Even More Crafting In November 2012

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I had a couple of nephews over for the weekend, so didn’t manage to do as much crafting as I’d planned.  I’d got 5 digi stamps printed out ready to colour in, but only managed two of them.  And this was done by giving the two youngsters a digi each themselves and allowing them to use my ProMarkers as well as their own felt-pens. One was going to a birthday party Saturday afternoon, so didn’t finish colouring in his, but the youngest completed his.  I’d told them that I was doing my colouring for a card that I’d be putting online on my Blog, so they both insisted I had to do the same with their pictures, so you’ll find two pictures I haven’t coloured in myself amongst my cards in this post.  The blending appears smoother on the actual cards than they do in the photos.  I think I need to check the settings on my camera and software, as there appears to be more of a demarcation in the photo than in reality.

I also had my cutting machine out the end of last week and have now put together most of what I cut out, so you’ll see some items cut out using my Cameo in the assortment below as well.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

There’s a bit of an assortment of cards and other items here, but you’ll notice that I’ve kept to the promise to myself and included some suitable for giving to a male of the species.

1cup339515_1749 - card02 - Jiggys Book  2Llun IMG 01  3Llun WMG 01  4cup203791_846 - card02 - Fire Red Fast Car  5cup358090_99 - card02 - Fall Frolic Paper Pack - CU4CU

  1. 12 Sumptuous Satin Backing Papers – Pretty Pastels by Emma Winnell, Jiggys Book by Janette Padley and FANCY SQUARE PANEL by Sharon Duncan (I printed this digi stamp out at a much smaller size onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock and then coloured him in using my Promarkers.  The Promarker colours I used were:   book cover – Powder Blue and Pastel Blue; book pages – Ivory and Satin; dragon toes – Cocoa and Walnut; dragon body – Red and Ruby plus Watermelon Flex Marker; shadow – Cool Grey 2.  After colouring in I cut the digi out using Labels 26 metal die.  I created a base card by making a 15cm square card from a sheet of textured silver cardstock.  The layers were created by first printing out a satin background onto the same white card-stock as the digi before feeding it into my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the top layer of the fancy square.  The base layer was cut out of the same white cardstock,  this time unprinted.  I then built up the card, sticking some layers directly together using a tape runner and attaching some using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape. Jiggy is a very cute character and I’ve got several digis of him in different poses/situations.  My young nephews love him as well, as you can see from the next two photos, so he’s great for children’s cards, but ones like this one where he’s holding a book would make a great “good luck” card for somebody studying for important exams.)
  2. Jiggys Hatchday Stamp by Janette Padley (Coloured in by my 5 year old nephew using felt pens and ProMarkers.)
  3. Jiggy Dragon by Janette Padley (Colouring in started by my 6 year old nephew before he went off to a friend’s birthday party.  He’ll be back at some point to finish his colouring I’ve no doubt.)
  4. Fire Red Fast Car by Susan Heanes (I printed the sheet onto Matt Crafty Bob paper and cut the pieces out.  I made a base card by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of red Adorable Scorable cardstock.  The base car image was stuck to a sheet of gold textured card-stock and trimmed to leave a border before it was stuck to the front of the base card.  I then gave the other card layers a bit of shape before attaching to the front using glue gel.  I haven’t put on a greeting yet because I don’t know the language it will be required in yet. This would make a great birthday card for a male, or a Congratulations on Passing your Driving test card as well.)
  5. Vintage Autumn Time by Marie Wolman and Fall Frolic Paper Pack – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris  (I took one of the backgrounds, together with several elements from the autumn time kit, into one of my graphics packages and re-sized and moved around to create an square card front design.  I included a greeting “Ar Eich Ymddeoliad” which is Welsh for “On Your Retirement”.  I also placed a second copy of a couple of the elements to one side of the card front so that I’d have them for decoupaging.  I then printed the A4 design sheet out onto Matt Crafty Bob paper.  The card front and layers were cut out.  I created a square base card by trimming to size and scoring an A4 sheet of Adorable Scorable cardstock.  I put a strip of gold textured card-stock down towards the left hand side before attaching the base layer of my design and then putting on the decoupage layers using 1mm and 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)

1cup374064_596 - card06 -  Christmas Star Of WOnder  2cup374064_596 - card01 -  Christmas Star Of WOnder  3cup374064_596 - card02 -  Christmas Star Of WOnder  4cup356216_1749 - card03 - Plums Digital Stamp  5cup361346_656 - card02 - Floral Vectors

  1. Christmas Star Of WOnder Card…..Studio by Tina Fitch (As I needed a Welsh card I moved the cutting piece for the “Star of Wonder” text off the card and inserted a piece of the Bible verse about seeing the star in a script font at the top of the card, and “Nadolig Llawen”, which is Welsh for “Happy Christmas”, at an angle at the bottom of the card.  I then set just these to “cut” and put a silver pen in my Cameo before sending the design to it.  After that I re-set the cutting lines, so that the aperture with star outline was cut and put it to cut out of black cardstock.  I put the star layers to cut out of silver holographic cardstock.  I stuck the star layers together using quick grab glue before attaching to the front of the aperture.  I put silver star flexi bend peeloffs around the aperture, and also cut off little stars from this to dot around the background.  I also used a white gel pen to fill in the written script at the bottom of the card.)
  2. Christmas Star Of WOnder Card…..Studio by Tina Fitch (This is made with the same cutting file as the card above, but one of the portions of the star was increased in size so that it was the full length of an A4 sheet.  I then cut out 10 of these out of an assortment of silver cardstock – from mirror card, to glitter card, to an assortment of holographic card – but all in silver.  I then folded each piece and stuck them together using quick grab glue.  Before gluing both sides together to complete the star I took a piece of clear beading thread, knotted it to make a very large knot at one end, used a syringe to squirt glue gel all down the centre of the star and laid the thread into the glue with the knot at the bottom of the star.  I then glued together the final sides of the star and left it overnight for the whole thing to dry.  This is a large star, of around 11″ in height that will hang from the roof at the centre of the stage for our Chapel’s annual Christmas service.)
  3. Same star as above but showing a different angle with different cardstock.
  4. Fancy Layers or Card 2 – STUDIO by Ann Smith, Plums Digital Stamp by Janette Padley, Floral Vectors by Jackie Mitchell and 12 Sumptuous Satin Backing Papers – Pretty Pastels by Emma Winnell (I opened the fancy layers or card file in my Silhouette Studio software and took in the digi-stamp, resizing it to fit inside one of the layers.  I then did a print & cut from this, printing out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock before cutting it out using my Silhouette Cameo.  I cut out the base card and various layers out of several toning cardstock – purple Adorable Scorable and a bold and a pastel purple shade of Textured Paper 250gsm, as well as some out of the white Super Smooth. I colored in the digi stamp using my promarkers.  The colours I used were: plums – Lilac, Plumb and Aubergine; leaves – Leaf Green, Grass, and Holly; shadow – April Shower. I built the layers up on the card front, sticking some directly to the layer below using a roller glue pen and some were attached using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  The card was finished off with some flowers created as described for the next card, and I placed a ribbon bow from my crafty stash near the top left of the card front as well.)
  5. Fancy Layers or Card 2 – STUDIO by Ann Smith, Floral Vectors by Jackie Mitchell and 12 Sumptuous Satin Backing Papers – Pretty Pastels by Emma Winnell (I chose two of the flower types from the floral vectors kit for this project, taking them into one of my graphics packages and creating a full page of flowers in two different sizes of each of my chosen flower types.  One I’d got the flowers laid out I saved the file and then opened it in my Silhouette Studio software and set up a cutting file so that I could cut out the flowers using my Silhouette Cameo, rather than using them as a whole page or having to cut them out by hand.  I printed one of the Satin backgrounds onto 250gsm Super Smooth white cardstock and then fed it into my Cameo to cut the flowers out of this background – this gave the flowers sweeping tones of colour rather than one solid colour.  The base card and fancy layer were cut out of textured and Adorable Scorable cardstock.  I stuck the layer on the base card and then shaped the flowers before sticking them in place.  I added faux sticky back pearls to the centre of the flowers and around the base card.)

1cup364583_958 - card01 - Christmas Stars on Red  2cup367142_1834 - card02 - LATTICE AND ORIENTAL BACKING PANELS  3cup373394_1294 - card03 - Gitter Background Papers - CU4CU

  1.  Christmas Stars on Red by Maurine Tapscott and Gift Box Card MACHINE Cut Files & PDF by Rae Carr (I printed the background design out a couple of times onto A4 sheets of 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, and then fed them into my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the gift box shape from them. It cut an aperature out of the box top to match the shape of the greetings panels.  I then placed a piece of acetate behind the aperture before sticking the whole lot together using glue gel and red backed double sided tape.)
  2.  LATTICE AND ORIENTAL BACKING PANELS by Sharon Duncan (I cut this “Oriental” panel out of gold textured cardstock.  I made an A5 base card by scoring and folding an A4 sheet of red Satin board.  I cut a strip from an oriental writing background from my crafty stash and stuck this down towards the left hand side of my base card.  I took some red, shiny, ribbon and threaded it through the outside holes of the panel, tieing it in a knot at one corner.  I also threaded small pieces of the same ribbon through oriental coins – again from my crafting stash – and attached these below and in front of the panel.  The panel was then attached to the front of my card using 2mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)
  3. Gitter Background Papers – CU4CU by Marie Wolman and Seasons Greetings Bonza Set by Karen Wyeth (I took two backgrounds from the glitter backgrounds set, together with several elements from the bonanza set, into one of my graphics programs and layered, re-sized and built up the pieces until I was happy with the design to make a square card front.  I also copied and re-sized my finished design to make a matching gift tag.  I then printed off my design onto Matt Crafty Bob paper and cut out my topper and gift tag.  I created a square base card from green Satin Board and stuck my topper to this.  I attached a piece of red organza ribbon to my gift tag.  These backgrounds are great.  They look like very realistic glitter card but I can make my cards without glitter shedding all over the place – absolutely fantastic!)



1Bracelet 19 04  2Bracelet 19 03  3Bracelet 19 02

  1. This is a Shamballa Style bracelet. It is made using 3 blue Shamballa fashion beads (These beads are made from clay and encrusted with crystals that give the beads a sparkly look.) and 8 hematite beads of different sizes put together using black waxed nylon cord.  It opens wide enough to go over a very large hand
  2. But closes down so that it doesn’t slip off the wrist over the hand.
  3. There’s a Shamballa Fashion Blue Crystal Slider Bead added to the closure.  This slider bead is silver plated and has blue coloured Czech crystals embedded in it.



CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Friday, 16th November – here – There’s a “New From” Jo Gethin which are “Ribbon Storage Mini Kits”.  There’s photos of Crafty Bob, and friends, at the NEC.  There’s details of CD-ROM 22 that craftsUprint customers who spend £10 on the site get sent for free.  Plus lots more.
  • Monday, 19th November – here – You’ll see lots of designs that are available to be downloaded as digital files for crafters to use in their cardmaking and other crafting.  There are new “Baby’s First Christmas Card Kits” being shown.  A showcase of Platinum Sellers designs (Platinum Sellers are ones who’ve sold 10,000+ designs via the craftsUprint site).  Plus, of course, there’s the usual Designer Spotlight, Card Maker Spotlight, CUP Latest News, etc.


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