Further July Crafting

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I haven’t done a lot of crafting over the last few weeks.  The soft fruit in the garden was ripening and needed picking, which, for a person with my health/disability issues, is a long and hard job, even though I do most of it sat down on a garden chair.  Had a few soakings as one thing I definitely can’t do is “do a dash” when the rain came.

What I have been working on, craft wise, as a longish project on a lap-tray in bed of an evening is making a beaded banner.  As far as cardmaking is concerned, the only card I’ve made is a get well soon card for an uncle who’s not well.

I hope you like the few items I’ve got to show you.



If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger images.

1Brysiwch Wella Wncwl Haydn - card01  2Brysiwch Wella Wncwl Haydn - card05  3Brysiwch Wella Wncwl Haydn - card06  4Brysiwch Wella Wncwl Haydn - card04

  1. I made this as a recessed card, putting a recess in the middle and then making a “hospital bed curtain” to go around the front by scoring an A4 sheet of blue vellum every 1cm using my Hougie Board. I then punched a small hole in the middle top of each section and folded the vellum, concertina style, before checking the size and cutting off the bottom piece to make it fit my card. I used jewellery making findings to attach the “curtain” to my card front, using tigertail wire, crimp beads, eye pins and silver spacer beads, with a couple of washers behind. The front is decorated using silver peel-offs, which include a “Brysiwch Wella” greeting (Welsh for get well soon).
  2. Closeup of the top right attachment of the curtain.
  3. This shows the depth of the recess and curtain.  The recess itself is 3cm deep made by scoring a square, then scoring another square 3cm inside the first.  I then cut a X from corner to corner of the first square.  I also made two squares of the same Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock as I’d used for the main card, one to stick to the front of the pushed back recess, for the topper to go on, and the other to stick inside the card to cover the back of the flaps.
  4. And what’s behind the curtain?  It’s a Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid by Gordon Fraser.  This was printed onto Crafty Bob paper, cut out, and attached to the card and stacked up using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.



1Beaded Banner 01 02  2Beaded Banner 01 03

  1. Beaded Banner – This was made using the Stained Glass version of a Beaded Banner Kit.  It took me quite a while to make because my hands and fingers were not working at their best for a lot of the time.  Mind you, the Pony Beads use to make this are quite large with really large holes, and the kit came with a large plastic needle for using to thread the nylon thread through the beads.
  2. A closeup of the centre of the cross.
    – Now I’ve got the pattern, and know that I can make up a piece this big even if it does take me some days to make, I’m thinking of making it again, but buying an assortment of beads and making some changes to the colours.  So keep an eye out in future for another version appearing in my blog.

1Bracelet 16 01  2Bracelet 16 02  3Bracelet 16 03

  1. These three pictures are all of the same bracelet from different angles.  It includes five beads in a knotted “shambala style” bracelet.



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9 Replies to “Further July Crafting”

  1. Your card is too funny! A perfect one for Get Well Greetings. You photos had me in suspense wondering what was behind the curtain and upon seeing the doctor with his big needle it brought a tremendous smile to my face. I love it! Your beading looks fabulous too! xx

  2. You really do have a wide range of talents and I love your page 🙂
    Love Lisa xxx