Crafting At The Start Of July

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Yesterday (Wednesday) I had a nice long session printing and cutting out designs and toppers – OK! So the cutting out that was done, was done using my Silhouette Cameo with me lounging on the sofa by its side and just removing cut items and putting card on and pressing the cut button on my laptop screen.  But at least I’m now back crafting more than a week or so ago.  I got a couple of Print & Cut designs cut out ready for assembling today and sending their photos on to Tina Fitch, and quite a few other items cut out as well.  Some of which I’ve managed to assemble today as well.  I also cut out and made up a few of the sheets today that I’d printed out and put to one side yesterday.  I’ve still got quite a few that are either printed or cut left to put together over the next few days.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

The cards I’ve made up today include an assortment of Christmas and everyday cards, some of which are made using items cut out using my Cameo, some being quick print/cut/fold cards with added embellishment, and some with layering.

1cup323461_198 - card01 - JUMBO LACY BORDERS 2  2cup289611_442 - card02 - Boudoir Reflections 2 Insert  3cup337021_10 - card01 - Red Poinsettia Someone Special Large DL Card Kit  4cup92828_96 - card02 - Fluffy Christmas Cut & Fold Quick Christmas Card 2  5cup92889_96 - card02 - Fluffy Christmas Cut & Fold Quick Christmas Card 8

  1. JUMBO LACY BORDERS 2 by Clive Couter (I chose one of the three borders in the kit for making this card and cut the top layer out three times from a linen effect red 250gsm cardstock and the back panel out three times out of a pink shade of the same card-stock using my Silhouette Cameo.  The cut was so clean that after I’d lifted the three top layers I saw that the inner petals were left on my cutting mat and looked good, so I decided to have a play.  I put some transfer tape over the petals and lifted the whole lot off the mat while the tape held their relative positions. I put paper glue on the back of each petal and centre of two of the strips and pressed them into place onto two of the back plates then left the glue dry before removing the transfer tape.  I used the outline layer on the third back-plate.  The base card was made by scoring and folding an A4 sheet of pink pearlescent cardstock in half and rounding the corners with a punch.  A mat of silver mirror card was trimmed to size and again the corners were rounded before I stuck it in place.  I used 1mm deep foam tape to attach the border strips along the card before putting on a blank greetings panel.  No fiddly cutting was involved in making this card as the intricate cutting was made using the cutting machine, but there was a bit of a fiddle in getting the petals to lift off the cutting mat using the transfer paper and in getting the petals off the transfer paper, but using a pokey tool to manipulate the pieces and it all worked very well.)
  2. Floral Selection Set 2 CU4CU by Janyce Cotterill & Boudoir Reflections 2 Insert by Rebecca Brindley (For this card I used the “insert” twice, printing once onto Tesco Finest 250gsm Glossy photo paper and once onto 120gsm good quality paper.  These were trimmed, scored and folded, and the paper copy was stuck inside the photo paper copy to make the base card and insert.  So that was an easy job without anything difficult for anybody with dexterity problems.  I then took an assortment of the flowers from the “Floral Selection” into one of my graphics programs and copied, re-sized, and moved them about until I’d created a panel of flowers the right size to fit within the oval panel on my base card.  This was printed out onto Crafty Bob paper.  The cutting out of this panel was the most fiddle thing about this card.  Although not the most intricate of designs it does have a lot of ins and outs.  The panel was stuck to the card front, after shaping, using glue gel.)
  3. Red Poinsettia Someone Special Large DL Card Kit by Ann-marie Vaux (This kit comes with a lot of different sheets that can be used to make the DL Card, but I only used two of the sheets to make this.  The base card was printed onto the 250gsm photo paper and the sheet with the poinsettia panels for decoupaging wasprinted onto Crafty Bob paper.  To make the base card it was just a case of print, trim, score and fold.  There was a bit of fiddly cutting involved in going round the poinsettia, which is why I kept the additional layers down on my card.  I used foam tape to attach the poinsettia panels to my card front.)
  4. Fluffy Christmas Cut & Fold Quick Christmas Card (2) by Anna Babajanyan (The sheet was printed onto 250gsm glossy photo card.  I then trimmed it, scored it, and folded it.  I decided to use small, sticky back, gems to decorate – some red ones at the four corners of the panel, some clear AB ones at the points of the star and a mix of red and blue on the tree.  This design could be used without an embellishment, or even embellished more than I’ve done with gliter, larger gems, etc.  After decorating this tree I thought that it would be a good way to use up the odd one or two of different coloured sticky back gems I always seem to have left over after other projects, so I may well do that for a future card.  There’s nothing difficult about creating this quick card, it’s just easy cutting.  I use the pokey tool to lift and position the little sticky back gems as there’s no way I could handle them with my fingers.)
  5. Fluffy Christmas Cut & Fold Quick Christmas Card (8) by Anna Babajanyan (I printed the sheet out onto 250gsm glossy photo paper. I then trimmed it, scored it, and folded it to make the card.  I used clear, sticky back gems to embellish – four at each corner and an assortment dotted around the tree.  The card could be used as it is if a quick card is needed, but it could be embellished much more than I’ve done with a greeting, glitter, more gems in assorted colours, etc.)

1cup328351_1415 - card02 - Multi-Layered Shaped Easel Card STUDIO-WPC-MTC  2cup338512_1035 - card02 - Floral Selection Set 1

  1. Butterfly Layered Shaped Easel Card STUDIO-WPC-MTC by Rae Carr  (I used my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to cut layers of this design out of pink, red and blue pearlescent cardstock.  I the shaped the flower layers and stuck them together using glue gel.  I used a Quickie Glue Pen to attach the fine butterfly layer to the layer beneath then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach everything else together.  All the layers of this card were cut out using my Cameo machine so no hand cutting at all – easy!)
  2. Floral Selection Set 1 CU4CU by Janyce Cotterill & Fancy Easel Card STUDIO-MTC-WPC-SVG by Rae Carr (I cut the layers of this card out of pearlescent yellow and orange card-stock using my Silhouette Cameo.  I created a decorative floral panel and additional floral layers in one of my graphics packages using several copies of just two of the flowers from the Floral Selection Set.  This panel and layers was printed out onto Crafty Bob paper before cutting it all out.  I used a combination of foam tape and glue gel to stick it all together.  I made the floral panel itself an oblong shape, therefore easy to cut out.  The flowers were a bit more fiddly with the yellow ones having more ins and outs than the white one, which is why there’s only two of them as additional layers on the card and more of the white.)



Well, I’ve done it!  I’ve not only finished knitting the last panel for my snuggle throw, I’ve now sewn the whole lot together (nice large plastic needle and 4 ply yarn).  Well it was a job I could do with my legs up and the whole weight of the throw over my legs and the arms of the chair.  If you click on the thumbnail image below you’ll get a larger image.

1Throw 10 16

  1. My snuggle throw (or my Blankie as my nephews insist on calling it) is shown here thrown over the back and seat of a 3 seater soffa, so it’s plenty big enough to snuggle under on the sofa to watch TV, or to have over the laps of 3 of us at story time – or my initial reason for starting to knit it was to be able to throw it over the foot of my bed to keep my feet warm on really cold nights.




I’ve been working on some more stuff for the talented designer Tina Fitch lately.  These are Print & Cut design of a back to front cards, where you can see through the back of the card and the “gates” are folded behind, to be viewed through the back when it’s standing up.

1Blue hues back to front card kit - card03s.jpg   2Twins Kit - card01s  

  1. You can get the ordinary card kit that you print out and then cut out by hand here -> Say with Roses Back To Front Card Kit; The digital cutting machine “Print & Cut” kit that I’ve made can be seen here -> Blue hue’s Print & Cut Back to front card kit….studio (The front and back layers are printed onto 250gsm Tesco Finest Glossy Photo paper and the decoupage layers on Crafty Bob paper.)
  2. You can get the ordinary card kit that you print out and then cut out by hand here -> Twins Back To Front Card Kit; The digital cutting machine “Print & Cut” kit that I’ve made can be seen here -> Twins Back to front card kit Print & Cut Studio (The front and back layers are printed onto 250gsm Tesco Finest Glossy Photo paper and the decoupage layers on Crafty Bob paper.)

I’ve got some more work on the go for Tina, so keep an eye on my blog over the next few weeks for more to appear.


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  1. WOWSERS Gwyneth you sure have been busy. Really gorgeous cards I am loving the butterfly easel card. Have a good weekend.

    Linda xxx