Crafting Towards The End Of June

Wish I could say my health was back to its usual self, even if my usual self isn’t up to much, but I’m not – though I finally feel in a little less pain with my pulled muscle.  Most of my crafting has been tied to digital work putting together designs on the computer and putting Print & Cut points in place in Silhouette Studio ready for when I feel up to a cutting out session.  But I actually got a tidy batch of eight cards put together yesterday, which is the most I’ve done in one session for ages, although some had been started and all had been printed and cut out before hand.

The good thing about this latest batch of cardmaking is that it included ones for me to upload to the craftsUprint site as a Registered Crafter – which means that I’ve now crossed the 1,000 point of uploaded photos of handcrafted projects.  You can see them all – here.


(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

Three Christmas cards.

1cup336265_359 - card01 - Xmas Sledging Penguin Snowglobe Circle Pyramage Topper  2cup336263_359 - card01 - Xmas Santa n Mrs Claws Snowglobe Circle Pyramage Topper  3cup335698_96 - card02 - Christmas Blank 6×6 Topper 1

  1. Xmas Sledging Penguin Snowglobe Circle Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (I used a sheet of blue cardstock from the Adorable Scorable Silk-Art Megabuy pack to  make the base card for this.  This is an easy card to cut out as the base layer is square and the pyramage layers are circular.)
  2. Xmas Santa n Mrs Claws Snowglobe Circle Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (The base card that this design is built up on is from the Christmas Adorable Scoreable card-stock.  The design itself is printed onto glossy paper, and because there are only straight and circular layers to cut out it is an easy design to cut out and make up.)
  3. Christmas Blank 6×6 Topper 1 by Anna Babajanyan (This card uses the same type of base cardstock and is printed onto the same type of glossy paper as the previous ones.  Only straight cutting involved in making this one, so very easy to make.  There is however extra layers of holly leaves and berries on the sheet I used which can be added for dimension, but I just didn’t feel like cutting them out this time.)

An assortment of birthday and condolence cards.

1cup327710_198 - card02 - LINE ART BORDER EDGE CARD 3 with butterflies  2cup324744_198 - card01 - SIDE STEPPER Line Art Card  3cup284994_172 - card01 - Rough Diamond Backing Paper - Purple  4cup61297_593 - card02 - With Sympathy Design Sheet White Phlox  5cup40818_28 - card01 - Lilac and Green build your own Sympathy Quick Card

  1. LINE ART BORDER EDGE CARD 3 with butterflies by Clive Couter (This card is made using a Print & Cut file that was cut out of Super Smooth cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo after printing out the digi stamp.  So no cutting at all involved in making this card.  I used ProMarkers to colour things in.)
  2. SIDE STEPPER Line Art Card by Clive Couter (Another Print & Cut file made the same way as the previous one.)
  3. Rough Diamond Backing Paper – Purple by Sarah Edwards (I printed the background onto good quality, heavyweight, photo paper and trimmed and scored it to make a base card.  The topper is from the Daisy and Friends CD ROM which I’d coloured in with pro-markers.  The flower embellishments are punched out ones I had spare from another project.  Again no difficult cutting for somebody with dexterity problems.)
  4. With Sympathy Design Sheet White Phlox by Mandy Russell (Printed onto glossy photo paper and stuck to a black base card made of Adorable Scorable cardstock, this is another quick and easy card to make.)
  5. Lilac and Green build your own Sympathy Quick Card by Sarah Skinner (Another card where the design is printed onto glossy photo paper and where Adorable Scorable cardstock was used.  Only straight cutting involved in making this card.)

This batch of  Christmas cards was made by my two youngest nephews Thursday night.  They were not totally enthusiastic when I mentioned making Christmas cards – just couldn’t understand why we needed to start making Christmas cards to sell at our Sunday School before the summer holidays even started.  Mind you, by the time I’d pulled out one of the packs from the Hunkydory Selection Box of four packs of items I’d got – the Hunkydory Vintage Christmas, and let them see all the sheets, they were eager to get stuck in.  First we tried to match all the sheets of die-cut toppers with the most suitable sheet of A4 card.  The boys then chose which die-cut toppers and which of the matching sheets they wanted to work with.  I then gave them my Hougie Board on which they measured the size of the card and did a little maths to work out the half way point before scoring and folding in half.  And they had to be given my Crafty Bob Bone Folder to do the folding and pressing.  (They are serious Crafty Bob fans!)  After that it was a case of getting the tape pens and foam tape and them laying out their choice out how they wanted.

1Hunkydory Nadolig 2012 - 01 - card01   2Hunkydory Nadolig 2012 - 02 - card01   3Hunkydory Nadolig 2012 - 03 - card01   4Hunkydory Nadolig 2012 - 04 - card03

  1. Vintage car.
  2. Santa Express
  3. Second Santa Express card – this card has a couple of rounds from the Festive Layering Mats and Frames pack as well.
  4. Children at the door.



I’m getting close to finishing my large snuggle throw. I put up examples of the skein of yarn I’m using, what one panel looks like, and the texture of the finished knit, in my previous blog post – here. I’m now half way through my last panel – I hope!  Provided I’ve counted right this will be the last panel I need.

However, the two youngest nephews have now decided they want one each of their own – No!  Absolutely not.  There’s no way I’m starting two more of these throws again in a hurry.  So we’ve come to a compromise – they get to share my snuggle throw when they are over here.  I’ve promised that when we sit on the sofa in the winter to have a story reading session I’ll sit in the middle and they can sit either side and share my throw – this compromise may mean that I need to make two more panels to extend the throw to fit the width of the sofa – which is infinitely better than starting two more throws.

1Throw 10 14  2Throw 10 12  3Throw 10 11  4Throw 10 10

  1. This is my last panel on my circular knitting loom.  Although I’m knitting on a large, circular, knitting loom I’m not knitting “in the round”, but rather I’m turning around and going in the other at the end of each row, so that the panel is flat when it’s cast off and comes away from the loom.
  2. You’ll have seen in my previous blog post about the throw that the yarn comes as a skein.  This isn’t easy to work with, so I wind the yarn onto a roll of kitchen paper.  I’ve seen it suggested that winding onto an empty kitchen paper roll is good, but when I tried that the yarn was coming off the ends.  It still does that a bit when wound onto a part used roll of kitchen paper, but it works much better like this.
  3. This is what it looks like with the stitches on the pegs.  The pegs are quite large on this particular circular loom, and the pegs are slightly closer together than the gaps between the loops of the yearn, so working the loops over the pegs isn’t a strain at all with this yarn.
  4. I just put fresh loops over two or three pegs before using the knitting hook to hook the bottom loop over the new, upper, loop and the peg.


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CUP Mailer – The CUP Mailer sent out today, Friday, 29th June, 2012, can be seen – here.  Anybody who’s interested in crafting should have a good read because there’s news of a short term, 20% discount code, and lots of free gifts that include a CD-ROM and a Bag.  Please don’t think that the craftsUprint site is only aimed at card makers, there are sections for Crochet, Cross Stitch, Knitting, and Needlework, in addition to digital downloads for use in papercrafting.

June Card Making Competition – Voteing is still going on for the competition, so if you qualify to vote, but haven’t done so yet, please pop along to your Control Panel on the craftsUprint site and have a good look at all 60 entries before placing your votes.


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