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Well, phase 2 of “The Big Tidy Up!” is just about complete and I’ve managed to get my new, mobile, craft storage unit into the corner of my room where I store my craft stash.  Still got a good third of my stuff to sort out, so on to phase 3 of crafty stash sorting next.  Then, after that, it will be phase 4 – sorting out my clothes cupboard and music stuff in another corner of my room.

 TheBigTidyUp 03

But I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms from doing daily crafting, so yesterday morning I got my Silhouette Cameo out to cut out a few designs, and printed out a few more, before going back to my sorting in the afternoon.  Don’t know how I managed to get so much old, junk, mail mixed in with my craft paper packs but I got two bin bags full of rubbish out of my room and lots of stuff into their proper drawers yesterday afternoon.

So this morning I had a crafty session putting together some of the stuff I’d prepared yesterday morning, before again going to put some stuff in their proper places this afternoon, though I didn’t get as much done this afternoon as some family members called around and then one of our friends who wanted to buy some cards, and put in an order for some other items, but that’s for Christmas, so plenty of time to make them up and I don’t have to give up completely on my tidy up to make them up.

I didn’t manage to make up everything I’d prepared yesterday, I may get them finished over the weekend, but you can see what I did do below.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

1cup143589_695 - card02 - a hint of green  2cup263720_359 - card03 - Xmas Dove Wavy Corner side stacker Topper  3cup346256_596 - card03 - 3D Christmas Candle & Card Set +Box…..Studio  4cup346256_596 - card07 - 3D Christmas Candle & Card Set +Box…..Studio  5cup351407_1294 - card02 - Celebration

  1. a hint of green by Gail Collins (This was simply printed onto Super Smooth white card-stock and after cutting out the image I used a Quickie Glue pen to go around the leaves, grasses, etc., before dipping into my box of crystal glitter.  The image was then simply matted onto green glitter card.  The mated image was then stuck onto a base card made of textured, gold, cardstock.)
  2. Xmas Dove Wavy Corner side stacker Topper by Carol Clarke and Xmas Dove matching Backing Paper by Carol Clarke (I printed both sheets onto glossy photo paper then cut out all the pieces. I prepared the base card by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl cardstock. I cut a panel from background using a wavy edged cuter. The base image was stuck directly to the card front towards the left of the card front, and the background strip was stuck from top to bottom towards the right. I built up the side stacker in order, using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to stick each layer in place. I finished the card off with a “Nadolig Llawen” banner – Welsh for Happy Christmas.)
  3. 3D Christmas Candle & Card Set +Box…..Studio by Tina Fitch (I cut the layers of the candle out of 160gsm white cardstock and the box back, lid and bottom out of 250gsm cardstock in red and green, to go with my intended decoration of holly with berries. I cut the front of the box out of acetate. After cutting out I used and ink duster to put a halo of yellow on the “flame” part of the candle, and then used some red mica liquid to put a bit of red around the inside of the flame. I used a paper glue with a “quick grab” time to stick the layers together. I used template tape to stick the acetate front of the box to the card back and also to put the box lid and base together and attach the base to the body of the box. I embossed strips of Centura Pearl card-stock, two of which I put over the join of the card back to the acetate front of the box. The third strip I wrapped around the candle. I finished off by putting some holly embellishments on the ring around the candle and on the box lid. I’ve also cut out the card that was in the kit, from Adorable scorable card, but forgot to photograph it. Wps! The mini candles on the card look just as effective as the large candle, just make sure to cut the delicate card out of good quality cardstock.)
  4. The candle in the box.
  5. Celebration by Marie Wolman (For this card I only used one item from the kit, taking it into my graphics software and copying it several times.  By putting two copies of the champagne bottle side by side and touching I made a base card that’s the shape of a bottle when folded.  I made decoupage layers from pieces of the other copies of the bottles.  I used the text feature to put “Llongyfarchiadau” – Welsh for “Congratulations” – onto the bottle label.  The finished design was printed out onto heavy weight glossy photo paper, and after cutting everything out and scoring the base card I stuck on the decoupage layers using glue gel and put on a horseshoe from my crafting stash.)

1cup347592_1294 - card01 - Red and Black  2cup349896_1294 - card01 - Rambling Rose & Embellishments  3cup350480_1294 - card01 - Pink Gingham Frames & Matching Elements  4cup351736_437 - card02 - Art Deco Lady Elise Cream Topper

  1. Red and Black by Marie Wolman (I made this design up as an aperture card with one element, a heart, hanging in the aperture on a jump ring and clear jewellery thread. The base card is an A4 sheet of Satin Board, scored and folded in half before putting in an oblong aperture.  The design itself was put together in one of my graphics programs before printing out onto Super Smooth cardstock, cutting everything out and sticking it all together.)
  2. Rambling Rose & Embellishments by Marie Wolman (I put together the design for this card as a simple card front in my graphics software.  It was then simply printed out onto Super Smooth card-stock and then stuck to the front of a base card made of Satin Board.  I finished the card off with a greetings banner which says “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for Happy Birthday.)
  3. Pink Gingham Frames & Matching Elements by Marie Wolman and My Clipart Girls – CU4CU by Marie Wolman (I wanted dimension on this card so I set out my design to have several layers.  The base layer with frame and little girl forms one layer, and then a second frame layer was created with a “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for Happy Birthday – being added in a shade of the darker pink in the gingham.  I also chose a second layer for the bow butterfly, and made a second layer of the girl’s dress.  Once I’d layed the whole lot out in my graphics software I printed it out onto Super Smooth cardstock.  After cutting out all the pieces and sticking the base layer to my chosen, pink, base card, I used a ball tool to shape all the pieces before sticking them onto the card using glue gel.)
  4. Art Deco Lady Elise Cream Topper by Gordon Fraser (I used the Keepsake Fanicful Embossing Board and Keepsake Standz Template Kit to mae the base card out of Centura Pearl Ivory cardstock and textured and mirror gold cardstock.  After printing out the Art Deco Lady topper sheet onto Crafty Bob paper I cut out the various toppers and chose which ones I wanted to put onto the card.  I used template tape and glue gel to put everything together.)



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  1. Fabulous, great creations and well done on your organising! Elaine-xxx-

  2. Fabulous creations Gwyneth love the candle and card one so clever xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I love your blog as it is so different to anyone else’s. There is so much time and effort goes into your blog, your work and everything you do!
    I love looking at your cards as they are all wonderful!

    Hugs Lisa. Xxxx