More May 2012 Crafting

 I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been so kind as to leave comments on some of my previous blog posts.  I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to comment on my crafting efforts.


I’ve got a bit of an assortment to show you in this blog post.  Some sets of hand made cards that I’ve made up out of some CUP downloads I like; A scarf finished and a scarf started; Some items I’ve cut out as part of Tina Fitch’s Creative Team; Some print and cut files that I’ve then constructed – but one of them is unusual in that the flowers are left uncoloured, like a digi-stamp, to allow them to be coloured to suit any recipient.

I hope you enjoy having a look and a read.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

I liked my first card from my previous post (here) so much I decided to make a set of them using both images from the”Iris” Designer Resource kit I’d used for the main image.  I also made a gift box to put five of the cards, with white envelopes for each of them, into and decorated the box to match.  This is one of the new items I’ve listed in my new shop on


  1. Textured & Glittered Brads by Carol Lepard & Two Complete Sets Purple Iris and Bearded Iris by Sally McIntyre & 12 pack of Fabric Flowers by Jackie Mitchell & 5X5 Card Fronts set  by Cassandra Campsall & Lace Squares – 10 3in by 3in squares by Carol James (I put this design together myself in one of my graphics packages using bits of each of the Designer Resources listed.  I then just printed out the design onto Crafty Bob paper, then trimmed scored and folded it.  I also created an insert design and printed it off onto good quality white paper.  I used a fine line double sided tape around the central panel and put on crystal glitter on each of the cards as I did previously, and as extra embelishment I added some sticky back clear gems to the front of a couple of the cards.  I used the design from the cards to create a background and two toppers to decorate the gift box as well.)

This is another boxed set of cards, this time definitely a set for the children, but to make them more striking I’ve made them up on small square, scalloped edge, black cards.  The box this time isn’t decorated to match but is black like the cards and tied with a ribbon. I’ve put these up on my new shop on the site as well.

1GiftSet01 02.jpg  2GiftSet01 03  3GiftSet01 04  4GiftSet01 01

  1. hide an seek by Carol Brown is a sheet with six images on, all of which I used to make this boxed set (I printed the sheet out onto Crafty Bob paper and cut out each topper.  Each one was then stuck onto holographic mirror card and trimmed to leave a border.  The matted images were then stuck to the front of black, pre-cut, base cards. I put googly eyes on every one of the animals.  I put a plain white insert inside these.  The box is simply created on my Hougie Board out of two sheets of black cardstock.   It’s tied with blue, polkadot, ribbon.)

1cup321142_198 - card03 - FLOWER POT CARD   2cup321382_1415 - Bright Color Dresser Shaped Card STUDIO-PDF-Printables

  1. FLOWER POT CARD by Clive Couter (This is an unusual Print & Cut file – Although the pot is fully printed, the flowers are only outline “digi” images to be coloured however the crafter wants, with whatever medium the crafter wants.  So if you like colouring in, but have problems cutting the images out, then this is a great one.  I printed out onto Super Smooth white card to print out onto, and after cutting using my Silhouette Cameo I chose to use ProMarkers to colour the flowers in, and just added pink ribbon, wrapped around the pot layer several times before it was attached to the card front and then I knotted some more of the ribbon at the front.  I think that this would make a nice Get Well card to take to somebody in hospital as I believe patients are no longer allowed to have real flowers any more in many hospitals.)
  2. Bright Color Dresser Shaped Card STUDIO-PDF-Printables by Rae Carr (This is completely a Print & Cut design, printed onto Super Smooth white card and cut out using my Cameo.  But I have added a bit of my own touch to this one as well – I used a Sakura Clear Glaze pen over the came image and each of the drawer knobs before attaching them using Glue Gel.  The drawer themselves are attached using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)


I’ve now finished the ruffled scarf I showed you the start of in my mailer of the 8th May (here).  This one is knitted in “Ruby” colour Wendy Frills yarn.

1Scarf 08 07  2Scarf 08 09

  1.  I think this picture has come out a bit too bright as the scarf itself is is more closer to red and maroon.  I’ve knitted a round loop around five inches from the end of the scarf.
  2. You can see how the loose end goes through the loop to hold the scarf snugly around the neck.

I’ve now started knitting a bag from the same yarn, so keep an eye out for photos to show how I got on with that.

I’ve also started another quick knit project (although nothing is particularly “quick knit” for me)  It’s a type of miniature pom pom yarn.  This is how far I’ve got so far.

1Scarf 09 02  2Scarf 09 03   3Scarf 09 01

  1. This is the band of the yarn.  It’s called “Spirit Spring River”.
  2. This is what the yarn looks like – although I think the colours are a bit washed out in this photo, but it is from the lightest section of the yarn.
  3. This is how much of the scarf I’ve knitted on my knitting loom so far.

I wonder how long this one will take me to finish?  Keep an eye out in future posts for the finished article.


I’ve been working on some more stuff for the talented designer Tina Fitch lately.  These are Print & Cut design of a back to front cards, where you can see through the back of the card and the “gates” are folded behind, to be viewed through the back when it’s standing up.

1Swan Wedding - Card02  2Pink Brolly - card02   

  1. You can get the ordinary card kit that you print out and then cut out by hand here -> Wedding Swan Back To Front Card Kit; The digital cutting machine “Print & Cut” kit that I’ve made can be seen here -> Wedding Swan Back To Front Card.Print & Cut ….Studio.
  2. You can get the ordinary card kit that you print out and then cut out by hand here -> Pink Umbrella Back To Front Card Kit; The digital cutting machine “Print & Cut” kit that I’ve made can be seen here -> Pink Umbrella Back To Front Card Kit…STUDIO (Another card I’ve printed and cut out of Super Smooth white card, like most of the cards shown above as well.)

I’ve got some more work on the go for Tina, so keep an eye on my blog over the next few weeks for more to appear.


Currently I’ve got this as my shop banner


I may well change it in due course, perhaps after I get around to updating my website.  It may be a good thing to get both to match in due course.

I’ve put up two items since my last blog post:

Have a look – here – at my whole shop on


CUP Mailer – The mailer sent out by the CUP Team on Monday, 14th May, can be seen by clicking -> here.  I love the variety of designs and styles of card being showcased in this mailer.

There’s a huge showcase of toppers, backgrounds, etc., suitable for Father’s Day cards in the mailer sent out on Wednesday, 16th May.  In fact there’s 120 items available for you to buy to add to your digital library to be seen in the mailer.  And that’s on top of the usual “New From”, Crafter’s Spotlight, CUP Latest News, etc., etc., features. And don’t think that CUP only has 120 items suitable for Father’s Day.  No, CUP has over 2,000 items come up when you go to the Father’s Day category, which you can do by clicking -> here.

May Card Making Competition –  As I said in my last blog post – the theme for the May card-making competition has been announced and all CUP customers should now have a link to upload their entry, labeled “Upload Competition Entry” , in their “Crafter Control Panel”. The theme this time is –  “Wedding” – and you need to make your card using any CUP download.  Of course, you are allowed to use whatever else you want to when making your creation, just so long as a CUP item you’ve bought is visible on the card. The last entry date is the 22nd May, 2012, with the winner being announced on the 30th.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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  1. I love how you did my dresser card. Thanks so much for your interpretation. Rae

  2. WOW Gwyneth you have been very busy. What a fantastic array of cards and loving the scarf. Have a fabulous weekend.

    Linda xxx

  3. Fabulous selection of cards, you have been busy, love the animal cards especially the ellie and your scarf. Hope you are keeping well. Chris xx

  4. Wow! You have been busy, these are all fab, I love the animals with the googley eyes and the chest of drawers is gorgeous
    Lindsay xx