April Jewellery and Knitting

Do you get days when it would really have been best not to get out of bed?  Well today has been a day like that.  I’m still not back to my usual self after the virus, but I thought I’d do a little crafting this morning and decided on making some  jewellery.  It took me a couple of hours this morning and another couple this afternoon to make just one set.  Well in reality it took me that long to make one set and try and clear up the mess I made.  First it was a big pile of seed beads that went flying and landed on the floor as I managed to swipe my beading mat off the table I was working on.  I’d just about managed to pick all (well the ones I could see) of them off the floor using my bead vac when my box of gold toned findings went flying off the top of the box I keep lots of my jewellery stuff in.  Arrr!  Well they are now back in their box, but in a total jumbled mess, not in their right compartment.


This is the set I made today.  Coloured aluminium wire wound into a coil using a coiling gizmo, purple violet seed beads, chips of semi precious stones, put together using gold coloured tiger tail, bracelet memory wire and gold toned findings.

1Set 08 07  2Set 08 08  3Set 08 02  4Set 08 03  5Set 08 06


In between working on my snuggle blanket/throw, and the white baby blanket knitted using tiddly pom yarn, I picked up a smaller circular loom to knit a short scarf.  Easier for me to do something light of weight at the moment.  This scarf is knitted in the same Wendy Frills yarn as my snuggle blanket, but this time it’s in a sapphire colour.  The thread that holds the ribbon yarn together for this colour is black, and there’s a sparkly thread running through the outside edge as well, which may not be totally clear in these photos.

1Scarf 06 05  2Scarf 06 02  3Scarf 06 03  4Scarf 06 04

I’ll put up a picture of the completed scarf and a bit of a description up in a future post once I’ve finished it.

I’ve now finished knitting five out of the ten panels I intend to use to make my snuggle blanket.  (You can see pictures of the yarn, a single completed panel, etc., in a previous post I made – here.)  This picture shows four of the panels stitched together.  This is just about as wide as the seat of a three seater settee.

1Throw 10 09

CUP Update:  

CUP Mailer –  Another mailer was sent out by the team at CUP HQ yesterday, 23rd April.  You can see a copy by clicking – here – if you haven’t already seen it.  If you don’t receive the mailers regularly to your in-box then you can put your details in – here – to add your E-mail address to the list.  You even get four free designs for joining the mailing list.

April Card Making Competition –  The entries are all in for the competition to make a Father’s Day card.  You can see them by clicking – here.

Item of the Moment –  As a Registered Crafter on the craftsUprint site (being a Registered Crafter is a bit like being part of a giant design team, making up samples of hand crafted items so that their picture can be displayed with the design we used to make them) a crafter can choose an “Item of the Moment”.  This item is a design of some sort that a crafter particularly likes and chooses to display on their Crafter Showcase page.  I decided to change mine today, as the last one had been displayed for over a month, but I had a really difficult time choosing because I love so many of the designs I’ve bought via CUP.  In the end I chose WHITE CAMELIA WITH CARD FACE PLATE by Sally McIntyre which you can see – here.  You’ll notice I’ve gone for a Designer Resource this time.  Designer Resources are designs that you can not only print out and use as they are, but you can also play around with in your graphics package and build your own design digitally before printing out to craft with them.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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