Even More December Crafting

A Big Thank You to everybody who’s been over to look at any of my blog posts over the last year, and a Bigger Thank You to those who’ve left such lovely comments about my crafting endeavours.


Another year is coming to an end but I’ve still got a few more items I’ve made during the last month or so to show you.  They include some boxes I used to put Christmas gifts in, some bag charms and a key ring I made as Christmas gifts, a couple of commissioned baptism cards, birthday cards for my brother-in-law, a sympathy card to send to a cousin on the death of my aunt, plus some others.  Oh!  And read to the bottom for a 20% off discount code on digital craft downloads.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

These cards were a commission request for two similar, but not identical cards, to give to two cousins on their baptism.

1Bedydd 01 02  2Bedydd 02 02

  1. Semi-Transparent Pretty Rose ‘Organza’ Digital Embellishments by Carol Clarke, ‘Twill Ribbon’ Digital Embellishments – Shabby Summertime Colours by Carol Clarke, Circular Lace & Ribbon Frames by June Young, Flower Crosses & Dove CU4CU Set 2 by Janyce Cotterill, Pink Bible Shaped Card by Lorraine Smith, and Robert Addams’ “Thoughtful Occasions” CD-ROM (I printed out one of the”organza” backgrounds onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock and then embossed one of the “pages” from the Bookatrix Board onto it before cutting it out.  I printed out one of the sheets from the “Thoughtful Occasions” CD-ROM onto the same card-stock and made it into the front of my base card, and the same design printed smaller and embossed it for a smaller Bookatrix page and cut it out.  I chose one of the “Twill Ribbons”, one of the “Circular Lace … Frames” and a Dove from the set and also printed them out, together with printing out the “Pink Bible” at a much smaller size than it comes as. After cutting everything out I stuck them together as shown, adding a greeting panel created using the same elements.)
  2. This card is made in more or less the same way, except the largest Bookatrix “page” is plain pink cardstock from my crafting stash, not a “organza” printed background.  The main card background is the same flower from the same CD, but in a slightly different orientation, and the greeting is attached in a different location – other than that it’s the same card.

1cup86403_631 - card03 - Pink Bible Shaped Card  2cup319561_1051 - card05 - Motorbike Circle Pyramid  3cup319561_1051 - card02 - Motorbike Circle Pyramid  4cup384075_49 - card02 - magic in the jungle cheetah in the sunset  5cup291124_1141 - card03 - Teddies Birthday Digital Stamp 3

  1. Pink Bible Shaped Card by Lorraine Smith (For this card I kept it simple and just printed the design out onto 250gsm Crafty Bob glossy paper.  I then cut the design out, scored along the central line and folded the card in half.  I then put in an insert with the words “Ar Dydd Dy Fedydd”  – Welsh for “On The Day Of Your Baptism”.  I’ve kept this card very simple, but it’s the same design as the mini Bibles used as toppers on the previous two cards, just this time printed out at full size.)
  2. Motorbike Circle Pyramid by Apetroae Stefan (I printed the sheet out onto Crafty Bob glossy paper and cut out the pieces.  I took a pre-cut base card with a decorative edge and scored it along the mid-line of the front to make an easel card.  I used my embossing machine to emboss bricks onto a brown card-stock – to go with the wall background of the image, and to emboss a “boiler plate” pattern in silver mirror card to pick up on the chrome details to the front of the bike.  These pieces were attached to the card and trimmed to match the card shape, putting the embossed silver mirror card inside and on the bottom front, and the brick embossed on the top of the outside.  I made a greetings panel from some of the cut off card-stock and used “Penblwydd Hapus” peel-offs – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – on this panel before sticking it, using 3mm deep foam squares, to the inside of the card.  I put the base layer of the bike onto black cardstock and cut around this to leave a border, roughing the edge with the edge of my scissors before sticking it to the card front.  I then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to build up a small number of the layers of the pyramid – I didn’t want the pyramid to become so deep that it would be difficult to get in an envelope.  As the pyramid of this design is round there were no intricate pieces to cut out.  The most difficult cutting was trimming the “brick” and “boiler plate” background to match the card shape – but of course I could have made it easier on myself and used a straight edged card – next time I’ll think before I get a bright idea of doing something like that, though I do like the effect I created.)
  3. Another photo of the previous card, this time with the easel card closed so that you can see what it would look like as it comes out of the envelope.
  4. magic in the jungle cheetah in the sunset by Sally McIntyre (I printed the sheet out onto Glossy Crafty Bob paper and cut out the pieces.  I stuck the base layer to a black cardstock and trimmed to leave a border.  I then stuck it to a copper coloured iridescent paper and again trimmed to leave a smaller border.  I took an 8″ square base card which was pre-cut with a decorative edge.  I covered this with an animal print tissue paper and tore and scrunched the edges for a distressed look  – rather than trying to cut it to match the background this time.  I then stuck the matted and layered image and a blank greetings panel directly to the front of the card on the tissue.  I then used some foam tape and glue gel to attach the layers, shaping the cheetahs before gluing on.  I finished off with a peel-off greeting put on one of the blank greetings panels on the sheet, and attaching this to the front of the card.  A very striking image that I think makes a great card for a man, while still being suitable for a female.)
  5. Teddies Birthday Digital Stamp 3 by Angela Wenke (I printed design at much smaller than the given size onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock and then cut it out using a die.  I prepared an A6 card from a sheet of red iridescent cardstock and added ribbons of yellow iridescent cardstock.  I then coloured in the digital stamp before attaching the panel to the prepared card using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  The colours I used were:  Teddy – Oatmeal, Tan, Cocoa, Cappuccino Flex Marker; Balloons, Hat and Cupcake – Red, Peach, Azure, Powder Blue, Grass, Meadow Green, Tulip Yellow, Buttercup, Indigo Blue, Satin, Ivory; Shadow – Icicle.  As I used a die to cut out the panel with the digi stamp on it, and everything else was straight cutting, there wasn’t anything taxing to cut out on this card.  I just needed to take it slowly to do the colouring in – still managed to shake over the lines though, but not too bad.)

1Cydymdeimlad 01 04  2cup147669_96 - card02 - Fancy Blank Cut & Fold Card 8  3cup222505_730 - card02 -  Spirited Dolphins 1-digital stamps  4cup370364_198 - card01 - THREE KINGS CHRISTMAS LINE ART SIDE STEP CARD  5cup377212_99 - card02 - 5 Let it Snow Backing Papers - CU4CU

  1. Robert Addams’ “Thoughtful Occasions” CD-ROM (I chose a design from the CD-ROM, taking the words written as standard on the sheet out and putting on “Gair o Gydymdeimlad” – the Welsh for “A Word Of Sympathy” – on one of the smaller panels.  I then printed the sheet onto Matte Crafty Bob paper. I used a die to cut out the main printed panel, and trimmed one of the smaller panels down as a greeting panel, rounding the corners with a punch.  I also used dies to cut out the cross, flowers and flourishes out of ice white vellum. I scored and folded in half a sheet of silver mirror card and then used a Spellbinders grand die to cut out the card shape – putting it just over the left edge to leave a spine.  I then used strong double sided tape to attach the panels to the card,  a quickie glue pen to attach the cross to the main panel and glue gel to attach the other elements.)
  2. Fancy Blank Cut & Fold Card 8 by Anna Babajanyan (I printed the design out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock, then trimmed, scored, and folded it in half.  I decorated the card with an assortment of pastel coloured die cut flowers and leaves.)
  3. Spirited Dolphins 1-digital stamps by Janet Chen Curtis (I printed the design out onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock at much smaller than A4 size.  I then used a die to cut the shape out.  I coloured in the dolphins, and also coloured a border around the cut out shape.  I then used the same colour as the border to colour in a white, A5, deccle edged card to match.  The colours I used were:  Dolphins – April Showers Promarker, Storm Blue Flexmarker; Shadow – Cool Grey 1;  Border and base card – Cloud Blue Flexmarker.  I took ice white pearlescent vellum and embossed it with a flourish design.  This was edged with a Grey Promarker before attaching it to the coloured card front using a tape roller pen.  I then attached the dolphin panel.)
  4. THREE KINGS CHRISTMAS LINE ART SIDE STEP CARD by Clive Couter (I took the design into my Silhouette Studio software and printed it out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock before feeding it into my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut it out.  I then used my Promarkers to colour in the wise men on their camels.  The colours I used were: Metallic Markers – Silver, Gold; Camels – Cinnamon, Black; Wise Men – Plumb, Lilac, Bluebell, Satin, Yellow; Shadow – Cool Grey 2.  I put a panel of silver mirror card behind the camels attached to the back “step”, and put a panel of gold, linen textured, cardstock over the front.  I didn’t put a greeting on the card when I made it as I didn’t know which language the greeting would be needed in.)
  5. 5 Let it Snow Backing Papers – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris (Although these “Let it Snow Backing Papers” make lovely backgrounds for an assortment of Christmas or winter birthday designs, with this card I’m showing that they are much more flexible than just winter use.  I re-sized the panel to some 1.25cm smaller in each direction than the finished easel card I was making and printed it onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  After cutting out the panel I matted it onto pale yellow pearlescent card-stock, trimming it to leave a border of a few millimeters.  This matted panel was then stuck to the bottom front of a pre-scored and prepared square purple easel card.  I used ribbon strips of the yellow and purple card-stock as the easel stopper.  The card is decorated with die cut flowers in layers of purple and yellow, and also branches of leaves cut using my Silhouette Cameo.  I’ll put a greeting on the easel stopper bar once I know the language the greeting is needed in.)



1cup54124_359 - card01 - ‘Gold Metallic Swirls’ Backing Paper - Shades of White  2cup307599_1514 - card02 - 12 sheets of A4 Background Papers purple pink

  1. Gold Metallic Swirls’ Backing Paper – Shades of White by Carol Clarke (I thought that this backing paper design would make a lovely, ornate, lid for a box I was making to give a small gift in.  I printed the design onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock, then used my Hougie Board to score the required size for my box lid.  I used a pale lemon coloured Adorable Scorable card-stock for the base.  Once scored I cut out both pieces.  I also cut out a band to go around the box and a small gift tag from the same card as the box base, and a simple square topper to go on the gift tag from the backing.  I used red backed strong double sided tape to stick all the pieces together.)
  2. 12 sheets of A4 Background Papers: purple, pink by Jacqueline Hatton (I printed out four of the purple shades of backgrounds onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock and used these to make a gift box, a wrap around, and a gift tag.  After printing I chose two of the colours, one for the box lid and one for the base, and scored these on my Hougie Board before cutting them out.  I cut a strip and a small, square, topper panel, from one of the other sheets and a paper ribbon band from the fourth was put around the box.  I then used red backed strong double sided tape to stick everything together.  A lovely assortment of backgrounds that would work well for many paper-crafting projects, and this particular project was quite easy to make as it only needed straight cutting, so not too difficult for somebody with some dexterity problems.)



Two bag charms –

1Bag Charm 02 01  2Bag Charm 02 03  3Bag Charm 03 02  4Bag Charm 03 03  5

  1. I made these to go on hessian bags given as gifts (good “bag for life” rather than using disposable plastic bags).  I made the bag charms similar, but not exactly the same – just in case both recipients are ever out together – so that they’ll recognise their own bags.  This first one is made of leaf beads attached to a length of gold chain which is attached to the ring clip.  These do require a bit of manual dexterity, but with only half a dozen leaves to add, and taking a bit of time over the job, it isn’t a mammoth task.
  2. Closer look at the leaf beads/charms.
  3. A similar bag charm, but with some toning beads on eye pins attached to the gold chain as well as the leaf beads.
  4. Closer look at the bag charm.

A key ring with wrist loop –

1Keyring 04 02  2Keyring 04 03

  1. This Keyring has some very pretty glass beads of mainly red in colour threaded onto headpins and attached to the chain loop.  The large braided loop was made using the Kumihimo technique out of slightly sparkly thread.  It is there so that the keyring can be held on the wrist, or attached to something.
  2. A closeup of the beads.



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  1. Hello Gwyneth, Merry xmas to you, Sorry I haven’t been around, but Have been so ill and so have the children. Wanted to say WOW WOW WOW what amazing and gorgeous cards, Love your key rings too They are FABULOUS. I hope you are well, Have missed popping into your blog, Take care Love Lise xxxx

  2. WOW Gwyneth you have been busy! A fabulous selection of projects and loving the handbag charms.

    Happy New Year, I hope it is a good one for you.

    Linda xxx

  3. Wow Gweneth you have been busy again . What fantastic creations . The magic in the jungle card is just so eye catching i love it XXX

  4. As usual a great collection of projects – particularly love the bag charms – you are so clever with your jewelry!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a happy and healthy New Year