Further Crafting In November 2012

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I’ve not managed to do a lot of crafting the last few days, but I thought I’d show you what I have done.

Clyst Bonso 11

This is my latest bit of knitting on one of my knitting looms.  Now most of you will be wondering what the blazes it’s meant to be – I can understand that – so please read further on to see more.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

I’d made a boxed set like this up a while ago but had an order for a second copy of it.  So here are the pictures of the second set.

1Boxed Set 04 01  2Boxed Set 04 02  3Boxed Set 04 03  4Boxed Set 04 04

  1. To make the box I used two sheets of black cardstock, my Hougie Board, some super sticky tape, and some ribbon to finish.
  2. 3.  4.  Each of these cards was made using the images from the sheet hide an seek by Carol Brown. The sheet was printed onto Crafty Bob paper and the six images cut out.  They were then matted onto holographic silver paper, and then attached to the front of square cards with a scalloped edge.  Each card was then finished off with a white insert.



From when my two youngest nephews were very tiny indeed, any toy that “came apart” tended to come to Aunty Gwyneth’s Garage for repair.  Over the last few years I’ve used lolly-pop sticks and matchsticks, sticky tape and Pinflair Glue Gel by the tube-full, to put together an assortment of toys.  And even had my sewing machine out to patch a favourite bed quilt.  But this call for help was a bit different.  This time a well loved soft toy had lost his ears and his stuffing was coming out.

1Clyst Bonso 08  2Clyst Bonso 09  3Clyst Bonso 07  4Clyst Bonso 05  5Clyst Bonso 04

  1. Poor Bonzo already had a couple of patches when he was passed on to my nephews by a friend, but the lack of ears did leave him looking a bit forlorn.
  2. And on top of the ears coming off, leaving broken seams  where the stuffing could come out both sides, the ears themselves had got lost somewhere before Bonzo himself travelled over to my house to be repaired. I could have just stitched up the seams and left him without ears, but he didn’t look right without ears.
  3. So thinking cap on, and a search for the yarn in the closest colour to the dog, which was difficult, and I found this off white cotton yarn.
  4. Then I hunted out one of my knitting looms and hooks.
  5. And, starting to knit on 8 pairs of pegs and bringing it in at intervals on both sides, I created these two “ears”.  Not perfect I know, but better than nothing.

1Clyst Bonso 01  2Clyst Bonso 03  3Clyst Bonso 02

  1. I can’t handle small needles for hand sewing any more, but found a very chunky needle that was long enough to go through both the fluffy material that makes up the soft toy and the knitted ear base, and I slowly stitched first one ear in place to see how it looked.
  2. One of the nephews inspected the work I’d done and said that he was very happy with Bonzo’s new ear, so I went ahead and attached the other ear.  It took me quite a bit of time, but I did manage to stitch back and fore a couple of times, in the hope of strengthening the join.
  3. So here’s Bonzo with his new look ears.  He’s now gone home – and let’s hope his ears now stay in place.


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CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Friday, 9th November – here – In this mailer there was news of the content of the latest free disk that craftsUprint customers get if they spend £10 or more on the site, plus the other freebies that will be dispatched in the packet.  The work of some Gold status Designers is being showcased.  The “New From”are “Triple Layer Gatefold Kits” by the designer Sheila Rodgers.  Plus of course there’s the usual mixture of Exclusive Designer Spotlight, Card Maker Spotlight, Crafty Bob’s Crazy 5 Minute Game winners, etc.


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