Further Crafting in May 2012

I’ve just remembered that I hadn’t put the one set of jewellery I made yesterday morning up onto yesterday’s big blog post, so I thought I’d do a quick post this afternoon to show it to you, rather than wait to put them in with other crafted items in my next big post.

My hands were working quite well yesterday morning and I could feel and manipulate reasonably small beads – although I did manage to loose my grip on some and have a dozen or so rolling around the floor needing to be picked up – so I went for creating a long “lariat” style string which included magnetic, tubular, shaped, beads that are easier to handle.  Have a look below at the various styles it can be worn as.

Also of interested to any crafters amongst my blog readers is the absolutely fantastic “Weekend Special Offer” on the craftsUprint site.  Have a read of the CUP update, also below, to find out what you could get for FREE with an order off the site this weekend.



1Lariat Set02 02  2Lariat Set02 05  3Lariat Set02 04

  1. The lariat itself is over 60″ in length and to go with it I made a matching set of earrings.  The white beads are round and have a pearlescent finish.  The blue beads are faceted glass beads.  The red beads are magnetic hematite beads.  It’s the magnetic hematite that means the lariat can be worn in many different ways.  In this picture it is doubled in half.  It can then be wrapped around the neck and the loose ends pushed through the loop formed to create a necklace of any length.  It can also be worn as different length necklaces by using as a single strand wrapped around at the size you want.
  2. In this picture it is wrapped around many times at a size that would mean it works as a choker necklace.
  3. In this picture it is wrapped around much smaller, as on a wrist, which means it can be worn as a bracelet.

I’ve got a couple of other colours of magnetic hematite in my crafting stash, so will probably make some more of these before long.



There are currently over 80 shops on craftybob.com with crafty items listed for sale, with many more created and in the process of being populated with items which I’m sure will go live before long.  Many of the items for sale are hand crafted items, from knitted items to jewellery and to cards, but some of the items are crafting consumables or equipment.  So whether you are a crafter who’s looking for a bargain item for you to craft with, or a non-crafter who appreciates nicely made, hand crafted, items, then craftybob.com is the the new place to look.
I’ve put up 2 items since my last blog post:

Have a look – here – at my whole shop on craftybob.com.


CUP Mailer – The mailer sent out on Friday, 18th May can be seen – here.  In addition to the usual showcase of digital downloads available to buy and download directly from the craftsUprint site there’s news af a CUP Promotion.  Just spend just £10 on CUP and you will be sent a FREE Golden Crafty Bob Bag, a FREE pack of Crafty Bob 200gsm Glossy Ultra White Paper, a FREE Crafty Bob Bone Folder and, of course, you’ll still get your FREE Crafty Bob Virtual Tombola play where EVERYONE WINS A PRIZE.

May Card Making Competition –  As I said in my last blog post – the theme for the May card-making competition has been announced and all CUP customers should now have a link to upload their entry, labeled “Upload Competition Entry” , in their “Crafter Control Panel”. The theme this time is –  “Wedding” – and you need to make your card using any CUP download.  Of course, you are allowed to use whatever else you want to when making your creation, just so long as a CUP item you’ve bought is visible on the card. The last entry date is the 22nd May, 2012, with the winner being announced on the 30th.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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  1. Really beautiful, I love the red white and blue colour scheme, they look as though they must have taken such a long time to make, so pretty
    Lindsay xx