Cards Of The Moment And A Few Other Bits

A Big Thank  You – to all those who’ve commented on my previous posts.



I’ve been lucky to have a variety of the cards I’ve created chosen as “Image of the Moment” by several of the designers on craftsUprint – but I do have to admit that I don’t always remember to blog about them or to thank each designer individually.  So now I’d like to say a big thank you to each and every designer who’s chosen any of my creations uploaded to CUP as their “Image of the Moment” at any point this year.

I’ve currently, (at the time of writing this during the evening of Tuesday, 12th June, 2012,) got three cards chosen as their “Image of the Moment” by the respective designers who’s design work I used when making the cards.  Of course the designers may have got a different “Image of the Moment” by the time this is posted to my blog or you actually get to read it, but I’d like to say “thank you designers”.

Here are the designers who’ve currently got my cards as their “Image of the Moment”, together with the card they’ve chosen.

  1. Designer – Jacqueline Hatton; Card – A4 Background Papers: yellows and blues
  2. Designer – Clive Couter; Card – FLOWER POT CARD
  3. Designer – Ammie Sanders; Card – Quick Pyramid Sheet 6

1cup290675_1514 - card02 - 12 sheets of A4 Background Papers yellows and blues  2cup321142_198 - card03 - FLOWER POT CARD  3craftydesignzquicksheet6 - card02 - Quick Pyramid Sheet 6


It’s been a while since my niece and I worked together on a website to show off our crafting – years in fact – and back then, when I was still working, we concentrated on our cardmaking, even though we did bits of cross-stitch and other crafts as well.  The old site can be seen -> here.

In any case, now that I’ve had to retire because of my health and disability problems, and now that I’ve got more time to play around with more of the crafts I enjoy, I thought it was time to build a new website to show more variety of crafted items. It isn’t going to be something that’s updated as regularly as this blog, but hold more galleries of stuff as a reminder, including things like the wedding stationery I made for my sister’s wedding a few years back and the various samples I made ahead of time to work out what she wanted.

It isn’t nearly finished yet, and I’ve got all the early stuff to transfer to the new site before I close down the old site, but if anybody wants to have a look then it can be found here ->

Creftau Maes Mieri Banner



I’ve put a bit of time aside to upload a few more items to my online shop the last couple of days.  I’ve got lots more to add but it takes time, so I’m trying to do small batches of assorted items as often as I can to build up my stock while there’s free listing.  Not sold anything yet though in the six weeks or so that the marketplace has been live.

Here are the items I’ve uploaded to my shop on since my last blog post:

Have a look – here – at my whole shop on



CUP Mailer – You can see the mailer sent out by the team at CUP HQ on Wednesday, 13th June, by clicking – here.  There’s such a wide variety of designs to be seen in this mailer.

June Card Making Competition – The theme for the current monthly competition from Craftsuprint! is “Female Birthday”.  It’s a free to enter ‘themed’ competition for the Crafters who’ve bought designs via CUP, you just go into your “Crafter Control Panel” on the craftsUprint site and upload your entry, giving details of how you made your card and giving the “cup number” of the design you used to make it.  The winner will receive a Trophy plus £25 to spend on CUP! 2nd Place will get a £10 voucher, 3rd Place a £5 voucher.  Details of the competition can be found on Craftforums -> here.  The last entry date is 24-June-12, and after that voting will commence.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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5 Replies to “Cards Of The Moment And A Few Other Bits”

  1. Gwyneth, I want to thank you for the card designs of mine you have chosen to make. They are all lovely. Can you tell me how the image of the week is picked/assigned?

  2. Hello Gwyneth, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog I do appreciate them.

    Your cards are gorgeous I especially love the flower pot and flowers it looks stunning. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

    Linda xxx