Mostly Christmas Card Recycling

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I sold around twenty cards during tea time at our chapel after the service on Sunday, and was asked for more of a selection of cards with the Nativity scene on them, so I decided to put a little time this week to building up my Christmas Card selection further.  Now I know that it means that “The Big Tidy Up” will take longer to finish, but after being on my feet a lot on Sunday my damaged leg is a bit more swollen than I’d like it, so some work that I could do sat up in bed with my leg elevated was called for.  Plus – every time I cut the back off an old Christmas card, from the box of stuff I’ve still got to tidy up, it means one little bit less of space I’ll need to find in my storage system to store what I’ve got left to tidy.

So Monday I trimmed and used some dies to shape up toppers from an assortment of old Christmas cards.  Tuesday I build up new cards from the recycled toppers, and today, Wednesday, I put on greetings and photographed the cards.  On counting them up I see that I’ve made 29, although four of them were not from recycled toppers but some others I found put to one side in the box of things still to be tidied away to my new storage system.

I’ve also gone back to one of the boxes of things still to tidy up and chopped the backs off another batch of old cards while waiting for the light to be good enough to take photos of what I made this morning.  So these are now ready for me to crop or die cut into toppers when I next have a card recycling session.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

The first of these was made with a Dufex topper and the other three with Hunkydory toppers.  I think the last two were ones I had left from a pack I bought last year, not from this year’s blockbuster.

1other card03 01  2HD card89 01  3HD card90 01  4HD card91 01

This next batch were all made by recycling old Christmas cards to make toppers for new ones.  During the last year or two I’ve been buying in blank cards of different sizes, colours and shapes, when there have been special offers of card blanks with envelopes.  This means the  cards are cheaper to make to be able to sell at a reasonable price at the chapel, to give a proportion of the money raised to the Sunday School.  Mind you, the Sunday School gets the same proportion from me for any cards or hand crafted items I sell at the chapel, whether they are made using recycled toppers and special offer card-stock or not.

1Recycle card37 01  2Recycle card38 03  3Recycle card39 02  4Recycle card40 01  5Recycle card41 01

6Recycle card42 02   7Recycle card43 01   8Recycle card44 02  9Recycle card45 01  10Recycle card46 01

11Recycle card47 01   12Recycle card48 01   13Recycle card49 01   14Recycle card50 01

15Recycle card51 01   16Recycle card52 01   17Recycle card53 01   18Recycle card54 02

19Recycle card55 01   20Recycle card56 02   21Recycle card57 01   22Recycle card58 01

23Recycle card59 01   24Recycle card60 01   25Recycle card61 01



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5 Replies to “Mostly Christmas Card Recycling”

  1. You have been so busy again – and yes – the more you make , the less you have to tidy- good philosophy. You have made a really varied assortment here – something to everyone’s taste. Some great cards here Gwyneth!!

  2. Hi Gwyneth….I too can’t resist recycling Christmas cards, and all my friends and family save them for me to chop up with various dies. This is a lovely selection that you’ve made, well done xx