And Even More September Crafting

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Well today my “Big Tidy Up” wasn’t very big.  I just sorted out the Crafty Bob bag I keep by my bed with a little bit of loom knitting and my lucet and kumihimo foam ring.  It needed doing as some of the threads and knitting yarn had got in a right mess, so I’ve put different things into separate plastic bags within my Gold Crafty Bob bag now.  It wasn’t a huge bit of tidying, but I’ve been completely exhausted today and slept off and on for most of the afternoon.  I haven’t got any knitting to show you today though.  Just an assortment of crafted bits.  Some I’ve been working on cutting out and putting together over several evenings while sitting up in bed with the TV on, and some I’ve been working on for longer but couldn’t show you before because the person it was for might have seen it before she was given it.  Hope you like the assortment I’ve got to show you.


CARDS, etc.:

(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page

Would you believe it, but I’ve passed 1,100 photos of handcrafted items uploaded to craftsUprint as a Registered Crafter.  Of course it isn’t quite 1,100 different hand crafted projects as some of the items were made using more than one digital download from CUP, such as a topper and matching or co-ordinating background being used on a card.  But even so it’s a lot of items and even more uploads.  You can see my Crafter Showcase gallery by clicking – here.

Here are some of the latest items I’ve made using craftsUprint downloads.

1cup192592_596 - card01 - Paper Magic Frames. Ivy Frame  2cup37931_37 - card02 - Lion Card Front  3cup14957_37 - card02 - Elegant Lady In Blue Oval Pyramage  4cup90628_37 - card02 - Waterfall Decoupage  5cup351736_437- card20 - Art Deco Lady Elise Cream

  1. Paper Magic Frames. Ivy Frame by Tina Fitch (This design was cut out of lightweight green card-stock using my Silhouette Cameo. I then sandwiched it between a sheet of gold, linen effect, cardstock and a sheet of acetate, attaching in each of the four corners with brads. The design was then decorated with an assortment of red flock transfer rub-ons before attaching to the front of a card the same size as the gold background.  So no cutting out by hand on this card.  It was one I’d cut the last time I’d had my Cameo out but hadn’t made up at the time.)
  2. Lion Card Front by Russ Smith (This was printed out onto Crafty Bob’s 250gsm Matte card. I then cut out the pieces. The pyramid layers are not straight, but don’t think I followed the rough edge “as is” when cutting, so long as no white is left then I didn’t any see any point in being to strict in keeping to the cut line given.  To keep the card profile low I didn’t use every one of the layers but attached the ones I did use using a 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape. I made the base card by simply scoring and folding in half a linen textured gold A4 sheet of card. The lion card front was simply stuck directly to this. I don’t know yet what greeting or what language will be needed for this so I’ve left it blank for the time being. A stunning image that makes a great card for a man.)
  3. Elegant Lady In Blue Oval Pyramage by Russ Smith and Orange Iris by Karen Adair (I printed the oval pyramage sheet onto 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock and background onto 300gsm Super smooth cardstock. I trimmed the background, scored it and folded it in half to make my base card. I cut out the layers of the pyramage but then decided to only use 4 layers to keep the profile of the card low to go in an envelope. I took some lace ribbon and put one strip down the side of my base card, attaching with narrow template tape, and used the same tape to attach another piece around the back of the base image of the pyramage. I then built up my card using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the layers in place.  Again a card that wasn’t too difficult to cut out as the shape wasn’t intricate.)
  4. Waterfall Decoupage by Russ Smith (I printed the design onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out the paces. I matted and layered the base image firstly onto a piece of white card-stock and then onto black card, trimming each to around 3mm. I also made a greetings panel out of the same cardstock as I want to make this into a Welsh card, but haven’t decided on the exact greeting yet. I took a bought in a decorative edged base card and stuck the matted image to the front towards the top. I attached each of the decoupage layers in order using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape. The greeting panel is stuck on using the same tape. I finished off with six, sticky back, black pearls.  This is one of the most difficult to cut out of today’s cards because of the shaping of the decoupage layers, but it does produce a really lovely depth to the image on the finished card.)
  5. Art Deco Lady Elise Cream Topper by Gordon Fraser (This card is made with another topper from the same sheet as the one I showed you a few posts ago.  The sheet was printed onto Crafty Bob paper.  For this card I simply took a pre foiled base card from my crafting stash and attached the topper and blank greetings panel to the front using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  Simple and elegant.)

1cup20083_37 - card02 - Pink Camellia Backing  2cup27843_96 - card02 - Holly sheet 3  3cup304771_15 - card02 - Boxer Dog Portrait 3D Decoupage

  1. Pink Camellia by Russ Smith and Pink Camellia Backing by Russ Smith (I printed this sheet and matching background onto sheets of Super Smooth card-stock. I cut out the base layer and some of the decoupage layers out as cutting all the layers was beyond me and I thought the card would look just as nice with a small number of shaped elements. I made a base card by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of Red Satin Board. I trimmed the background to fit on the front leaving a border round the edge, and then attached with finger-lift tape. I cut a piece of ice white vellum and stuck it behind the base layer of the image and then stuck it to the card front using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape. I shaped the decoupage layers I’d chosen and attached to the card front using glue gel. This makes a lovely card for so many different occasions.)
  2. Holly sheet 3 by Anna Babajanyan (I printed this background off at a much smaller size than A4 onto 250gsm Super Smooth card and made it into a little gift bag to give a bracelet gift in. I used my Hougie Board to score to the size I required, stuck the sides and bottom in place using paper glue, and attached ribbon handles using ultra tacky double sided tape. It was then just a case of popping in the gift inside some tissue paper. This background is a good one for all sorts of Christmas projects, and little bags like this can be hung on the Christmas tree with little gifts inside.)
  3. Boxer Dog Portrait 3D Decoupage by Liz Harrison (I printed the sheet out on Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut out the pieces. I made a base card out of an A4 sheet of Linen textured, gold, cardstock, [who gets the feeling that I found one pack more of this linen textured card-stock than I thought I had while working on The Big Tidy Up?] cutting it to be 1cm in each direction larger than the base image. I used finger-lift tape to attach the base image to the card front and then glue gel to attach the decoupage layers. I haven’t put a greeting on yet as I’m not sure which one will be appropriate for the occasion and recipient, or whether it will be required in Welsh or English.  Straight edges only for cutting out this one, so an easy card to make.)

These cards were made from the freebie sheets that come with the Complete Cardmaking 39 magazine, which is available to buy via craftsUprint by clicking – here. SAVE 1 pound off cover price! As they all need cutting out I haven’t managed to make up all of them yet, and I’ve also not put greetings on these yet as I will probably need them to be Welsh Christmas cards for family members (hush, don’t tell the little ones).  I’m thinking of adding some glitter or Polar White flower soft to them as well.

1card01 01cc  2card02 01cc  3card03 02cc

  1. I simply folded a sheet of gold, linen textured, A4 card into half and attached the design towards the fold.  The main layer was attached using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape and the rest of the decoupage was shaped and attached using glue gel.
  2. I took a sheet of polka-dot glittered white cardstock and folded it in half, with the glitter inside.  I attached the front, using glue gel, to the bottom of the front right by the left hand spine and cut tight around the design.  I put the inside back panel away from the edges so that some of the glittered card-stock was visible, and then cut around the top in an arch.
  3. I took a sheet of the same polka-dot glittered white cardstock as for the previous card, but this time folded it in half along the longest edge to make a tall card.The main piece is attached to the front using glue gel.  The flat panels such as the letter box and letter are attached using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, and the robins are shaped and attached using glue gel.

These cards are made using some freebies that came with one of the free CD-ROMs that are given with any order over £10 made via craftsUprint.  The contents of the free CD-ROM change each week (see current one – here and previous ones – here) and are voted for from an assortment of designs the week before each CD-ROM is released.

1cupcard01 01  2cupcard02 02

  1. and 2. For both these cards I simply folded an A4 sheet of linen textured gold card-stock in half, stuck the image directly to the front using finger-lift tape.  I then used 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the frames.

These are just two quick cards I did using some crafting bits that came with the bare wood box that can be seen decorated below.  The second has been left without a greeting as I’ll need to put a Welsh greeting on this.

1card01 02a  2card02 02a



My two youngest nephews and I worked on decorating a plain wooden box to put a few things in to give to my niece, with some bits and bobs in it, for her to go off to uni with.  The box itself, together with the ribbon we used is from the “Kanban Limited Edition Treasure Chest of Delights”.  One nephew firstly painted the whole box with a wash of thinned, yellow, acrylic paint.

1Box 01 01  2Box 01 03  3Box 01 05

  1. After the box dried I stamped the front with a stag from a stamp set I have and I then painted in some areas using some more acrylic paints from the same kit as the base colour.  I used some colours from the Misty Meadow Stacking Fluid Chalk Cats Eye Pads and Vintage Photo Distress Ink to do my stamping.
  2. I stamped the top with a blue tit stamp from Sheena Douglas’s “A Little Bit Sketchy Stamp Set – Faith” and again painted it in with acrylic paint.
  3. I stuck on strips of template tape in a rectangle shape, onto which one of the nephews then put a lot of glitter and rubbed it in well before dusting off the spare glitter.  As he got to choose the colour of glitter from my glitter tray I’m not sure which glitter he used but I rather think it could have been one of the Diamond Sparkles glitters from the shape of the pot.  The other nephew then helped with sticking on the ribbon with the same type of template tape, which goes round the lid and is stuck up the inside of the lid sides.  One of the nephews also typed my niece’s name onto a Brother labeling machine and created a label which he stuck inside the lid of the box.

The box was filled with an assortment of stuff for my niece, that included

  • photos of the two boys as the  eldest thought his cousin would miss them a lot while in uni
  • a pot of jam as the youngest was sure his cousin loved jam a lot
  • a jar of picked eggs as my niece has been popping up to raid our fridge for pickled eggs when on lunch break from work at least twice a week all over the summer, and obviously she’ll not be close enough to pop in while away at uni.
  • some vitamins to help her body cope with the stress of starting uni and to try and help fight off all the new bugs she’ll come into contact with
  • paper hankies, medicated wipes, plasters, pain killers, and a can of energy drink.



I’ve been working on some more stuff for the talented designer Tina Fitch lately.  This is a Print & Cut design of a back to front card, where you can see through the back of the card and the “gates” are folded behind, to be viewed through the card when it’s standing up.

1Red Globe 01s   

  1. You can get the ordinary card kit that you print out and then cut out by hand here -> Red Globe Pyramage Back to Front Card Kit; The digital cutting machine “Print & Cut” kit that I’ve made can be seen here -> Red Christmas Snowglobe Print & Cut …Studio (This card is printed and cut out of Crafty Bob paper.)

I’ve got some more work on the go for Tina, so keep an eye on my blog over the next few weeks for more to appear.



CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Wednesday, 19th September – here. – It’s the turn of the Bronze designers to have their work showcased. There’s also a CUP TV episode by Robyn Cockburn where she makes up – this – design. Plus an assortment of news from the CUP family of crafters, including what craft shows you’ll be able to get your free Crafty Bob purple bag at this weekend.

September Card Making Competition – Last call for uploading your competition entry via the Crafters Control Panel on craftsUprint as the voting will be starting by next week, and remember to have a read of the new rule on the upload page before creating your card.  They say that creating cards for Teenagers is difficult, so I hope that lots of the CUP customers have had their thinking caps on and come up with something suitable to enter.


You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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