Crafting At The Start Of August

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Some cards, a box, and some braided cord jewellery for you to look at this time.  Hope you like them. Let me know your thoughts by adding a comment at the bottom.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

I’ve got an assortment of card types here this time.  Some are simple cards made up of toppers from CUP sheets with very little embellishments, others I’ve built up the designs digitally, from Designer Resources from CUP, and then printed out.  Some are just printed, trimmed, scored and folded, whereas others have added layers, such as the shaped butterfly on card 2.

1cup345616_437 - card02 - art deco Lady Pearl (Gold) Topper Sheet  2cup346176_1056 - card03 - The Lavender Collection  3cup93347_96 - card01 - Gold Flowers & Swirls Plain Card Front 214cup12599_168 - card03 - Circles9

  1. art deco Lady Pearl (Gold) Topper Sheet by Gordon Fraser (With a whole sheet of different shape and size of toppers to choose from it was difficult to decide what to do first, but for this card I’ve gone for a simple card design. The sheet was printed onto Tesco glossy photo paper and the largest image cut out. I made a card from an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock and stuck the chosen topper onto the front. I trimmed around the card leaving a small border, and then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, to attach a blank greetings panel as I don’t know yet whether this will require a Welsh or English greeting. I think next I’ll try one of the toppers on a black card-stock as I’m sure it will work well with that as well.)
  2. The Butterfly Collection 2 by Karen Wyeth, Pearls and flowers by Kristin Guyer, The Lavender Collection by Karen Wyeth and Textured & Glittered Brads by Carol Lepard (I took three designs from the Lavender Collection, a butterfly from the Butterfly Collection, a pearl frame from the Pearls and Flowers kit, and a white glitter brad from from the Brads kit, into one of my graphics packages and re-sized and moved them around until I was happy with this card front. I added extra layers for the butterfly and brads to the page before printing out onto Crafty Bob paper. The card front was stuck to the front of a card made using an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock. I shaped the wings of the butterfly layer and stuck it to the front of the card using glue gel, and also used glue gel to add the extra brad layers.)
  3. Gold Flowers & Swirls Plain Card/ Front (21) by Anna Babajanyan (I printed the sheet off at half size onto Crafty Bob paper before cutting out and sticking to the front of a base card made from an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl Snow White card-stock. To decorate the card I used red “flower sequins” and gold, sticky back gems from my crafting stash. The gems were placed on the centre of the flowers on the card front as well as the red flowers. The red flowers were scattered over the centre of the card front and stuck in place using glue gel.)
  4. Circles9 by Karen Adair (I printed the design onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock. I then used my Hougie Board to score it before cutting and folding to make a little box to give a bracelet as a gift, together with a little gift card. I then used wet glue to stick the box into shape. Of course background designs can be used when cardmaking, but they are equally useful for making bags and boxes.)

1cup229356_688 - card01 - Floral bouquet  2cup342910_1294 - card01 - Abigail  3cup341865_1294 - card01 - Candylicious  4cup344745_1294 - card02 - Party Time

  1. Floral bouquet by Debra Jenkinson, Semi-Transparent Pretty Rose ‘Organza’ Digital Embellishments by Carol Clarke and Bracket Shaped Card and Toppers Templates by Sheryl Anne Reed ( I took the floral bouquet, together with two backgrounds from the “organza” kit and the card and toppers template into one of my graphics packages and played around with the layout until I was happy with the design I’d produced.  The pages were printed out onto 250gsm glossy photo card and then cut out.  After scoring the base layer and folding into a card I attached the other layers using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)
  2. Bracket Shaped Card and Toppers Templates by Sheryl Anne Reed and Abigail by Marie Wolman (I took template and an assortment of items from the Abigail kit into one of my graphics packages and played around until I got the layout I wanted for an easel card.  I printed the base layer out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and the layers and pieces to build up as embellishments onto 250gsm glossy photo paper.  Everything was then cut out and built up using 3mm deep foam squares and glue gel.)
  3. Portrait or landscape shaped card Template by Sheryl Anne Reed and Candylicious by Marie Wolman (I took the template, together with an assortment of items from the Candylicious kit into one of my graphics packages and played around with the layout to make a design for a card that’s intended to be a simple print, cut, score and fold card.  Once I was happy with the layout I simply printed it out onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock, cut it out, scored and folded.)
  4. Party Time by Marie Wolman (This is another design I built up myself from an assortment of items from within the Party Time kit in one of my graphics packages.  It is another that’s designed to be a print, cut, score and fold card, this time printed onto 250gsm Glossy Photo paper.  I cropped the bunting from the kit to make two pieces of the correct length to hold the letters of Penblwydd Hapus – Welsh for Happy Birthday – and after typing in the letters put them at a jaunty angle.  Putting a drop shadow on the elements I’ve used gives the look of dimension to the card, even though there is no dimension on this version of the card at all.  Next time I may make it as a card front and print extra layers of the balloons, cake, etc., to decoupage on.)



1Necklace 10 02  2Necklace 11 03

  1. Both these necklaces are made using the Kumihimo braiding technique.  There’s a board made of a Styrofoam type material that has notches in for holding the threads, and these are just moved from one notch to another in a specific patern to create the braid.  This braid is made in a selection of four rattail cord in colours from white to navy blue.
  2. This is a similar necklace, but this time made using four strands of rattail cord in colours white, black and two shades of tan brown.  I didn’t pull quite so tight on this one and it produced a different pattern because I went round in a different direction.  The braids are finished off by gluing the ends into round end cup findings and attaching toggle clasps.


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