dude footballer is a decoupage topper so does have some ins and outs for cutting.  It’s of a similar difficulty level as the card above, so midlin’ as far as difficulty for those with dexterity problem. Really cute image for a youngster who’s into football.)

You’ve probably noticed that there’s no Mother’s Day card amongst this little batch – don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten.  I have made a card for my mother, but I’m entering it into a competition where the entries are anonymous, so you’ll get to see it the beginning of next month once the results are in.



This is my latest knitting project on a circular knitting loom.  The yarn I’m using this time is called a Butterfly yarn and it opens out into  mesh with the knitting being made using the loops at the top as each stitch and with the bottom being pulled to give ruffles.

1Scarf 05 01  2Scarf 05 06  3Scarf 05 03  4Scarf 05 08.jpg  5Scarf 05 09

  1. Band around the yarn showing details.
  2. Yarn as it comes off the ball, all squashed and twisted together
  3. Yarn after it is opened out for knitting
  4. Knitting in progress on a circular knitting loom – I’m using every other peg to keep it flat during knitting.
  5. Piece of scarf as it comes out the bottom of the loom after giving a quick pull.

I’ve not got a lot to do of this again, so keep an eye out for the end result pictures after I’ve cast it off.

CUP Update:  

CUP Mailer – There have been a couple of mailers sent out by the guys at CUP HQ since my last blog post.  You can see a copy of the one sent out on Wednesday, 14th March by clicking – here, and a copy of the one sent out on Friday, 16th March by clicking – here.  As usual you’ll see lots of designs that you can buy to use when making cards.  In addition to this there’s lots of news from designers and crafters around the world.  Please click over for a look if you’ve not read the mailers yet.

Card Making Competition –  The theme of the March 2012 competition has been announced.  The theme is “Mothers Day”.  The last date for entries is 22nd March, so pop over to the page with the details on Craftforums – here.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to comment on my crafting efforts.


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  1. Need advice on how to cast off of a circular loom, was good to see someone else using one. Have you ever made panels with it for quilts,sweaters etc? (That is what I amworking on right now. HELP PLEASE?!?