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Thank you for dropping in to have a look at my latest blog post.  I hope you enjoy having a read of this post and a look at the cards.
If you click on “home” and then scroll down you should be able to see lots more of my cards and other hand crafted items, and with over 280 of posts online, according to my blog dashboard, there are a lot of items to look at.


Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that I do try and put up links within each post to some of consumables and digital items I’ve used while making my hand crafted items.  Of course, being me and having a bit (OK – a lot!) of an assortment of a crafty stash, quite often I’ve not got the slightest idea what it is I’m using, or where I got it, by the time I come to using some stuff, but I hope that the links I do put in are of use to somebody at some point.

Regular readers will also have noticed that a lot of the digital items I use I’ve bought via a site called craftsUprint, but I tend to forget that some people may not have an idea what craftsUprint (and it’s sister sites) are about. So I thought I’d do a bit of a series of write ups about the CUP family of sites, starting with the craftsUprint site itself, in this post.

Don’t worry – it’s not going to be a huge essay and no handcrafted items.  I’ll start this post with pictures of some of my latest creations, before going to give some information about CUP.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

Here are my latest card creations.

1cup180703_736 - card01 - sunset bckground kit 1  2cup193711_543 - card02 - Pets Silhouettes  3cup328473_49 - card02 - designer resource ruffled pink rose and frame  4cup334418_927 - card03 - Beautiful Butterflies Cu Resource  5cup341848_1294 - card02 - Delicious Chocolates

  1. sunset bckground kit 1 by Katrina Oldham (The card was simply made by printing one of the images in the kit out onto Crafty Bob paper at a little less than half size. After trimming it was stuck to the front of a base card that I made by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of gold mirror card. I’ve been asked to make an assortment of sympathy cards both religious and non-religious in both Welsh and English, which is why there’s no greeting on this card card yet as I’m waiting to see which language this one needs to be in.)
  2. Pets Silhouettes by Vicki Avcin & 12 Colour Haze Background Papers by June Young & Wood Frames by Carol Lepard & Etched Metal Corners & Ornaments by Carol Lepard (This is a print, trim, score and fold quick card I designed myself from an assortment of Designer Resources.  I took the elements used into one of my graphics packages and moved them around and re-sized them until I was happy with the composition.  I tried the corners in a variety of shades of brown but in the end decided to turn them completely black so that they were in the same colour as the silhouette main element. The finished design was printed out onto Tesco Finest heavyweight photo paper, trimmed, scored and folded into a card. I haven’t added a greeting to the front of this card, but rather put it on an insert inside.)
  3. 6 Double Bow Sentiment or Journalling Tags by Vicki Avcin & Beautiful Butterflies Cu Resource by Susan Wood & designer resource ruffled pink rose and frame by Sally McIntyre & 5X5 Card Fronts set 11 by Cassandra Campsall (This is another of my own designs built up from a selection of Designer Resources.  For this card I took in one of the sentiment tags, one of the butterflies, the roses and layers, and a framed card front, into one of my graphics packages and copied, re-sized, moved and arranged the items until I had a 5″ x 5″ card topper I was happy with.  I then put further copies of the butterfly at different sizes and the rose layers by the side of the topper on the sheet and then printed them out on Crafty Bob paper.  My card base was made by cutting in half a 12″ square sheet of pink, linen textured, cardstock and scoring it in half to make a 6″ x 6″ base card.  The topper was then stuck directly to this.  I shaped the flower and butterfly layers before sticking them in place using glue gel.)
  4. The same card as above but photo taken from an angle to show dimension on butterflies and roses.
  5. Delicious Chocolates by Marie Wolman (Yet another card where I’ve taken designer resources to build up my own design in a graphics package before printing, but this time I’ve used a lot of chocolaty elements from one kit rather than using an assortment of different kits.  As well as the card front topper I put extra layers for the chocolate lolly-pop and the ribbon bow on the page before printing it ont the Crafty Bob paper.  After cutting out I attached the base layer directly to the front of a tent fold A5 card made by scoreing and folding in half an A4 sheet of linen textured gold cardstock.  After rounding the sides of the lolly, and giving the bow some shape as well, I attached these to the front of the topper using foam tape.)



 There are several sites in the CUP family of sites:

  • craftsUprint – a site selling digital downloads for the crafter that have been created by over 250 different designers. Also affectionately known as CUP – which you can find -> here
  • Craftforums – a forum for crafters and designers – which you can find -> here
  • – a site where crafters can sell their hand crafted creations – which you can find -> here
  • Papertole – a site where you can buy toppers, and card, and peel offs, and all sorts of other card making accessories – which you can find -> here

Today I’ll start off with some information about the main craftsUprint site.

craftsUprint – also affectionately known as CUP – which you can find -> here

 craftsUprint is a site where a couple of hundred different designers sell their designs in digital format.

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

cup290510_1446 - card03 - St. David’s Day Greeting Card Easelcup31102_33 - card01 - A Christmas ionCard Making – With a huge selection of items being available in digital format, from digi stamp prints to complete kits for cardmaking, you can decide whether you want a complete card design provided ready for you to print, cut and make, or whether you are somebody who wants basic components or a simple background to build up your own card design.  And the beauty of it is that once you buy and download a digital file you can decide what to print it out on, and can print it out time and time again to make up however many times you want.  So building up a digital library of designs you actually want to use is easy, with only storage space on your computer or external hard drive or other media needed until you want to print.  And, provided the items are printed out and made into a handmade items, you can sell your creations as well.

cup314111_596 - Scalloped Layered Cards 27 - card02Doiley door 1 - card04Cutting Files Sailing - card03– From simple layer shapes to the most stunning, intricate, designs, there are a huge number of digital cutting files on CUP. With a variety of file types, from .studio, to .gsd, to .svg, etc., there are cutting files for a lot of the electronic/digital cutting machines that connect to a computer.  And in addition to cutting files there are Print & Cut files on the site as well.


cup48567_2 - card02 - Gift Box Casket - Satin Coffee CreamBracelet 11 01Snowflakes on Cream GradientOther Craftscup208291_487 - card 04 - Balloons Baby BoyYou may say – but I’m not a card maker! – but don’t think automatically that there’s nothing on the CUP site for you.  CUP also caters for Scrapbookers, Knitters – both hand and machine knitting, Crocheters, Sewers, Cross Stitchers as well.  Even if you are a Jewellery maker, don’t rule out the site.  If you need a box and gift card to give with your wonderful creations then you’ll find these on the site as well.  And if there isn’t already a pre-prepared box design in a shape, colour, or size that you want to make up for your Jewellery, then look in the backgrounds section for something that matches your jewellery and you can use that to make your own, co-ordinating box, or gift card.

Registered Crafters – CUP customers have the option of uploading photos of their finished creations to the site, although only one crafter can do so per digital download.  And the beauty of the scheme – if you upload a picture, and it’s good enough to get through validation, and the design then goes on to sell again, you get a Registered Crafter commission of from 2p per sale upwards depending on how many photos you’ve got on CUP.  I’m currently a Gold Crafter, and according to my Crafter Control Panel I “require 966 uploads to be upgraded to a Platinum Crafter”.  I may well get there one day, but it isn’t going to be any day soon as that’s a lot of cards!  I do make a few pennies a month from this scheme, but it’s not enough to do more than buy a few more digital downloads the following month.  If you’re a CUP customer and want to know more then have a read of the “Crafter Manual” which you can find a link for in your Crafter Control Panel when you log into the CUP site.

CUP Registered Card Maker BadgeYou can see all the photos of handcrafted items I’ve uploaded to CUP by clicking – here.
(Note: the badge was designed when the site was predominantly for card makers, prior to it expanding to other areas such as needlecraft, so it says Registered Card Maker, rather than Registered Crafter, but it doesn’t mean that the scheme is confined to card-makers – pictures of knitted items, etc., can also be uploaded.)

Images of the Moment – Designers are allowed to choose Cards or Images of the Moment from all the photos of completed items uploaded against their designs.  It’s a way of advertising what can be made with their designs and give the Registered Crafter who made it their moment of glory.

As I’m writing this (Wednesday afternoon) I have the following items chosen as Images of the Moment by Designers:

1cup321142_198 - card03 - FLOWER POT CARD  2cup336263_359 - card01 - Xmas Santa n Mrs Claws Snowglobe Circle Pyramage Topper  3cup337091_379 -  card02 - Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl.jpg  4cup290675_1514 - card02 - 12 sheets of A4 Background Papers yellows and blues  5cup341848_1294 - card02 - Delicious Chocolates

  1. FLOWER POT CARD by Clive Couter
  2. Xmas Santa n Mrs Claws Snowglobe Circle Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke
  3. Studio Interlocking Leaf Swirl by Angela Burke
  4. 12 sheets of A4 Background Papers: yellows and blues by Jacqueline Hatton
  5. Delicious Chocolates by Marie Wolman

Of course, by the time you get around to having a look the designers may have changed their Image of the Moment.

I’d like to thank each and every designer who’s chosen any of my work as their Image of the Moment over the last few weeks for the honour, not just the five listed above.

CUP Mailer – The team at CUP HQ send out a mailer three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  These mailers usually contain a showcase of some of the work available to buy on the CUP site as well as news and updates from both CUP HQ and what some ordinary customers, Registered Crafters and Designers have been up to.

As it’s been a while since my last blog post there have ben several mailers sent out since I last wrote.

As the mailers also contain information about free gifts and discount codes, when some are available, which is quite often, it might be a good idea for you to put your name down for the mailing list.  If you click – here – you can put your name down for the mailer to be sent to your E-mail inbox regularly.  You also get some free downloads just for joining the mailing list.

craftsUprint on Facebook – You can also keep up with some of the activity on CUP by looking up their Facebook page – here – and clicking “Like”.   There’s also a group “I am a Designer or Cardmaker at Craftsuprint”, which you can see – here – that you may want to look up.  There’s also the””Luvin” CUP” group that you can find – here.

Card Making Competition – This is the information provided about the competition – “Every month we will have a free to enter ‘themed’ competition for the Crafters of CUP. Entries are kept secret until voting opens. Voting will be 5 votes per user, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 points to be awarded for the cards that you like.  Only one entry per Crafter. The winner will recieve a Trophy plus £25 to spend on CUP! 2nd Place will get a £10 voucher, 3rd Place a £5 voucher.”  Every entry must have used at least one download bought via CUP and both the cup number of the item, a picture of the finished card, and a description of how the card was made, must be provided when entry is made to the competition.  For the July competition the theme is Male Birthday Card, with the closing date for entries being the 20th and the winner being announced on the 25th.

CUP TV –  CUP TV is where designers demonstrate making up their own designs.  You’ll find tips and techniques and instructions to show anybody buying the designs how to make up particular cards.  There’s now over 120 episodes, so that’s a lot of demonstrations.  Have a look at the latest – here.

The Craftsuprint Craft Show – The latest venture introduced by CUP is a Craft Show.  You can see the 1st episode by clicking – here.

Free Card Verses –  If you like to put greetings or verses in or on your cards, but struggle for an idea of what to write at times, then have a look in the Card Verses section of the site.  Some of them are not really to my taste, but what I wouldn’t put anywhere near a card may well be just the thing that somebody else loves, so have a search around if you need some verse inspiration.

A Bit Of Fun –  CUP also has a few things running that are a bit of fun but also give customers a chance to win a bit of money.  For every order placed on CUP an entry is given to the Tombola where you can win a free random download or vouchers to spend on CUP up to the value of £20. Then there’s the Crafty Bob’s Bingo where every customer can ask for a bingo card which they can use for every bingo game.  The first player to claim a ‘FOUR CORNERS AND A CENTRE’ of 5 numbers will win £20 in cash and the first player to claim a Bobs ‘FULL HOUSE’, which is to fill in ALL the numbers on your Bingo Card with numbers called by Crafty Bob will win a whopping £100 in cash.  And then there’s Crafty Bob’s Crazy 5 Minute Game.  If you are wondering what that is then click – here – to read all about it.


Well, there you have it – a bit of an overview of what’s available on the craftsUprint site.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my cards even if the site itself isn’t of any interest to you.


You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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