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Saturday my fingers were at the best they’ve been for a while, but my brain wasn’t in gear at all, so I sat down in bed for the day with a ball of shaggy yarn and a circular knitting loom on my lap, knitting a scarf as I watched the Olympics.  Didn’t have my laptop on all day, but I did manage to knit a whole short and shaggy scarf.

Sunday my brain was more with it, so I had my laptop on, and after going to the communion service at our chapel, I had a play around with creating some card layouts in one of my graphics packages. I even sent them to the printer and cut out all the elements, ready to shape and stick onto the final cards this morning.

After putting the cards together this morning I even had enough sunlight to take photos off all the items this morning.

Hope you like what I’ve made.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

The first of these cards I finished making a few days ago, but hadn’t put up onto my blog up until now, all the rest I stuck together this morning.

1cup68426_437 - card01 - Curly Red Head Girl Digi Stamp  2cup68426_437 - card03 - Curly Red Head Girl Digi Stamp  3cup68426_437 - card04 - Curly Red Head Girl Digi Stamp  4cup347548_8 - card01 - Cassie the puppy dog

  1. Curly Red Head Girl Digi Stamp. by Gordon Fraser (I printed the design out at under half size onto 300gsm Super Smooth white card-stock. I then coloured the girl in using my ProMarkers before cutting the image out leaving a border. I took some yellow flowers from my crafting stash and used the same gold yellow ProMarker I’d used to colour in the flowers in the girls hand and as shading on her tea-shirt to tip the petals of the flowers to carry the colour through. The card itself was built up with layers of blue and yellow card, glitter card, and vellum. I used glue gel to stick the lot together.)
  2. Closeup of the coloured in digi stamp.
  3. Closeup of the flowers which have had the tips of their petals coloured with the same ProMarker as the darker shade on the girl’s tea-shirt, to make it more co-ordinating.
  4. Cassie the puppy dog by Angela Wake (The sheet was printed onto 200gsm glossy Crafty Bob paper and the pieces were cut out. I stuck the base image directly to the front of a card that I’d made from blue, linen textured, cardstock, and then trimmed around to leave a small border. The layers were then put on, shaping each layer a bit to give dimension and attaching in place using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)

1cup346579_1443 - card01 - 6 CU4CU Posers  2cup307485_1443 - card01- 4 Mixed CU4CU Posers (Blonde Hair)  3cup346697_1294 - card03 - Beauty Therapy  4cup343832_49 - card01 - holly and poinsettia layered with greetings png format

  1. 5 CU4CU Fantasy Waterfall Backgrounds by Gillian Hutchinson and 6 CU4CU Posers by Gillian Hutchinson and Twill Ribbon’ Digital Embellishments – Shabby Summertime Colours by Carol Clarke and Circular Mother of Pearl Frames by June Young (I took the butterfly and one of the backgrounds from the waterfall kit, together with a fairy from the posers kit, a ribbon from the ribbon kit and a frame from the mother of pearl frames kit into one of my graphics programs and played around until I had the layout I wanted. The main background is made up of a copy of the butterfly, shrunk down small and tiled, and the background of the famed element is one of the waterfall backgrounds cut to a circular shape and framed. I made an extra copy of the butterfly and of the fairy without wings before printing out onto Tesco glossy photo paper, to use to decoupage my card. The base card is an A5 card made from textured cardstock. The main card layer is attached directly to this and the butterfly and fairy were gently shaped and stuck on with glue gel for dimension after that.  I chose reasonably easy to cut out pieces for the layers to decoupage, with the butterfly and fairy being mostly curved cutting rather than fine, intricate, cutting.  I did chop off bits of her hair, but as they were on the layer behind it didn’t mater.)
  2. 4 Mixed CU4CU Posers (Blonde Hair) by Gillian Hutchinson and Circular Lace & Ribbon Frames by June Young  and 5 CU4CU Fantasy Waterfall Backgrounds by Gillian Hutchinson (I took one of the figures from the posers kit, together with one of the circular lace and ribbon frame and one waterfall background, into one of my graphics packages. I wanted to keep the design reasonably simple so just designed two framed elements for my card. I cut the waterfall background into a circle and put it, and the angel, behind the frame. The other circle is just a simple “Yn Meddwl Amdanoch” greeting – Welsh for “Thinking About You”. Once printed out onto glossy photo paper I cut out the circular panels and stuck to the front of an 8″ square pre-prepared base card using foam tape.  The cutting out of a “lace” frame isn’t easy, so I resorted to zig zag cutting.  I’m thinking that when I make it again I’ll cut round the “ribbon” element of the frame and put a piece of real lace around, behind the panel. )
  3. Beauty Therapy by Marie Wolman and DR Lace Backgrounds Blues Kit 1 by Emma Bee and Wedding Silks Paper Pack by Carol Lepard (I took several items from the beauty therapy kit, together with a background each from the other kits, into one of my graphics packages and played around with the layout until I was happy with it. I did the main panel as a separate layer and did an extra layer for the paper ribbon before printing the sheet out onto Tesco glossy photo paper and cutting them out. For the ribbon I used 1mm deep foam tape at the sides and 3mm deep, foam squares, at the centre to give bowed dimension. The main panel was stuck to the card front using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape. The card front was stuck to the front of an A5, linen textured, blue base card.  As I knew where I was going to put the topper onto the card front when I made up the card I decided to conserve ink by putting a white panel, just a little smaller than the main panel, onto the card front.  This white area isn’t visible on the finished card and is an idea that I may try to do more of in the future.  The scalloped border of the topper on the card wasn’t as easy as I’d have expected to get even, especially the two sides where the scallops get smaller.  I’m sure if you look carefully you’ll notice how uneven my cutting has been on this.  I’ll have to think of another edge finish to the topper before I print out and make this again.)
  4. Holly and poinsettia layered with greetings png format by Sally McIntyre (For this card the card front topper is just one, flat, printed topper layer.  I took the items from the kit into one of my graphics packages and played around, building up the layers, and giving drop shadows to give the look of dimension.  I put the whole lot onto a green background with a slightly “distressed” look to some edges.  To give an even more dimensional look I put the tips of some of the poinsettias and holly just over the edges at the top and bottom. The design was then printed out onto Tesco glossy photo paper.  At least this design was much easier cutting than the last two, as it was all straight bar the small little leaf tips that go over the edge.)



I haven’t used this particular “Shaggy” yarn type before, so I wasn’t sure how it would work out when knited on a circular knitting loom.

1Scarf 11 02  2Scarf 11 04  3Scarf 11 05  4Scarf 11 07  5Scarf 11 09

  1. This is the band off the ball of yarn I used to make the scarf.
  2. This is a closeup of the shaggy yarn.
  3. This is a closeup of the yarn being knitted. As the yarn ball gave a very large needle size for knitting the scarf I decided to knit it over 7 pegs/stitches, missing one peg between each peg that had a stitch on.
  4. This is the finished scarf.
  5. This is a closeup of the finished scarf.

I’ve now started knitting another scarf using the Wendy Frills yearn, so keep your eyes out for that one being shown before long.



CUP Mailer – There have been further mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post.  Links to copies that can be found online are listed below:

  • Friday, 3rd August, 2012 – here.
  • Monday, 6th August, 2012 – here – another long mailer cram packed with lovely designs and lots of snippets of news from the lives of members of the CUP family of designers and crafters.

August Card Making Competition – The theme of the August competition has been announced.  This month the theme is Pets and the last entry date is 22-August-12, after which the voting will commence – the winner will be announced on 31-August-12.  There’s a Trophy plus £25 to spend on CUP for the winner, and vouchers for the site for the 2nd and 3rd placed entry as well.


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