More July Crafting

I’ve had a couple of reasonable days again, so spent some time putting together a few more of the items I’d printed, or cut out using my Silhouette Cameo, earlier in the week.  I haven’t finished making up everything yet, but quite a few of them are completed now.

 The items range from the simple cards that just require printing, cutting out and then constructing, through cards that started out simple but that I’ve then embellished in a variety of way, to a papercraft poinsettia wreath.  Hope you enjoy your look around my latest creations, and remember that you can click on each thumbnail image to have a better look at a larger image of each item.



(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

A bit of an assortment this time
1cup321901_596 - card02 - 10 X Designs Gatefold Collection……..STUDIO  2cup329441_1056 - card02 - Red Poinsettias  3cup329301_596 - card02 - Assorted Borders……Studio

  1. 10 X Designs Gatefold Collection……..STUDIO by Tina Fitch (With 10 designs to choose from it was difficult to choose which one to work with first, but in the end I decided to go for the one with rose cut-outs, and to cut it from pink 250gsm cardstock that’s pink on both sides.  I had a nice, clean, cut in my Silhouette Cameo.  I made a panel out of a paper doily for the inside of the card for a greeting to be written on, and also made two cones from the same type of doily ready to put some rose buds into for decoration.  I put a line of 3mm wide red backed sticky tape around all edges of the doors and dipped it in glitter. I placed two panels of white vellum behind the doors. I finished off by sticking on the shaped cones using glue gel into which I inserted very pale pink and a couple of white paper rose buds.  With my cutting machine doing the intricate cutting this card wasn’t too difficult to make, the fiddliest bit was getting the fine line of tape to go tidily around the edges of the doors.)
  2. Gold Framed Card Template – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris & Red Poinsettias by Karen Wyeth (Both these items are Designer Resources which I took into one of my graphics packages to create my card design with.  Although primarily thought of as a flower plant that’s associated with Christmas, I decided to use a poinsettia from the kit on a card for a winter wedding where the flower theme is to be poinsettias. I decided to make an “open book” style card and picked a red colour from the poinsettia for the greeting “Ar Dydd Eich Priodas” – which is Welsh for “On Your Wedding Day”. I printed everything out onto 250 gsm glossy Tesco photo card before cutting out the card – not a difficult task as the shape is curvy with no intricate areas to cut out. The finished card was then decorated with peel-offs and a ribbon and both sides were curved.  The most difficult bit about this card was going round one of the inside “frame” layers with the peel-offs, and that wasn’t particularly difficult, so I guess you can call this an “easy make” card.  I’ll put it in a presentation box before sending it. This set of poinsettia images look great, and will make great toppers for Christmas cards as well as other projects.)
  3. Keys by Claire Norman & Assorted Borders……Studio by Tina Fitch (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the two most intricate parts of this card.  I cut out an assortment of keys out of silver mirror card, including the “18” at a few different sizes so that I had a few to choose from for the card front.  I cut an assortment of the borders, including two of some of them, from white vellum.  The base card and the mats are made from Satin Board in two shades of purple. I took two strips of the same border and put them to overlap at the cutout side and threaded a piece of purple ribbon in and out through the holes in both, so that they are held together. I put a strip of red backed sticky tape behind the ribbon area and stuck it to the front of a panel of the palest satin board, which was then attached to the right hand side of the base card. The ribbon was trimmed to a short length at the bottom and a long piece was left at the top which was tie to the top of the key. The base card was cut with a dashed rotary paper cutter so that the panel could be detached from the card. Another border piece was attached to a second panel of satin board with another piece of ribbon put around it before the panel was stuck to the left hand side of the card front. I used some fine silver peel-offs on the “bookmark” part of the card and on the other panel.  I finished off the card with a greetings panel “Penblwydd Hapus”, Welsh for Happy Birthday, which was stuck on with 3mm deep foam squares. The key is attached to the card front using a hat pin through the ribbon knot, the pin being stuck into one of the foam squares under the greetings panel so that, when the bookmark is torn off, the key attached to the ribbon will come off the card front as well.  A bit of care was needed to thread the ribbon through the slots in the vellum borders, and to put the fine border peel-offs in place, but this wasn’t a difficult card to make.)

1cup293622_359 - card01 - Flying the Flag Wales Shell Edged Corner side stacker  2cup208166_49 - card01 - bird songs 2 card sheet pyramids 3cup335679_96 - card02 - Festive Blank 7×7 Glitter Topper 6

  1. Flying the Flag Wales Shell Edged Corner side stacker by Carol Clarke (I kept this card very simple. The page was printed out onto glossy photo paper and the layers cut out. The base image was attached to a card front and the card trimmed to exactly match the size of the topper. The corner stackers were built up in order, attaching each in place using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  With the edges to cut being either straight or the gentle curves of the “shell” edge, this wasn’t difficult to cut out, and the card, being very minimalist, was simple to put together.)
  2. Bird songs 2 card sheet pyramids  by Sally McIntyre (The sheet was printed onto good quality glossy photo paper and I cut out the layers of one of the birds. The base card is made from Satin Board. After sticking on the base image, and building up the pyramid using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach each layer, I decorated the edge of the card using little bird peel-offs.  Straight edge cutting only for making this card, so an easy card to make.)
  3. Festive Blank 7×7 Glitter Topper 6 by Anna Babajanyan (I printed off the sheet a little smaller than a full A4 size onto good quality photo paper and then cut the panel out. I made a base card from a sheet of A4 Satin Board that toned with the topper, trimming the card down to around 1cm larger around each side. I rubbed some gold, heart and swirl foil rub-ons to the front of the topper panel and attached it directly to the base card. The card was finished off with peel-offs – gold fine border ones just within the outside edge of the card and “Ar Ddydd Eich Priodas” – Welsh for “On Your Wedding Day” – on the topper.  With only straight cutting for the topper and base card, and a little rubbing – I used the back end of my Hougie score tool to do this as it’s just firm enough without being so hard that it marks the paper underneath – this was an easy card to make but looks very stylish with the raised gold on it.)

The next batch of pictures are all of two cards made using panels from one kit and decorated with different coloured metalic rub-ons.  I was having difficulty getting a picture with a good colour representation of the topper while showing the metallic nature of the rub-ons, so I ended up with more than one picture of each to give you an idea of the shine on the cards.

1cup338070_643 - card02 - Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers  2cup338070_643 - card03 - Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers  3cup338070_643 - card07 - Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers  4cup338070_643 - card04 - Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers  5cup338070_643 - card06 - Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers

  1. Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers by Lorna Quinney (I printed out one of the sheets in the kit onto Crafty Bob photo paper and cut the two panels out. One panel was stuck to the front of a base card made of purple Satin Board and the other stuck onto the front of a base card made linen textured gold cardstock. I then rubbed some metallic butterfly foil rub-ons.  I’ve not added anything else to these cards yet, although I may add a greeting to the front, if needed, when I know what occasion the cards will be given for.)
  2. This card has gold rub ons on it, but it looks dark in this picture, and not the shiny, reflective, colour that it is in real life.
  3. This photo shows the gold better.
  4. Purple, metallic, rub ons were used on this card, though again it looks much darker in the photo than it is in real life.
  5. This photo shows the shine better, although it’s appearing a lighter, pinkier, purple than it is in reality.  It may have been picking up a reflection of the colour of my T-shirt when I was standing to take the photo.



This is the wreath I made.  I wasn’t sure whether it showed up best on a light or dark background so the first two pictures show you the wreath on both backgrounds.   Pictures 3 and 4 show you the dimension of the leaves and the seed bead centres.  The seed beads really sparkle in the light, but don’t look as sparkly in the photos.

1cup337091_379 -  card02 - Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl.jpg  2cup337091_379 -  card04 - Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl  3cup337091_379 -  card05 - Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl  4cup337091_379 -  card06 - Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl.jpg

  1. Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl by Angela Burke (After loading the file into the Silhouette Studio software I cut the base wreath layer out twice at the largest size from 12″ x 12″ green cardstock.  I cut the largest leaf top layer 9 times out of the same type of green card-stock and 9 times out of red cardstock. (only 8 of each were used but as there was space on the sheet, and just in case I managed to tare anything during removal from cutting mat and building up I went for 9 each).  I then cut out 18 (three batches of 6) of the other leaf layers out of 3 sheets of A4 gold mirror card.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the two wreath layers together.  I used glue gel to layer the red and green leaf layers all onto the gold layers before weaving the leaves together, putting green in front each time and weaving the red forward.  I curved each layer to give some shape.  A splodge of glue gel was put at the centre of each built up leaf swirl and a mixture of sparkly red and gold glass seed beeds were sprinkled on.  I then knotted some green/white ribbon on two sides of the top of the wreath and stuck on each leaf swirl using glue gel.  I’ve made this up in a more traditional colour scheme of red and green, with gold background to the leaves, but it would look just as nice in more modern, ice white and blue with silver.  Or even in mixed colours.)


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  1. Fab selection of cards, I love the purple one but their all beautiful xx

  2. Wow! You have been busy, so many beautiful and elegant cards in gorgeous colours, I love the wreath too, so pretty
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