Recycling Old Cards and a Discount Code

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Well all the bobbing up and down, to sort this and move that, that I’ve done so far of “The Big Tidy Up” has caused my damaged leg to swell more than it’s usually swollen, so I’ve had to take a few days with less bobbing about.

So Tuesday I sorted my Promarkers and Metallic markers.  I’d got more markers than I had marker wallets, so I’d ordered a new one.  So now I’ve got a space for all my markers (until I’m tempted by new colours) and have them sorted into colour groups.

Wednesday I found a carrier bag of old Christmas cards, that I’d put to one side earlier in the year, when I re-started tidying.  So I went back to bed with my leg elevated and concentrated on cutting the cards down into toppers to re-cycle to make new cards to sell at the chapel this coming weekend.  Quite a few of the old cards had come from members of the chapel for me to use like this to recycle and sell at the chapel to raise funds for the Sunday School.  The non-recycled cards I sell the Sunday School gets 33% of every sale.

And Thursday I started on the job of making the re-cycled Christmas cards up.  Didn’t finish making all the toppers I’d created up into cards, but did manage to make 28.  It’s a good thing I’d already made a good start on “The Big Tidy Up” and had already found several of the packs of different size and coloured base cards I’d ordered over the year when they were on special offer.  It meant I could quickly put my hand on them to make up these cards.  You can see them below.



I think I should have remembered to change my background when taking the photos of the cards with a dark backgrounds they don’t show up the best against a black background.  Some of the pictures also show a bit of light and shade mottling because a couple of branches were waving outside the window and interfering with the light shining on the cards.

1Recycle card01 01  2Recycle card02 01  3Recycle card03 01  4Recycle card04 01  5Recycle card05 02

6Recycle card06 01   7Recycle card07 01   8Recycle card08 01   9Recycle card09 01   10Recycle card10 02

11Recycle card11 02   12Recycle card12 02   13Recycle card13 01   14Recycle card14 01

15Recycle card15 01  16Recycle card16 01  17Recycle card17 01   18Recycle card18 01

19Recycle card19 01   20Recycle card20 01  21Recycle card21 01   22Recycle card22 01

23Recycle card23 01   24Recycle card24 01   25Recycle card25 01

26Recycle card26 01   27Recycle card27 01   28Recycle card28 01


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You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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  1. You have a great selection of Christmas cards here, so you’ve done a great job in spite of your poorly leg! Take it easy a little longer and get well Gwyneth!!