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Well, the infection in my damaged leg doesn’t look any worse than it did the end of last week, in fact it looks a bit better.  One day of antibiotics to go again and then I’ll have to see how it is, and whether I’ll need to see the doctor again.  The thing is that it’s never cleared up completely with just one week of antibiotics before, even taking 8 tablets a day, and I’d prefer to have a second week now rather than have another flare-up in a week or two and land up in hospital again.

In any case, back to craft!  A much more interesting topic.  I have managed to do a bit of crafting, mostly sat up in bed, so I’ve kept away from the glitter (I know from experience that glitter and crafting in bed is a recipe for disaster – some of you may have heard the saga of the glitter in bed in the past).  So you’ll find some cards prepared using cutting files and my Silhouette Cameo (now that I’ve got my room a bit tidier I can put a fold out table in front of my wardrobe, by my bed, and connect to my laptop, and do cutting out that way), and some of my cards have been designed mostly digitally on my laptop using Designer Resources (so mostly digital playing around with layout and only simple hand crafting techniques to make the finished cards at the end).

I hope you like the cards I’ve got on show and will have the time to leave a comment.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

I’ve tried to make a variety of styles, remembering my promise to myself to make sure that there’s something suitable for a male recipient in every batch I make.

1cup369203_1834 - card01 - SET OF 2 WOODLAND TREES  2cup342010_1056 - card02 - Siannie Digital Stamp Set Sheet  3cup360990_1415 - card01 - Lattice Scalloped Easel Card STUDIO-WPC-MTC-SCUT3-AI-SVG  4cup360990_1415 - card03 - Lattice Scalloped Easel Card STUDIO-WPC-MTC-SCUT3-AI-SVG  5cup360990_1415 - card04 - Lattice Scalloped Easel Card STUDIO-WPC-MTC-SCUT3-AI-SVG

  1. Tractor & Trailor Stamp by Janette Padley and SET OF 2 WOODLAND TREES by Sharon Duncan (I printed the digi stamp sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and coloured the image in with my Promarkers before cutting it out. The Metallic Promarkers I used were: Black, Silver, Gold; The Promarker colours I used were: Chestnut; bales – Sandstone, Tulip Yellow, Tawny Owl; windows – April Showers; wheels, axles, etc. – Cool Grey 5, 4, and 2; tractor – Grass, Mint Green.  I took an A4 sheet of green, Adorable Scoreable card-stock and folded it in half along the longer side to make a long base card. I took a green sheet of pearlescent cardstock and embossed it in an embossing folder from both sides to give me a long embossed piece – the join is under the tree’s trunk and down through the trailor’s front wheel. This embossed piece was trimmed to fit just inside the front of the card I created using a deckle edged cutter. I cut out the trees using my Silhouette Cameo out of pearlescent green card-stock and the trunk and branches out of brown cardstock before sticking my card all together using glue gel. A great digi to use on a card for a farmer, or a child who loves anything to do with tractors. Being a digi the tractor can be coloured in the same colour as their own real or toy tractor.  I think that I may set up a cutting file to cut this out in future because cutting it out tidily was a bit difficult for me, though I suspect that it won’t be particularly difficult for those who have no dexterity issues.)
  2. Siannie Digital Stamp Set Sheet by Karen Wyeth and The Christmas Story – Carol Clarke Volume 2 CD-ROM by Carol Clarke and Curly Border Frame Studio Files for Silhouette & Cameo by Margaret Jones (I printed the digi stamp sheet out onto 300gsm super smooth white cardstock and coloured one of the digi stamps in with my Promarkers before cutting her out.  The Promarker colours I used were: dress – Prussian, Indigo Blue, Cyan, Denim Blue; skin – Satin, Sandstone, Dusky Pink; hair – Black, Cool Grey 3, 4, 5; flower centre, belt and bows – Cardinal Red, Ruby; stem and flower petals – Mint Green, Canary; teddy – Sandstone and Shale.  I took a pre-prepared base card with a decorative edge and put on some layers of silver, textured, cardstock and a pattered paper printed onto 120gsm paper with a design from Carol Clarke’s CD-ROM. I cut two layers of matting from the Curly Border Frame file, one from blue Adorable Scorable card-stock and one from an Adorable Scorable decorated with a glitter/embossed pattern. I used my fingers to gently shape the digi before sticking her to the layered mats with glue gel and stuck everything in place on the card. I finished the card off with a small bunch of yellow flowers – I used the same red Promarker that I’d used as accents on the digi to colour in the “stamens” of the flowers to pull the colour through. With coloured and uncoloured images on the sheet, it means that several cards can be made from one sheet, and the two digies could be colored in the same or differently, perhaps using the hair colour of the intended recipient, so they are very versatile in their possible uses.  Another digi that I didn’t find the easiest to cut out, though it wasn’t the most difficult I’ve ever managed either.)
  3. Lattice Scalloped Easel Card STUDIO-WPC-MTC-SCUT3-AI-SVG by Rae Carr (I cut out the layers used for my card using my Silhouette Cameo. I’ve used a purple Satin Board for the base card and purple and light green pearlescent cardstock for the other layers. I didn’t use both lattice layers provided in the cutting file for this card, but kept it quite simple, just sticking the layers together, putting a big blob of glue gel behind the centre of the lattice layer and then decorated with some white flowers which I’d pulled apart from the bunches they came in and inserted individually into the the lattice and the glue gel behind it. This was definitely the easiest card to make out of this batch, with no hand cutting.  I’ve left the greetings panel/stopper blank for the moment, until I know the occasion and language of the greeting required.  I’ve had several other ideas of how to use the cutting file card. Just changing the colours the layers are cut from will give a totally different effect. I think it would look very effective cut all in white with two simple gold rings on it for a wedding card, or a cross for a sympathy card. So many possibilities to play around with.)
  4. A steep angled view of the card front to show the dimension.
  5. Another angled view of the card front.

1cup368803_1006 - card02 - Tiger Head  2cup334424_927 - card02 - Foiled Paper Pack Cu Resource  3cup373234_825 - card01 - Watering Can Frame And Sparrows In An Autumn Hedge  4cup360812_1141 - card01 - Hayrack Ride kids clipart

  1. Tiger Head by Nikola Middlemast, Distressed & Glittered Pastel Colors by Carol Lepard and Autumn Leaves Background Sheet by Liz Harrison (I printed the autumn background design out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock and then trimmed, scored, and folded it to create my base card.  I created a topper in one of my graphics packages using the tiger image and one background from the “glittered” backgrounds kit, which I printed out onto Crafty Bob glossy paper.  After cutting out the image I simply stuck it to the front of the card I created using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  Straight edged cutting of the framed topper and the base card, so an easy card to make.)
  2. Foiled Paper Pack Cu Resource by Susan Wood and Watering Can Frame And Sparrows In An Autumn Hedge by Frances Dent (I took two of the backgrounds from the digital paper pack into one of my graphics packages, together with the watering can image.  One of the backgrounds was resized but left square and positioned at the bottom of an A4 working area.  The other coloured background was re-shaped and beveled.  The image was then positioned on top of this and the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for Happy Birthday – was inserted in a green coloured font.  I then printed the design out onto an A4 sheet of 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, trimmed the edges, scored at the mid-way point and folded over to make my card.  So the designing work for this card was done digitally, with just a print, trim, score and fold needed to make the actual physical card – therefore an easy card to actually make, although I may make it again with a pyramid topper for the framed greeting panel at some point in the future.)
  3. Watering Can Frame And Sparrows In An Autumn Hedge by Frances Dent, Distressed & Glittered Pastel Colors by Carol Lepard and ‘Twill Ribbon’ Digital Embellishments – Shabby Summertime Colours by Carol Clarke (I took the sparrows image, together with a ribbon and two of the backgrounds into one of my graphics packages.  I then re-sized the items, moved them around, and generally worked on the composition until I was happy with the layout as an A5 card front.  I added the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus”.  I then copied the central panel and created two oval, offset, layers of the main image area in addition to a full panel.  The design sheet I created was then printed out onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock and cut out.  I stuck the base layer to the front of a card of the same size and attached the panel and then the oval layers using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I think that this, sparrows, image would make a great card for any avid bird watcher, whether male or female.  Again, nothing difficult to making this card for anybody with dexterity issues.)
  4. Distressed & Glittered Pastel Colors by Carol Lepard, Foiled Paper Pack Cu Resource by Susan Wood and Hayrack Ride kids clipart by Angela Wenke ( I took two of the items from kids clipart kit, together with one background from glittered ege backgrounds kit and two from the foiled paper pack into one of my graphics packages. I re-sized the “glittered” background to the size I wanted my final topper. I cropped and placed a piece of one of the other backgrounds across the bottom of the first background, and punched a circle out of the other background and put it as a “sun” in position at the top right of the “glittered” background. I then re-sized and positioned the clip art items, giving them a slight drop shadow. When I was happy with the finished topper design I printed it out onto Super Smooth cardstock and cut it out. This was matted first onto yellow cardstock and trimmed to leave a quarter of an inch border, using Perfect Layers rulers. The matted image was then layered onto a browny shade of card-stock and trimmed to leave an eighth of an inch border. I stuck this matted and layered image onto the front of an A5 base card made by scoring and folding in half an A4 piece of deep yellow, dot embossed, cardstock.)

1cup369040_15 - card01 - Snow Background Sheet  2cup371304_692 - card01 - Cut & Fold Card Template with Extras JYCF01  3cup127067_487 - card02 - Music

  1. Snow Background Sheet by Liz Harrison, Cairn terrier dog keen for walk by Susan Alison (I printed the dog and background sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  I trimmed, scored using my Hougie Board and folded the background to make my base card.  I also cut out the layers of the dog image as well.  I took a sheet of silver, holographic, mirror paper  – the different colours in the photo are down to the reflective quality of the paper and how it picks up a multitude of colours from its surroundings – and put this through my Joy machine, half within a snowflake background embossing folder and some snowflake dies placed on the other half.  I trimmed the embossed background and matted this, and the base image, onto some blue cardstock, trimming to leave an even border.  I attached the matted background directly to the card front and used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the matted dog image.  I used the same tape to build up the image layers.  I then attached the die-cut snowflakes around the front. Although I haven’t attached the greeting yet, because I don’t know what language the greeting needs to be in, I’ve made this card as a winter birthday card for a dog lover.  Sometimes, in the big push to make Christmas cards throughout the autumn and early winter in the UK we forget that cards are still needed for those who have birthdays in this period as well.  Plus, of course, in some areas of the world winter and snow isn’t at Christmas time at all.  Having said that, this background would look great with a snowman or some penguins on for Christmas as well.  Another easy card to make, with nothing really intricate to make it difficult for somebody with dexterity issues.)
  2. Cut & Fold Card Template with Extras JYCF01 by June Young, CU Papers,Frame & Pearls by Jean Gordon and Lavender by Marie Wolman (I took both pages of template into two different A4 working areas in my graphics package, together with two elements from the Lavender kit and a couple of backgrounds and a string of pearls from the other kit.  I placed copies of one of the backgrounds behind the templates to make a background for the card, gift tag and bookmark.  The other background I shrunk and copied to make three panels one each item, putting a string of pearls working behind the right hand edge of the square panels.  The flower and flourishes were then added.  When I was happy with the layout I printed out both template sheets onto 250gsm matt Crafty Bob cardstock before cutting them out and scoreing and folding the card and gift tag.  I think when I make this again I’ll make extra copies of the decorated squares to build up on the base card, rather than making flat cards or gift tags.)
  3. Music by Sheila Wilks (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock – heavyweight enough so that some of the items could be used as bookmarks and some as toppers.  I cut all 4 out.  I took an A4 sheet of Black cardstock and scored and folded it in half to make an A5 base card.  I used a paper punch to round the corners.  I took a piece of white, pearlescent, heavyweight paper and put it through my Joy embossing machine in an embossing folder with one music design of random notation and music symbols.  I put a piece of black cardstock through in an embossing machine with a music stave on.  I trimmed both pieces of embossed paper, putting the larger, white, piece towards the bottom left of my prepared card, and matting the black piece onto more white, pearlescent, paper before attaching it towards the top right side of my card.  I then attached one of musicians, at an angle to the front, using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)


1cup357855_596 - card20 - Celebration Door Card & Box …….Studio

  1. Celebration Door Card & Box …….Studio by Tina Fitch (In my post of the 30-10-12 I showed you the Celebration Door Card that’s inside the box and I said that you’d get to see the box I’d cut out as soon as I assembled it.  Well here it is!  It’s been cut out of Centura Pearl Snow White cardstock and has a piece of acetate in the front.  The bottom flap is stuck in place using the same template tape I’d used to attach the acetate to the sides, but the top has a hook and loop fixing, so it stays closed but can easily be opened to remove the card.)

Recycled Cards:

1Recycle card65 03  2Recycle card65 02  3Recycle card62 01  4Recycle card63 01  5Recycle card64 01

  1. The card I recycled to make this had a stepper element on the front, so I’ve just cut the front off and stuck to the front of a black, square, base card.
  2. This is the step at an angle for you to see the dimension of the card when standing up, although it does go flat for posting, which is something my friends and family who are customers really want this year.
  3. This may look like the same card, but actually I’d got several of the same design card to be used for recycling.  Not only have I got cards received by myself, and my parents, to work with, but I’ve also been given bundles by a couple of members from our chapel as well as from one neighbour.  So I think I may have another one or two of this design to use again.
  4. As some members of the family have asked for really simple cards I’ve made a few that are simply a topper, made by recycling the old card front, stuck directly to the front of a little black square base card.
  5. Again, like the previous card, this is just a square cut out from within the front of an old card recycled as a topper for a square black card.



I’ve had a few sales on my shop on this last week, but there’s plenty of a variety of hand crafted items left for sale.

Have a look – here – at my whole shop on

I need to get my head in gear to upload details of more stuff I’ve got made up ready, so keep an eye out for new items soon.


CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Monday, 5th November – here – Designs by some of craftsUprint’s Silver Designers are being showcased.  CUP TV is now up to Episode 136, so that’s a lot of video clips of cards being made up – the link to the latest is in the mailer.  If you love the vintage look then there’s a lot of new designs that include vintage photos to be seen in the mailer as well. Plus lots more.
  • Wednesday, 7th November – here – The main news in this mailer is that Crafty Bob, the popular mascot of the craftsUprint site, will be at the NEC for the big craft show.  There’s going to be a “FREE Tombola – Prizes for all” on the CUP stall, and even a chance to have your picture taken with Crafty Bob.  So I hope that any of my crafty friends who are at the craft show over the next few days will look up Crafty Bob and be displaying photos on their blogs in the near future.  Of course, the mailer has lots of other items on show, including some new “Wild Side Oval Stepper Kits”.


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  1. Wow some fabby makes x loving the terrier one and the recycled ones what a fab idea xxx

  2. Wow! So many beautiful cards, they are all gorgeous, I love the easel card with the flowers and the one with the tiger image is stunning
    Lindsay xx

  3. You have certainly been busy despite being poorly Gwyneth. I especially love the lattice easel card, and what a great way to recycle old Christmas cards, well done x

  4. WOW! You have been so busy creating some beautiful cards!

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  5. A superb array of gorgeous creations Gwyneth. I love the card with the little dog and your easel card is fabulous.

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