Jewellery and Knitting

I haven’t made any more finished cards in the last few days, although I have bought a few card making items and printed out a few things I want to play with, so you should see some of them appearing in my next few posts.  What I have done is a few pieces of jewellery and finished a scarf, so please have a look at them.



Last week I decided to have a sort out of some of my jewellery making stuff, with the idea of getting back to jewellery making, which I haven’t done for a few months as I’ve been concentrating on other crafting projects.  I’d only got a few things out when a whole box of findings landed on the floor.  It was open on the table when it slipped off, so you can guess that the findings went everywhere.  Took a lot of picking up.  I know that the smallest pieces like the crimp beads, little spacer beads and small jump rings got picked up easily by my little bead vac, but all the head and eye pins, large clasps, etc., had to be picked up by hand.  Then there was the sorting back into the right compartments!  By the time I’d done all that I was exhausted and had to go back to bed, so no bead sorting got done.

Yesterday I decided to go back and try having a sort out again – Saw a pack of pink assortment acrylic beads and some stretch cord and decided to have a play.   Nothing particularly special, just a few bits of fun items, – but, once again, no sorting got done as by the time I realised it I’d made three bracelets and was once again exhausted.  So I still need to get back and do a bit of sorting of what I’ve got, as I’ve been tempted by some more beads, two assortments of glass beads in fact.  So really do need to sort out my jewellery bits before they arrive.

In the meantime – here are the items I created yesterday:

1Bracelet Set 01 03  2Bracelet Set 01 04  3Bracelet Set 01 05  4Bracelet Set 01 06  5Bracelet Set 01 02

  1. All these items have been made on stretch jewellery cord.  This one I picked out a few of the “flower” beads from the kit and put “in-line” with the other beads
  2. On this one I picked out a few of the “heart” beads, but this time took the elastic out through each heart, through a small bead, then back through the heart and the preceding bead, so that the hearts hang as charms out side the bracelet.
  3. For this one I just chose beads that were the same size and style, but in two different colours, and threaded them every other bead.  This is the largest of the bracelets.  I’ve made them different sizes for different people.
  4. This was my play on making an elasticated bead ring from some beads from the same kit.
  5. This picture shows all four items so that you can see their relative size.


I’ve now finished the ruffled scarff I showed you the work in progress of back in my last post on the 17th (here).  I’ve also made the first panel of a thick throw I’m working on.  2nd panel is already on my loom and a few rows knitted, so have a look at the yarn I’m using for the throw.  I’ve bought several skeins so it will take a lot of time to make enough panels to stitch together into a big throw, but I may have a break for smaller projects in between doing the throw panels for a change every now and then.

1Scarf 05 12

  1. This finished scarf is very ruffled.  It’s a nice length to wear with a jacket and the ends can either be tied or just tucked inside the jacket front collar and it is very warm.

1Throw 10 05  2Throw 10 06  3Throw 10 07  4Throw 10 02  5Throw 10 04

  1. This is a skein of the yarn as it comes.
  2. The band off the skein showing yarn details.  There’s details of how to knit a scarf from the yarn inside the band.
  3. A closeup of the ribbon yarn.  The knitting is done into the loops at the top.  The instructions for knitting a ruffled scarf say to knit into every other loop, but I’m knitting into every loop for a denser ruffle and, of course, as I’m using a loom for knitting, I’ve got a flat back to my throw panels as well, so all the ruffles come out on one side.
  4. Here’s a picture of the panel I’ve knitted on my circular knitting loom so far, going back and fore rather than working in the round.  This panel took one skein of yarn to make.
  5. This is a closeup of the finished knitting.

CUP Update:  

CUP Mailer – Have you had a read of the mailer sent out by the staff at CUP HQ on Monday, 19th March, yet?  If not you can have a look by clicking – here.  Would you believe it – Crafty Bob’s only just come back from Scotland and he’s already off on his travels again, this time to the NEC in Birmingham for the Hobbycraft show.


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3 Replies to “Jewellery and Knitting”

  1. Love your jewellery Gwyneth and the scarf is beautiful I love the colour too. You must have been shattered after picking all those up off the floor. Chris xx

  2. Wow! fab jewellery and your knitting looks amazing, I can’t knit at all so it always surprises me to see the wonderful things that people can make, really pretty, love those scarfs
    Lindsay xx