Different Types Of December Crafting

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I’m still working on the last of the handcrafted gifts and cards I need to make before Christmas – but it’s slow going.  Hopefully I’ll get things done in time.  In the meantime, I hope you like the bits and pieces I’ve made lately.



I got my jewellery making supplies out to make a few small little Christmas gifts.

1zip toggles 01 02  2Bracelet 23 01  3Bracelet 23 03

  1. These little hematite beads on a knotted cord with a lobster claw clip attached are for attaching to the tab of zips, such as on coat zips or the zips of pencil cases.  I made something similar for my nephews a while ago – they had a pencil case each that were identical but by putting on little zip clips with different beads on they could immediately know which case belonged to which one and that meant the end of fighting over pencil cases.
  2. This is a small, shamballa style, bracelet in a child size.  It’s got two “glitter ball” style beads and three glass beads in the knotted area, with two smaller glass beads at the ends of the central string.
  3. A closeup of some of the beads and knotting.

1Bracelet 24 01  2Bracelet 24 02  3Watch 01 01  4Watch 01 02

  1. Another child’s shamballa style bracelet.  This time there are three silver toned “glitter ball” beads and two silver toned glass beads.
  2. A closeup of the two types of beads in this bracelet.
  3. A watch strap made using the same techniques as a shamballa bracelet.  There are three purple “glitter ball” beads on either side of the watch face.
  4. A closeup of the knotting and one of the beads.

I may well make a couple more of these as “stocking filler” gifts before Christmas.  I’d much rather give a little something that I’ve made myself rather than just chocolates or shower gel or whatever.



The time came for me to get the clothes ready for the wise men for our Chapel’s Christmas service – or perhaps I should be more specific and say clothes for two wise men as I needed to get costumes ready for my two youngest nephews.  The costumes they’d warn for the last two or three years were two small and scruffy, so I decided to make some new ones for them – with a little help from them for the decoration.

I needed something cheap – and something that wouldn’t be too taxing for me to make – so enter a pack of two pillow cases from Tesco for £2; one black sheet for a double bed, also from Tesco for £6; a roll of gold ribbon from eBay for £3.25 (delivered); half a dozen beads from my crafty stash; and three colours of Pinflair glitter wand for £2.95 each.

1Nadolig 03 01  2Nadolig 03 02

  1. This is a guide to what I did to both the pillow cases to turn them into two tunics.  All the prep work before using the sewing machine I could do in bed with my feet up and take my time about doing it.
  2. This is a guide to what I did to the sheet to turn it into two capes.  I did need to do the cutting for this on a table.  I used a rotary cutter on a cutting mat to cut the sheet after folding in four length-ways, so not as hard on the hands as using scissors to snip across the width of a sheet.

1Nadolig 02 03  2Nadolig 01 02  3Nadolig 02 02

  1. You can see one of the tunics under a cape in this picture.  I used a bead as a button at the throat level to hold the neckline together.  I also put beads on the end of the ribbon that goes through the neckline to prevent the ribbon end getting pulled into the garment and getting lost.
  2. One of the boys wanted an embroidered pattern on the hem of his cape, so I used purple thread (which doesn’t show up too well in this photo) and one of the fancy stitches on my machine.  I then spread the back of the cape out on the sitting room floor and let my nephew loose with the glitter wands to draw whatever pattern he wanted so his cape would be uniquely his.
  3. The other nephew wanted ribbon at the hem as well as gathering the neckline, so I sewed this on using a red thread with another embroidery stitch on my machine.  He then did his own glittering.  It’s just a random pattern of swirls, dots, etc., but because of the drape of the cape the patterns are not obvious in the photos.

With 25 Yards of gold ribbon on the roll I’ve got a lot of the ribbon left. I don’t think the boys used a quarter of each glitter wand, so there’s a huge amount of that left for future projects.  And not only did I get two capes from the sheet but I also got an elastic waisted long skirt for myself.  All in all, quite reasonably priced outfits I think.



When my youngest nephew saw the leg-warmers I knitted a few weeks ago (the photo is up in a previous blog post if you want to take a look) he decided he wanted me to knit something for him – not leg warmers but a “P.E. band”!.  Now I have to admit that this request left me a bit mystified, and it took a bit of questioning to work out what he was thinking of – well those bands that people ware around their foreheads when doing P.E. or sports to keep their heads warm of course!  I rather think he’s missed the point of sweatbands, but never mind, it wouldn’t be too difficult to knit him a band of some sort to keep him happy.

1Sweat Bands 01 02  2Sweat Bands 01 01  3Sweat Bands 01 03

  1. I decided to knit it in moss stitch to give it some stretch and texture, although doing this stitch takes a bit longer and is far tougher on my hands than the plain stitch I usually do.
  2. I chose the circular knitting loom that just fit over the nephews head, and to make it thicker I used two Double Knit yarns, in green and blue, together.
  3. This is what the band looks like after I finished knitting it.  And of course – as soon as I was half way through knitting this one for my youngest nephew, his brother decided that he needed exactly the same thing.  Thank heavens that each one only takes a couple of days to knit, even with my slow progress.


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  1. Gwyneth your shamballah bracelets are beautiful – and I love your watch strap.
    I too have bought sheets and pillow cases to make cheap and cheerful fancy dress costumes for myself. You’ve done a great job!