Crafting At The Start Of June

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Not been the best of weeks since my last post.  In addition to sitting at an angle and causing the muscles at the base of my spine and out across my hips to go into spasm, on top of my usual health/disability issues, I’ve been having sporadic problems with uploading to several Internet sites, including FB, from my laptop, and then my parents old PC went belly up, just as I was siting down in front of it with an external hard disk in hand with the aim of doing a complete backup.  I’d noticed it was rather full and struggling early in the week before last, and one day later in the week I told Mam to leave it on when she finished using it and call me so that I could do a backup.  I saw it go haywire just as I was sitting down, before I’d even touched anything, and no amount of coaxing could get it back working again, not even to get some of the latest files off it.  Their new PC has arrived but it will take a while to get it to work with all the correct software for their needs, plus show them where everything is, because the new one is a Windows 7 PC and their old one was XP.  I’ve got a few of the basic software, such as anti virus, installed now, enough for them to do a small number of things they like to do, but it’s nowhere near completely set up. So expect sporadic visits from me on Facebook and Craftforums until I’ve got the PC sorted and a backlog of stuff done.

Then, yesterday, when I finally managed to get time to have a quick look at Facebook, I got a big surprise when I saw that I was being congratulated by a lot of lovely ladies for getting the title “Blog of the Week” on the Facebook Group “Emma’s Hints, Tips and Crafty Inspiration”.  So here’s my badge:

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I don’t mind saying that it just totally cheered me up, so thank you so much.

Now, on to some of the crafting I’ve been doing during the time since my last blog post.  I’ve been doing bits and bobs of a variety of crafts again over the last ten days or so.  As well as having my two youngest nephews over to stay overnight and doing things with them, such as helping them to finish off some of the knitting work that they’ve been doing – they’ve been knitting scarves for their toys using 4 pairs of pegs on little plastic knitting boards similar to mine that they persuaded me to buy them for their birthdays.  Then to finish off they made pompoms for the ends.  I also did a Print and Cut on my Silhouette Cameo of a “SIDE STEPPER Line Art Card” and let them sit by me colouring one each in while I was working on my own.  I know I was risking it a bit letting two youngsters have access to my ProMarkers, but they were supervised and it did keep them occupied for a bit.  Funny that the first thing the eldest of them did was add a green “compost” bin to his “garden” before he started colouring in his flower bunches a primrose yellow.  The other then copied but decided to put a yellow bin in because it looked a nicer colour.  He chose to colour his flower bunch in much more carefully in several colours.  Neither have completely finished their cards yet but I thought I’d show you how far they’ve got so far.

 WandI04   WandI09    WandI06    WandI07



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

Some of these cards were commissions from a friend who wanted some specific designs.

1cup141595_359 - card01 - 8 x 8 Cricket Scalloped corner Topper  290 Penblwydd 01 03  390 Penblwydd 02 02  490 Penblwydd 02 03

  1. ‘8 x 8 Cricket Scalloped corner Topper by Carol Clarke (I made an 8″ square card from an A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White card-stock.  I printed the design out onto good quality photo paper and then cut out the pieces – nothing too difficult to cut out, just straight edges and some rounded scallops on the corners.  The base image was stuck directly to the front of the base card and the corners were attached using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  This is an easy card to cut out and make as the shapes are not intricate and there are not a lot of them to worry about, but it still makes a large card with a striking image for the cricket fan you know.)
  2. A Welsh birthday card for a 90 year old.  The topper is made of three layers of card embossed on the Bookatrix board from Centura Pearl Snow White card, linen textured metallic gold card and pale pink Satin Board.  The stopper was emboss on the MiniBoox board.  The circular toppers were embossed onto the same hammered white cardstock as the stopper using the Cosmic board.  I coloured the peeloff greeting with a pink Letraset Metallic Marker, and used fine border peel-offs to finish around the panels.  The base card was A5 and bought ready cut with a large deckle edge and I simply scored half way across the front and folded to make the easel card.
  3. This card was made by cutting and scoring an A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White card-stock to make an 8″ square card and used a corner rounder punch to give a rounded corner top and bottom right.  I took some purple narrow ribbon and tied four lengths around the card, through the middle over the centre of the insert.  I used purple cardstock and hammered white card-stock for the topper.  The layers were embossed on the Cosmic board.  The swirls and butterflies are all purple foiled rub ons (the differences in shades are how the light is falling on the foiled flourishes as they are all the same colour in reality). This time I used violet Letraset Metallic Marker to colour the Penblwydd Hapus (Happy Birthday in Welsh) and the 90, which is exactly the same coloured and patterned as the 90 on the previous card before colouring in.
  4. This is a closeup of an area of the card front.

1cup243828_131 - card03 - Muuu so sweet  2cup243828_131 - card02 - Muuu so sweet .jpg  3cup311908_65 - card04 - Welsh Rugby  4cup311908_65 - card03 - Welsh Rugby

  1. Muuu so sweet by Karin Johansson; Wavey Leaf Stems by Claire Norman; Wonky Petal Layering Flower Template by Jackie Mitchell (The card is simply an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock scored and folded in half to make an A5 card.  The Muuu has been printed out onto good quality photo paper.  It is a decoupage design so has some ins and outs of cutting, but in reality it isn’t that difficult to cut as the layers are mostly rounded.  The leaf stems were cut out of a few shades of green Core’dinations card-stock using my Silhouette Cameo.  The flower was made by using the layering flower template onto one of the background designs included in the kit – choosing one of the backgrounds with a brown spot that toned with the browns of the card.  The design was then taken into my Silhouette Studio software and I then set up a Print & Cut file preparing a cutting line to cut out the flower layers.  The flowers where then simply shaped and stuck together after cutting.  So the flower and leaves embellishments were cut out using a digital/electronic cutter, not by hand, making the whole project much easier.)
  2. Closeup of the flower, leaves and cow’s head, at an angle to show the dimension.
  3. Welsh Rugby by Chris Wells-West (The base card is an A3 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White card cut, scored and folded to make an 8″ square card.  The design was printed out onto a good quality photo paper and cut out, which just involved straight cutting and around the rugby ball, so nothing intricate or really difficult.  The base image was stuck directly to the base card using fingerlift tape, the greeting was stuck on using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape, and the rugby ball was shaped and stuck on with glue gel.
  4. Closeup showing the dimension.

1cup323869_1415 - card02 - Summer Picnic Pop-up Card & Envie STUDIO-PDF-Printable   2cup323869_1415 - card03 - Summer Picnic Pop-up Card & Envie STUDIO-PDF-Printable   3cup328079_415 - card02 - COW AND HER BABY CALF IN THE MEADOWS PYRAMIDS

  1. Summer Picnic Pop-up Card & Envie STUDIO-PDF-Printable by Rae Carr (This picture shows the outside of the card and the envelope front.  This is a Print & Cut design which I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo.  The envelope was cut out of 120gsm Super Smooth white paper and the card, both outside, inside and pop-up elements, were cut out of 300gsm Super Smooth white card.  With no hand cutting the whole project was quite easy to make, the only remotely fiddly thing about making the card was getting the tabs through the slots and sticking them in place.)
  2. This is the inside of the first card.
  3. COW AND HER BABY CALF IN THE MEADOWS PYRAMIDS by Nick Bowley (I printed the design onto good quality photo paper and cut out the pyramid layers.  It’s all straight cutting so nothing to difficult for somebody with dexterity problems.  I took an A5 white base card that came pre-cut with a big deckle edge and already scored and put two different brown ribbons down the card around 1″ from the right edge.  One ribbon is much narrower than the other and was put on top.  I took the base image and matted it onto a panel of linen textured gold card, trimmed to leave a margin visible and then wrapped pieces of the same ribbon around the panel.  This was then matted onto mirror gold card which was again trimmed to leave a visible margin.  The matted image was stuck to the front of my card.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the pyramid layers to the card front and finished off with brown, sticky back, gems.)


One bag to show you on the knitting front this time.  It’s the bag I showed you the start of in my previous post – here.

1Bag 02 10  2Bag 02 12

  1. This is the completed bag.  Large enough to hold a purse and a makeup bag it’s ideal as an evening bag.  The handle is a short shoulder strap so the bag can be put over the shoulder but lies high up under the arm for safety.
  2. This is a closeup of the ruffles with the metallic silver thread running through the edge giving it a sparkle.



1Bracelet 13 01  2Bracelet 13 02  3Bracelet 14 01  4Bracelet 15 01  5Bracelet 15 02

  1. A red, white and blue bracelet, but rather than having beads of each of the distinct colours it is made out of glass beads, the feature ones being marbled blue and white, and the smaller ones being marbled red and white.  It’s made on a stretch elastic cord.
  2. Closeup of the previous bracelet
  3. A really bright and funky bracelet made out of multicoloured glass beads threaded onto stretch elastic.
  4. “zebra” stripe feature glass beads threaded onto a double strand of stretch elastic with white glass beads as spacers.
  5. Closeup of some of the beads in the previous bracelet.

1Earrings 04 02  2Earrings 05 02  3Earrings 05 04

  1. A bright pair of earrings, each made of three beads.  There are flat, red, glass beads top and bottom, either side of the colourful larger beads.
  2.  A pair of crystal earrings.
  3. A closeup of one of the crystal earrings.

1Set 11 08  2Set 11 07  3Set 11 03  4Set 11 01  5Set 11 05

  1. A set of jewellery made out of blue glass beads.  The main, feature, beads have a texture and the smaller, spacer, beads are e-beads.
  2. The necklace.
  3. The bracelet.
  4. The earrings.
  5. A closeup of the feature and e beads.



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