Crafting My Way Towards The End Of May

I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been so kind as to leave comments on some of my previous blog posts.  I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to comment on my crafting efforts.


I’ve not made a lot of any particular craft, but have been puttering with several, in the week since my last post.  I had an order in for a birthday card so I completed that.  Then today the same person phoned with a special request of another birthday card, only the person is going on holiday by the end of this week so the card is needed sooner than expected.  Quick look on craftsUprint for a suitable design (50th birthday of a woman who plays golf – hope she doesn’t read my blog) and out with the scissors and glue.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

Here are the small number of cards I’ve made over last weekend and so far this week.

1card04 01  2card03 01  3card03 02  4card02 03  5card02 04

  1. Side stepper lady golfer by Carol Dunne (This is more of a “kit card” than I usually do, but short notice meant I didn’t have time to mull over and come up with a design myself.  Although there are decoupage pieces involved, they are all thick lined and quite an easy, flowing, shape to cut out.  There isn’t anything very fiddly.  All cut out with a tidy sized pair of scissors, other than getting the craft knife out to do the slit in the side stepper base card.  I used 300gsm Super Smooth card for the base and the numbers, and 250gsm Super Smooth card for the decoupage pieces.  The envelope was printed onto A-may-zing decoupage paper.)
  2. Chestnut Horse Pyramid by June Young (Only straight edged cutting for this card so it was easy to cut and put together.  I used Tesco 190gsm photo paper for printing out onto and a pre-cut, deckle edged base card.  I went round the edge with a golden tone die ink pad and stamped the greeting with a brown coloured ink in a “rustic” sort of finish.)
  3. This is a closer look at the bottom right corner of the pyramage and a greeting panel, together with the deckle edge.
  4. Horse Rearing – Pyramid by June Young (Again, only straight edged cutting for this card so it was easy to cut and put together.  I used Tesco 190gsm photo paper for printing out onto and a pre-cut, deckle edged base card.  I went round the edge with a golden tone die ink pad and stamped the greeting with a brown coloured ink in a “rustic” sort of finish.)
  5. This is a closer look near the bottom right corner, showing the dimension of the pyramage and greeting panels.

1card01 01

  1. Piano Music Congratulations Pyramid by Amy Cummings (Another card where the background element and the pyramage topper were printed out onto Tesco, own brand, 190gsm, photo paper. And another card that only required straight edge cutting so easy to do.  You’ll notice that I’ve put the topper at a jaunty angle on this one.  I’ve stamped the greeting firstly in pale gold, then in black but slightly offset to give a slight shadow effect.)



A bag.  This one will end up similar to the one I showed you in my previous blog post – here – but this time the yarn, while still being a Wendy Frills yarn, is completely black but with a fine silver edge.

1Bag 02 01  2Bag 02 04  3Bag 02 05  4Bag 02 07

  1. This is how I started off making the bag – knitted four pegs on my circular knitting loom using the whole yarn wrapped around each peg and going back and fore until the required strap length was achieved.
  2. I then took the starting end of the strap and hooked the first four stitches over four pegs that were opposite the starting pegs on the loom.
  3. I then went round the whole knitting loom, wrapping the whole yarn around each peg to create new stitches all around, but knitting (hooking over) the four stitches at either side of the strap.  I then kept wrapping round every peg and have knitted (hooked over) a whole row of stitches around the loom in this picture.  I need to do this twice more before I revert to only knitting with the top loops of the yarn.  This knitting with the whole yarn, rather than the loops gives a firmer strap and top to the bag, but it is much harder on the hands and wrists than knitting with just the loops.  For that reason it’s taken me three sessions of knitting to get this far with the bag.
  4. This is the yarn itself.  I think you can just see the fine silver strand.  Although this is not very obvious in the strap and bag top, because of knitting the whole ribbon yarn, it will be obvious in the finished bag.

Keep checking back on my blog to see how this progresses and to see the finished article.

1J0012 03  2Lariat Set03 01.jpg  3Lariat Set03 02

  1. This is another lariat and earrings jewellery set, this time with the main colour being pink and with small highlights of purple.  The lariat has clusters of three pink, magnetic, hematite beads which hold the lariat together in whatever shape you want to ware it.  In this picture the lariat is shown as a long necklace.
  2. In this picture the lariat is wrapped around at about the size it would be when worn as a bracelet.  The beads are an assortment of clear glass and metallic spacer beads, purple beads with AB finish, and various pink and clear acrylic beads.  The beads are quite sparkly.
  3. The lariat is wrapped around at about the size for a choker in this picture.

1Bracelet Set 02 01  2J0015 02  3Keyring 02 01

  1. This is a set of bracelets made from acrylic pink beads on stretch elastic.  Each bracelet is the right size for a child, although, obviously, a bracelet shouldn’t be given to a very young child because of the small parts.  Each of the bracelets has different feature beads – flower, butterfly, star, heart.
  2. This is a closeup of the bracelet that has flower feature beads.
  3. This is a keyring/bag charm with a tail of blue, glass, beads.  I like this type of clasp for putting keys on as it just unscrews, you slip the key in, then screw back up.  Much easier than trying to work a key around a split ring I think.

1Set 10 04  2Set 10 08  3Set 10 01  4Set 10 05

  1. This is a very sparkly set of jewellery.  It is made of clear glass beads with the main, feature, beads being faceted.  The necklace and bracelet are strung on strong, clear, beading thread and all the findings are silver tone.  It is presented in a purple box with a white liner.
  2. This is a closeup of the necklace showing  the main, feature, bead in the centre with other faceted glass crystal beads working back, inter-spaced with clear seed beads as spacer beads.
  3. This is the bracelet, made up of a selection of the same beads only not as long.
  4. The larger of the beads used in the necklace and bracelet were not used in the earrings, but they are made up of a selection of the other types of beads strung on head and eye pins making up three drop earrings.

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  1. Lol when I saw your post on the crafty bloggers network I was expecting just a couple of bits, being on a go slow doesn’t seem to have slowed you too much. Really fab makes again, nice to see a golf card that’s not masculine and your jewellery and knitting is all really beautiful. Hope you feel brighter soon
    Lindsay xx

  2. Hi Gwyneth, sorry to hear you are still in pain, but you have been busy haven’t you. Especially love the golfing card and the congratulations ‘piano’ one. Take care, good to see you blogging x

  3. Good morning Gwyneth I hope you are feeling a bit brighter today. I love hopping along to see what you have made and WOW you sure have been busy. I love the cards with the horses and the golf one is great too. The jewellery is wonderful and you have even been knitting too.

    Take care
    Huge Hugs
    Linda xxx

  4. Wow it looks like you have been one very busy and very crafty woman. I love all your beautiful cards, I am sure your Golfer Birthday Card is going to be loved by the recipient and your other projects look wonderful. I hope that the crafting you have been doing has been good therapy at taking your mind of not feeling so great, and that you are feeling better soon.

  5. Wow you have been busy Gwyneth, love your cards especially the golfer. Beautiful jewellery and bag. Hope you are keeping well. Chris xx

  6. WOW! Such a wonderful selection of creations from you, your jewellery is stunning. I love your knitting and your cards are gorgeous too.
    All the best