The End Of August

Thank you to all of you who’ve left me lovely comments on my blog posts lately.
I hope all of you who’ve popped over to have a look at my latest post enjoy looking at what’s on show.


*** You’ve probably noticed that this post is called “The End of August”, but that it’s now September at me posting it.  I’d got most of it written with a view to posting it the evening of the last day of August, but the uploading of pictures took way longer than it should have.  But never mind.  All done now, so please do have a read and a look.  ***

I’m still not attacking “The Big Tidy Up” with as much energy as I was a week ago, but rather am sorting a pack or two of cards and a few embellishments a day at the moment, and then taking it easy and doing a bit of crafting.  I have managed to do a sort out of my peel-offs, so have my Welsh greetings in one box, borders and corners in another, spots and outline images in another, Christmas peel-offs in another, and my very small number of English greetings in another.  So another job done with my legs elevated.  My damaged leg is a bit softer than it was a couple of days ago, so I’m taking things a bit slower, and resting more with my leg elevated does appear to be helping it to improve.  Of course, it will always be damaged, it’s just a case of trying to prevent further problems.  I’ve got enough other health/disabilities without landing back in hospital with further leg problems.

One thing I did manage to do was photograph the boxful of cards I made during July but hadn’t got around to photographing and showing you before, so I hope you’ve got a cuppa at your side and are ready to click a few thumbnail images to have a good look at the big batch (remember to click your “Back” button to come back to this blog post after viewing).

But before the cards there’s a bit of knitting.



In my post of the 27th of August I showed you the yarn strap and a piece of the ribbon yarn I was knitting with on my circular knitting loom.  Well the scarf is now finished.  This one was made using 2 skeins of yarn so is much longer than the previous scarf I made with the same type of yarn previously.  This is what it looks like now it’s completed.

Scarf 12 03     Scarf 12 04

The colour is a little different in this photo due to lighting conditions.  The real colour of the yarn can be seen in the strip I scanned in and included in the previous post that included the initial details.


These cards were made using die-cut elements.  I keep an assortment of these type of items in the house (bought when there are special offers on to keep the cost of making the final cards down) so that I can make quick cards if some are needed in a hurry, or for when my hands are not working well enough to do cutting, shaping flowers, placing small embellishments, etc..  Plus, I like having a variety in my crafting, from stamping and creating flower embellishments from scratch from a sheet of plain paper, all the way to making quick cards from  pre-prepared toppers, backgrounds and card shapes.
These cards were made using items from two kits, one of the kits from the Hunkydory Christmas Selection Box and the The Snowman and Father Christmas kit from Crafter’s Companion, who worked closely with Hunkydory to create the kit.

1Crafters Companion card01 02  2Crafters Companion card02 01  3Crafters Companion card03 01  4Crafters Companion card04 01  5Crafters Companion card05 01

6Crafters Companion card06 01   7Crafters Companion card07 01   8Crafters Companion card08 01   9Crafters Companion card09 01   10Crafters Companion card10 01

11Crafters Companion card11 01   12Crafters Companion card12 02   13Crafters Companion card13 01   14Crafters Companion card14 02

15Crafters Companion card15 01   16Crafters Companion card16 01   17Crafters Companion card17 01   18Crafters Companion card18 01   19Crafters Companion card19 01

20Crafters Companion card20 01   21Crafters Companion card21 01   22Crafters Companion card22 01   23Crafters Companion card23 01   24Crafters Companion card24 01

25Crafters Companion card25 01   26Crafters Companion card26 01   27Crafters Companion card27 01   28card34 01   29card35 01

30card36 01   31card37 02   32card38 02   33card39 01   34card40 01

35card41 02   36card42 01   37card43 01   38card44 01   39card45 02

40card46 01   41card47 01   42card48 01   43card49 01   44card50 01

45card51 01   46card52 01   47card53 01   48card54 01   49card55 01

50card56 01

Since taking these pictures earlier in the day I’ve now added greetings to those that didn’t have them on, using banners or peel-offs .


CUP Mailer – A mailer was sent out by the team at CUP HQ on Friday, 31st, August.  You can see a copy of it – here.  This mailer gives details of what’s on the current free CD-ROM that you get when you spend just £10 on the site, and also what other freebies come with it.

August Card Making Competition – Congratulations to Faith Irvine, Carolyn Norris and Diane Scotland on coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the craftsUprint August competition.  At the moment the results can be seen on the craftsUprint site – here.  There were 44 entries in the competition.  I didn’t enter this time so don’t have a competition card to show you this month.  Hopefully I’ll have time to create a suitable card to enter the September competition.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)

You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.


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7 Replies to “The End Of August”

  1. Wow you were really busy weren’t you!! I particularly like #23 – tha father Christmas circle stepper card – it’s fantastic!! Great set of cards you’ve made!

  2. well youve been busy yet again…..and yet again they are all fantastic emma xx

  3. Well you certainly have been a busy bee Gwyneth. A fantastic array of Christmas cards and I love cards 28 and 29 they are my favourite.

    Linda xxx

  4. Gweneth I always love visiting your blog to see what you’ve been up to as you always have such a wonderful array of projects on display! Your cards all look fabulous and its so nice to see your other crafts also! xx

  5. Hi Gwyneth
    You have made some really lovely cards, I like the way you have combined all sorts of different cards. Well done for managing to link cards to the cUp site too.
    Love Jennifer x x x