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I’d like to apologise to all my crafting friends with blogs that I’ve not been around to see their work lately.  I’ve had short periods online during the last couple of weeks, but not spending anything like as long as I usually do, and when I have been on I’ve generally been too exhausted to get very far before I have to give up.  Both my own exhaustion, plus my Internet access being a bit flaking, is all very frustrating.  I will be back to my regular blogging and browsing at some point, but it’s looking as if it could be a couple of weeks again before things are back to normal.  Read on and you’ll find out what I’ve been up to.


It’s been days and days since I last put anything up on my blog, mostly because I’ve not been doing a lot of crafting.  That’s not to say I’ve not done anything at all.  I’ve been very busy with “The Big Tidy Up!” – which is what me having a sort out of my crafty stash is called in this house.  The only problem is that, with my health/disability issues, “The Big Tidy Up!” is taking a lot of time, with a lot of rest in between sessions of sorting.  Today I decided to have a bit of a rest from tidying up my craft stash and finish this blog post, which I started last week.  Plus I’ve been putting stickers with my details on onto the back of the Christmas Cards I made last month.  I still need to take photos of them to show you all.

So, baring in mind that not everything is sorted yet, this is what one side of my craft storage area in my room looks like at the moment:

TheBigTidyUp 01      TheBigTidyUp 02

 I wish I had a dedicated craft room, but I only have one corner of my bedroom to store things.  Having only had some plastic trolleys with drawers to store stuff in, (which is fine for finished cards but not so good for holding heavy card-stock as the whole lot started to list to one side and the drawers wouldn’t open) I decided to invest in some new storage with wheels on so that I could maximise my use of space and still be able to move the unit to get at stuff in the bookshelf behind.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures of that to show you next time.  I haven’t quite finished labeling everything in it yet, and have one huge boxful of stuff, together with several small boxfuls, to sort again.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

My niece’s “A” level, and equivalents, results were out last Thursday, so while I was waiting for her to arrive to give us the details I decided that I’d better make her a “Llongyfarchiadau” (Welsh for Congratulations) card – making the assumption that she’d passed, as I’d have looked a right burk passing her a Congratulations card as she came through the door if she’d failed anything. Thankfully she’d passed everything, and passed well.  So she’s off to uni in a months time.

This is the card I made for her.

1Llongyfarchiadau Gles card06.jpg  2Llongyfarchiadau Gles card08  3Llongyfarchiadau Gles card03  4Llongyfarchiadau Gles card05

  1. Made using one of the Glitter Girls’ boards – Fanicful Embossing Board.  The stand was made using a Glitter Girls’ Standz Template.  I used Ivory Centura Pearl cardstock for the stand and base of the card, some of the Glitter Girls’ paper for the other layers, Pinflair flowers for decoration and also Glitter Girls Peel-offs.  I used Pinflair flexi bend peel-offs around the outside of the layers.
  2. Closeup of one of the panels straight on.  The butterflies were made by putting butterfly peeloffs from the Glitter Girls pack onto acetate, colouring the back with a ProMarker, and then cutting the butterflies out.  I bent them a bit to give them some shape before attaching to the card with a glue gun.  In fact, I used the hot melt glue gun to attach everything as I didn’t have the time to let glue gel solidify properly before giving the card but I still wanted a little bit of play time to position the flowers and move them a bit, which the hot melt glue gave me a few seconds to do this.
  3. This is showing a bit of a side view of the card front to show you the dimension.
  4. This is the back of the card.  I’d made an envelope, decorated with peeloffs from the same pack as the butterflies, so that I could put some money in it for her.  The greeting is written on the back of the other half of the card.


Well I’ve had my first sale of a hand crafted item via my shop on – I’m hoping it’s the start of a flood of orders and that I sell quite a few more items in the run up to Christmas.

With most of my time being taken up with “The Big Tidy Up!” I haven’t managed to put any new items up for sale during the last few weeks, but please do pop over and see the items I’ve already uploaded.  There’s a mixture of knitted items, jewellery and cards at the moment.

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6 Replies to “Not A Lot Of August Crafting”

  1. This is beautiful Gwyneth. I love the beautiful flowers and gorgeous colours. Take care and I hope you get your stash sorted soon.

    Linda xxx

  2. Sorry to hear you are still struggling Gwyneth, hope you will feel better VERY soon. It’s so difficult when you only have a small space for storage isn’t it. I like the look of the storage units you’ve got though. Take care x

  3. ive only got my bedrrom for stuff too and trust me theres not much room even before i put all my stuff in it lol. great work of such small space emma xx

  4. I hope the tidy up is going well, I always feel better for a good tidy up, a gorgeous card too, love the shape and the colour
    Lindsay xx