Crafting At The Start Of January 2013

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Thank you to everybody who’s left such lovely comments on my last few posts both compliments on my crafting work and wishing me well for the New Year.

I’ve done a bit of crafting since the 1st of the year, some finished which I’m showing you in this blog post, and some are works in progress which I hope to finish in the next few days and show you in a future post.

My nephews and their parents gave me some bright orange wool (colour chosen by a nephew) for Christmas, so I’m currently knitting some fingerless gloves with that.  And my mother has seen the colour and asked for a bit to knit a carrot.  A pattern for a little one she’s seen in a magazine I believe.  So that should be interesting! I’ll show you my work in progress in a future post.  One nephew has also requested a wooden box, similar to the ones we’ve painted up together to give to other family members, as a birthday gift next month to keep his special things in.  So I’ve got one of those on order and that will be another project to show you in a future post.

While making the cards I’ve made so far this year, and planning out in my head what I’m going to work on during the next few weeks, I was thinking how lucky I’d been in getting the crafting equipment I got last year, and what things I’d like to get this year, both the “I’d like” and the “I’d like and may actually manage to save up and get”.

Last year I started the year by upgrading from my CraftROBO to my Silhouette Cameo – a bit of saving ahead of time, Christmas money, and Flexi Pay, made that possible a year ago.  It really is a fantastic machine.  Then, mid-year, I decided that I would like a manual machine for embossing – so more saving and birthday money and I got a “Joy”.  I also picked up some embossing folders which I hope to use more of during this year, and a small number of dies while on offer or on sales from various suppliers.  Until I find some more dies at bargain prices I’m afraid you’ll notice the same die-cut shapes appearing again and again in my work, but I’m not worried about that because I got my “Joy” mostly for embossing, not die-cutting. I definitely still think that my Silhouette Cameo, and my CraftROBO before that, was the best choice for cutting – the flexibility of creating my own shapes as well as buying in designs from sites such as craftsUprint makes the initial cost worth every penny.  And of course any designs can be re-sized and cut out in any size up to the maximum the cardstock being used will allow, which isn’t an option with dies. I’ve been tempted by a few more cutting files from CUP when there was a discount code the end of Decmber, so I’ll need to get my Cameo out before long and have a nice day of cutting out – so I’m sure you’ll see some more cutting file creations appear in my blog during the next week or so.

So for this year I’m thinking “I’d like” some form of hot foiling machine.  Then there’s also that machine that allows crafters to make their own stamps using pouches of some sort of gel stuff and an UV light box – this I’m thinking of to allow me to make stamps with Welsh wording on.  Then I need a new beading board for laying out necklaces on, as I managed to brake the one I had in half by putting a bag of something against it and it bent and snapped.  There are some gaps of colours in my Promarker and Flexmarker collection, so perhaps some more of those (I may even need to get some more of a few of the colours I use the most if they start to run out as well). And I’m sure that there will be lots of new “must have” products coming out during the year.  I’m sure that there will be new techniques and ideas to try out during the year.

But in the meantime – here are what I’ve made so far this year –



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

1cup366141_1749 - card02 - Standing Horse Stamp  2cup250623_1141 - card02 - Ice Skating Boys  3cup383571_33 - card02 - Steam Locomotives in Yorkshire  4cup385410_33 - card02 - Peacock

  1. Standing Horse Stamp by Janette Padley and Cream Plaid Paper by Susan Heanes (I printed the digital stamp out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock at much smaller than the size it came at.  I then coloured it in using four shades of brown ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Henna, Cocoa, Cinnamon and Shale.  After that I cut it out using a die, making the tail go “outside the box”.  I printed out background onto the same type of cardstock, cut out a panel from it, rounded the corners with a punch, and then put it through my manual embossing machine in a wood effect embossing folder.  After that I used the open edge of a scissors to roughen up the edges.  To construct the card I used an A5 white base card that came pre-cut with a large deckle edge.  Around this I wrapped a sheet of gold pearlescent vellum.  The embossed background panel was stuck to this.  I cut two panels with different sized dies from the same set (labels 25 I think), one out of brown pearlescent card-stock and one out of gold, linen effect, cardstock.  These were put behind the coloured in digi panel.  I then just added three little die cut flowers, left over from another project I’m currently working on, at the bottom of the die-cut panels.  The most intricate thing about this card was the colouring in, which I took my time over one evening, so not a difficult card to make.)
  2. Ice Skating Boys by Angela Wenke (I printed this digital stamp out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock at a much smaller size than it comes.  I then coloured it in using my ProMarkers and FlexMarkers.  The colours I used were: Hair and Eyes – Cool Grey 2, 4, 5, black; Eyes – Grass, Forest Green, Twilight Sky; Skin and lips – Ivory, Satin, Blush, Pink Mittens; Clothes and Boots – FlexMarkers – Egyptian Blue, Sapphire, Cadet Blue, Clestial Blue; Skates – Cool Grey 2 and 4; Outline Shadow – Cool Grey 2.  After colouring in I used a die to cut it out, and used a slightly larger die to cut out a silver holographic paper panel.  I took a white square card with a decorative border and stuck two panels embossed with a snowflake design to the front – one from linen textured silver cardstock and one from Centura Pearl.  Onto this I stuck the holographic panel and then stuck the panel with the coloured digital stamp on top of that. As the cutting out was either straight edge panels or with a die there wasn’t anything really difficult about making this card.)
  3. Tartans for Christmas by Carol James and Steam Locomotives in Yorkshire by Tom Curtis (I took one of the steam trains, together with two of the tartan backgrounds, into one of my graphics packages.  I made the background for the card, with a greeting panel, from the two backgrounds, making it at around half an A4 size.  I then put on the train and re-sized to fit, giving it a bit of a frame.  I then took two copies of the train photo and created two layers of decoupage from them, putting these on the other side of the A4 working area.  I printed the resulting sheet out onto Crafty Bob paper.  I prepared the base card by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of black cardstock.  I cut out the sheet I’d printed out and stuck the layers onto my card, sticking the base layer directly to the card with a roller glue tape and using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape for the layers of the train image.  A bit of ins and outs cutting out around the tree line and top of the train, but nothing very intricate – I made sure to set up the layers as reasonably easy to cut – so again this wasn’t a very difficult card to make.)
  4. Peacock by Tom Curtis and Soft & Subtle Paper Pack – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris (I took the peacock photo, together with one background from pack, into one of my graphics programs.  I copied a small area from the bottom of the peacocks throat and tiled and re-sized it to create the ribbon, frame and greetings panel for my A5 card front.  After moving and resizing things until I was happy with the layout I took copies of the peacock photo and created two oval pyramage layers which I placed on the other side of the A4 working area for printing.  I printed the resulting design out onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and then cut everything out.  My base card was created by scoring and folding in half an A4 sheet of silver mirror cardstock.  I stuck the base card front layer directly to the front of this using a glue tape runner pen and then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, to attach the oval layers.  I put the greeting “Penblwydd Hapus” on this card  – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – but as I put the design together I can change this to any greeting required before printing out again.  A lovely image with a stunning capture of the colours around the peacock’s head, and an easy card to cut out and put together while still having some dimension.)

1cup250627_1141 - card03 - Ice Skating Girls Curly 2  2cup382497_99 - card04 - Grape Juice Paper Pack - CU4CU  3cup346935_1056 - card03 - Young Girl

  1. Ice Skating Girls Curly 2 by Angela Wenke (I printed the digital stamp out onto Super Smooth white cardstock at much smaller than the size given.  I then coloured her in using my FlexMarkers and ProMarkers.  The colours I used were: Eyes – Celestial Blue, Cool Grey 1, and 4, Black; Lips – Watermelon, Tea Rose; Hair – Lemon Chiffon, Aniseed, Cappuccino; Skin – Satin, March Hare, Blush, with the addition of Tan for her legs; Clothes and boots – Soft Mauve, Lilac, Bluebell.  After colouring I cut her out using a die using an out of the frame technique so that her ice skates go outside the die.  I used a one size larger die to cut out a layer to go behind out of holographic silver paper.  For this card I simply took a pre-prepared, scalloped edge, square black card and stuck the holographic and digital image layer on top slightly offset.   The most fiddly bit of making this card was cutting around her two skates so that they could be lifted above the die before die-cutting so that they were “outside the box”.)
  2. Grape Juice Paper Pack – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris and Swirly Gold and Gem Corners by Tracy Therrien (I took three backgrounds, together with one corner, into one of my graphics packages and re-sized, copied, moved, etc., until I was happy with the layout, creating a card front of around 7″ square.  I then printed this out onto Matt Crafty Bob paper.  I took a pre-cut 8″ square card with a fancy edge and went round the edges with a gold metalic marker.  I stuck the card front directly to this prepared base card.  The greting I used on this card is “Blwyddyn Newydd Dda” – which is Welsh for “Happy New Year”, but because I made up the design myself I can easily change this before printing again if I want another greeting on any future card made with this design.  These papers are gorgeous, with a really rich colour, and as I made it as a completely flat card front topper there was no intricate cutting involved, though i could make the different panels as different layers in the future if I wanted to.)
  3. Young Girl by Karen Wyeth and 12 Summer Shades Green & Orange by June Young (I printed the digi image out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock at smaller than the given size and then coloured her in with my Promarkers and Flexmarkers.  The colours I used were:  Hair – Lemon Chiffon, Aniseed, Cappuccino; Bunch of Flowers – Muted Pink, Rose Peach, Meadow Green, Leaf Green; Wrapping Round Flowers – Wild Orchid, Plumb; Skin – Ivory, Satin, Blush; Sorbet; Dress and Bow in Hair – Lemon Chiffon, Aniseed, Eggnog, Tulip Yellow, Gold.  After this I cut her out close to the outline.  I Printed out two sheets from the background kit onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock (the same cardstock I’d printed the digi onto) and used my Grand nestabilities dies to cut out the base layer and one mat from the backgrounds, also cutting some flowers with some small dies from around the edge of the card-stock outside the nestability shape.  I also cut a white shape from a slightly smaller die from the nestabilities set.  I gently shaped the coloured in digi and used glue gel to attach her to the white mat, then layered this directly onto the yellow mat using fingerlift tape.  This matted image was then attached to the front of the card I’d made using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I finished off by putting one of the flowers I’d cut out on her hair where the bow is, and just dotting three more at the edge of the card.  As I decided to cut this out to the edge of the digi it was a bit more fiddly than the rest of these cards, but the shape isn’t too intricate.)



Just one box to show you this time, and it is actually one I worked on with the youngest nephews months ago, but forgot to photograph.  It was only after we’d given it to one of my sisters for Christmas that I realised that I didn’t have any photos of this or the similar one given to my other sister (I actually wanted to show a picture to my sister-in-law as she’s been given a plain box so that she can paint and decorate herself with the boys – she’s a good artist – and then I realised that there wasn’t a picture in my folder to show her). I therefore E-mailed my sister and asked her if she could photograph the box she’d received and sent me photos – and what she sent can be seen below.

1Box 02 01  2Box 02 02

I’ll have to see if I can get somebody to photograph the box given to my other sister at some point and E-mail me photos of that as well.



CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Wednesday, 2nd January – Here! – You can see a showcase of some designs by Elite Designers who’ve sold 100,000 designs on CUP, as well as designs by CUP’s Titanium Designers.  Mary MacBean has designed some new pop-up designs, Sandie Burchell has some new 3 Panel Mini Kits, and lots more news from CUP land.
  • Friday, 4th January – Here! – Woops!  can’t find the link to the online version of this mailer at the moment.  Hopefully it will appear at some point.

Craftsuprint have a “Mailer Archive” where you can go to get links to mailers sent out over the last few months.  This can be seen by clicking – here.


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You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on – here
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  1. Hi Gwyneth, Happy new year to you and I hope it is a wonderful one. I love your cards, They are gorgeous, Love the way you have coloured them and the lay out and designs, The Box is AMAZING. really GORGEOUS. You are so clever and I love popping into your blog. I hope you are well. Love Lise xxx

  2. All fabulous projects Gwyneth. Looking forward to finding out what the carrot’s for, lol. A donkey? Snowman?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Gwyneth,fabulous cards, love the boy and girl skaters, and the peacock is amazing! I think the box is fabulous too. Hope you keep well, look forward to your next blog post xx

  4. you have been busy, I love the box, after reading your list of things you would like, I have decided to make one x

  5. Happy New Year Gwyneth. I am looking forward to popping by in 2013 and seeing all your lovely creations such as these today. You always have such a wonderful variety of projects to admire and inspire. xx

  6. Love that Skater boy, Gwyneth, and you box, can I ask what make of printer you have, I have an epsom wireless one, which I love, but it only prints on 160gsm, so I have to double back an image if I want to 3D it xxxx

  7. Beautiful makes I love them all, the peacock card and the box are particularly outstanding. Lol I dare not even think about my crafty wish list it’s turned in to a monster lol
    Lindsay xx