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It’s the 2nd week of January already – how did those 10 days go so quickly? I’m still feeling the effects of rushing to prepare for Christmas and the New Year, as well as a few added stresses that life throws at a person at times, so I’ve only managed a bit of crafting since my last post.  But before I show you my latest hand crafted items:

– for anybody who’s interested in colouring in, either stamps or digi-stamps, Letraset Flexmarker220×102currently have a sale on some items, such as some packs of 12 Flexmarkers for half price – meaning that each pen comes in at under a £1.  Now that’s good value for such good alcohol marker pens.

They also have some packs of 6 Flexmarkers at half price.

PromarkerThey’ve also got two new combination sets of Skin Tones in Promarkers that you may be interested in.  One appears to be for fairer skin tones and one darker, though I think the darker one would be great for teddies, etc., fur.

I was especially interested to read that there are new Flexmarker colours available, some of which are not available in Promarkers.  I’ve just downloaded the new Colour Chart to have a look and see what I’ve got already and which of the new ones will fill in gaps in my colours.  I do try to have individual colours in either Promarkers or Flexmarkers but not in both and have a spread of colours rather than a bunch of pens in the same general colours.  Of course, you can see all the colours available on the Letraset site – here.



Last weekend I was lucky enough to win some crafting goodies on the blog “Dots Dashes Doodles & Dreams” run by Deborah – and today they arrived!  Lots of gorgeous cardstock, ribbons, and other crafty goodies.  I’ve already had some ideas of cards to make with them, so keep an eye out in future blog posts for pictures of completed items.  Here are pictures of what arrived:

1photo 01  2photo 02  3photo 03  4photo 04

  1. All neat and tidy in a cello bag, as they dropped out of the padded envelope.
  2. Emptied out of the cello bag.
  3. An assortment of papers – I think the one on the top will be great to make cards for my youngest nephews to give to their friends.  They are forever stopping off here on the way to friends parties to grab a card from my ready made stash.
  4. I flicked through the pack and saw the sheet on top here. You may remember that in my last post I said “One nephew has also requested a wooden box, similar to the ones we’ve painted up together to give to other family members, as a birthday gift next month to keep his special things in” – in other words his own personal “treasure chest”.  The same nephew also has a quilt with images of pirates and chests on the top that he brings over with him when he stays here.  So I’m thinking that this sheet would make a lovely card to give him on his birthday, with the box (which he’s requested a picture of a horse painted on).

1photo 05  2photo 08.jpg  3photo 09

  1. A lovely assortment of ribbons with different textures and finishes.
  2. Embellishments that include sticky back butterflies and gems.
  3. A bundle of A4 cardstock – absolutely gorgeous!  They include ones with – foiling, glitter, pearlescent and textured card-stock. With some of the sheets the word “Bookatrix” came to mind immediately as I think the opulent colours and foiling will work well with that style of card.

Keep an eye out in future posts for cards made using some of this gorgeous bounty.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

From designs I’ve put together in a graphics program and then made cards with after printing out, to cards made with a digi-stamp as a focal point, there’s just a small assortment of cards this time.

1cup386432_1006 - card02 - Mandrin Duck Male  2cup250622_1141 - card05 -  Ice Skating Girls 4 Bob  3cup250622_1141 - card06 -  Ice Skating Girls 4 Bob  4cup250622_1141 - card07 -  Ice Skating Girls 4 Bob

  1. Mandrin Duck Male by Nikola Middlemast and Male Man Paper Pack 1 – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris (I took this photo of the Mandarin Duck, together with several of the backgrounds, into one of my graphics packages and re-sized, cropped, etc., until I had a layout I liked suitable for an 8″ square card.  I then made a couple of pyramage layers for the central duck image.  I printed the resulting design onto Matte Crafty Bob paper and cut the base image and two layers out.  I prepared an 8″ square card from an A4 sheet of iridescent bronze card-stock and an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl cardstock for the back of the card.  The base layer was stuck directly to the front of this prepared card and the two layers were put on using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)
  2. Ice Skating Girls 4 Bob by Angela Wenke (I printed the sheet out at a much smaller size than given, onto Super Smooth cardstock.  I then coloured her in using my Promarkers and Flexmarkers.  The colours I used were:   Hair – Lemon Chiffon, Gold, Honeycomb, Burnt Orange; Dress and Boots – Egyptian Blue, Sapphire, Cadet Blue, Celestial Blue with a metallic Blue pen going round the bottom edge of dress and top of boots; Eyes – Powder Blue, Denim Blue, Cool Grey 3 and 5, Black; Skin and Lips – Ivory, Blush, Sandstone, Peach, Satin.  Then I cut her out.  I took a white card that I’d bought in cut in the fancy shape and went around the edge with the Sapphire colour I used in the image.  I die cut the flowers using the new Tonic large flower dies, greetings panel and a couple of panels to put behind the ice skater using Spellbinders dies – the panel beneath her feet is from silver mirror card to represent ice and match the other silver items on the card but looks more gold, probably because it was reflecting the brown clothes I was wearing when the picture was taken.  I tipped the petals of the flowers with the same blue pen I’d used before as well.  I then used glue gel to put everything together.)
  3. Closeup of coloured in digi.
  4. Closeup of die-cut flowers.

1cup385241_33 - card02 - Windmills  2cup104536_692 - card21 - 12 Summer Shades Green & Orange

  1. Windmills by Tom Curtis and Soft & Subtle Paper Pack – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris (I took one of the windmills photos, together with one of the backgrounds, into one of my graphics programs and re-sized, reshaped, and moved around until I was happy with the layout for the front of an A5 card.  I then took a couple of copies of the windmill image and made an extra layer of the whole image and an oval layer over the windmill and put on the other side of my working area.  The resulting design was then printed onto Crafty Bob paper and cut out.  I prepared an A5 base card from a sheet of Bazzill cardstock from the Neutrals selection and stuck the base card front image directly to this using roller glue tape.  The extra layer and oval layer were stuck on using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I’ve left the greetings panel empty for the moment as I don’t know what language the greeting will be required in.)
  2. 12 Summer Shades Green & Orange by June Young (Three sheets of the backgrounds were printed out onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock.  The main card base and the the two layers were cut out using the one shape of Grand Nestabilities I own.  For the main card the printed out sheet was folded in half and the die layed just over the edge on the left hand side to leave a spine on the card.  The second, yellow, layer is cut using the larger size and then folded in half to make a second folded card tied with the ribbon for a secret message to be included on the card front. While cutting out the nesting layers out of the three sheets I also put some small flower and leaf dies around the edges to make the matching embellishments, and a small label to make a greetings tag.  I went round these embellishments with a gold metallic marker to emphasise their edges.  I then used fingerlift tape and glue gel to put my card together, adding sticky back black gems to the centre of the flowers to finish off.)

You’ll notice that, other than the cutting out around the ice skater, there’s not any intricate cutting involved in making these cards, or the notebook below.  The intricate shapes were either cards pre-bought with a decorative edge or cut with dies, and the toppers I designed myself from Designer’s Resources were created to have straight edged or rounded edges for cutting and no intricate cutting.


A notebook I made for myself so that I can tick off rows and keep track of my latest knitting project.

1cup112337_359 - card04 - Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum  2cup112337_359 - card02 - Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum  3cup112337_359 - card03 - Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum

  1. Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum by Carol Clarke and Spring Flowers and Lace matching Vellum by Carol Clarke (For this notebook cover I printed out the two different Spring Flowers and Lace matching vellums, which are in the same colour fading shade but different small pattern, onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock.  Using the cheap, “shopping list”, notebook I wanted to cover as a guidance I used my Hougie Board and scored the lines I needed and then cut panels out so that I had an overall, book style, cover, as well as a piece to stick ot the front cover of the notebook and a pocket inside the front of the cover to pop things into, using left over bits as paper ribbons and panels for decoration.  I finished off by putting a ball point pen with the notebook and putting three flowers and a leaf, which I’d die cut the same time as making the last card above, on the front using glue gel.)
  2. Inside the notebook cover, showing that the notebook inside has also been covered.
  3. A different angle of the inside showing the little pocket with a flap that comes over and tucks in that can be used to store little things – I’m going to keep the bands off the yarn balls I’m currently working with inside this pocket because I’m going to use the notebook to keep a record of rows I’m knitting and ticking off as I complete each row.



Having made several pieces of jewellery and watch straps for various family members and friends as Christmas gifts, I decided last week to make one for myself.  I don’t have a lot of clothes with blue in them, but do have a small number, and I realised I didn’t have any jewellery in any blue tone, so I decided to go for blue for this watch.  Despite being sparkly it is still “neutral” enough to be warn with other colours, such as black clothes, so I’m quite pleased with it.

1Watch 04 01  2Watch 04 03

  1. This is made with a Royal Blue watch face with a sparkle edge, two different sizes of “shamballa” balls – 2 x 10mm and 4 x 8mm, a slider bead, and two glass crystal beads at the end.  All tied together with blue rattail cord in two diameters – 1mm for the central cord and 1.5mm for the knotting.
  2. A closeup of watch face and some of the knotting and beads.



In my last post I told you that my nephews and their parents gave me some bright orange wool for Christmas.  I decided to use it with a paler shade of yellow wool to make me some fingerless gloves.  This is how far I’ve got.

1Fingerless Gloves 01 02  2Fingerless Gloves 01 05  3Fingerless Gloves 01 04  4Fingerless Gloves 01 03

  1. These are the orange yarn I had as a Christmas gift and the yellow yarn from my stash.  The colour shade looks different in each of the pictures I’ve taken, due to the clouds and different light coming in each time I think, so I’m going to try scanning a piece of each (if I remember) to give a more accurate indication of colour.
  2. These are the two yarn straps (you’ll notice that I’ve already put my notebook to use and have just pulled open the pocket cover and taken them out for this photo).  I’ll need to open the yarn straps out and scan them in to keep a record of the yarn content and washing instructions at some point.
  3. I’m using the smallest of my circular knitting looms to make these Fingerless Gloves on.  Knitting both yarns together, rather than as stripes, to make them thick and toasty warm.  You’ll see that I’ve got a small notch appearing in the knitted piece between the two lower pegs – this is where I’ve started knitting back and fore to leave a gap for the thumb, rather than the knitting in the round that I’ve done for round the wrist area.
  4. This is the loom upside down, showing the knitted piece as it comes out.  I knitted 20 rows of rib stitch first, then caught the bottom, cast on, stitches up onto the pegs before starting the next pattern, so that the ribbed area is double thickness and around 10 rows in length. I’ve chosen to do the main part of the gloves in moss stitch.  Once I learnt the technique of creating a pearl stitch as well as the hooking over knit stitch I was able to progress to rib and moss stitch.

Once I finish these off I’ve got an order for a jumper, skirt and coat for one of my nephews teddies.  Now those will require a bit of a think about how to do the quickest and easiest.  My main aim this year is to learn to do a few more pattern effects when knitting on looms or knitting boards.  Perhaps I’ll just go for a basket weave look next time.



I’m having a bit of a SALE! in my shop on craftybob.com.

Bracelet 17 01hoodedscarf 01 14With anything from just a few pennies off the smaller/cheaper items to several pounds off some of the more expensive items, you’ll find that over half the items in my shop have a discounted price showing.  From Shamballa style bracelets to really snuggly warm scarves, with some other jewellery and hand crafted cards thrown in, you’ll find lots of items going for cheaper prices – for the next 7 days only! Bracelet 19 03

Have a look – here – at my whole shop on craftybob.com.



CUP Mailer – Here are the links to the mailers sent out by the team at CUP HQ since my last blog post:

  • Monday, 7th January – Here! – There are a lot of lovely designs being showcased, and it looks like the race is on now to make Valentine’s cards.
  • Wednesday, 9th January – Here! – Once again there are a lot of beautiful designs, including some new ideas, being showcased.

Craftsuprint have a “Mailer Archive” where you can go to get links to mailers sent out over the last few months.  This can be seen by clicking – here.

Designer of the Year Competition – As you’ll have read in the last mailer – voting has started for the CUP Designer of the Year Competition, with a trophy up for grabs for the favourite designer as voted for by craftsUprint Registered Crafters.  CUP Registered Crafters are those people who buy designs via craftsUprint and then go on to upload photos of the handcrafted items they’ve made using those designs back up to the CUP website, and so hopefully inspire other customers and encourage them to also buy the design.  As a Gold level CUP crafter the date given for me to vote will be the 14th.  I’ll have to give it a lot of thought I think. I’m not quite sure yet who I’ll have to choose from as crafters are given a list of their top 20 Designers who they have purchased from and can award points to 5 of those. As you will have realised, as a Gold level crafter, I’ve bought a lot of designs via CUP, from a lot of different designers.  Some more “bread and butter” designs and some more intricate and extravagant.  But I’ll have to wait until I see which are the 20 designers I’ve bought most from before I can decide who to vote for.

On looking at the Crafters page on CUP I see that there are currently over 600 CUP Registered Crafters, so that’s a lot of people eligible to vote.  I hope that the vast majority do vote, and give consideration to the designers who’ve designed stunning cards, not just give points to the ones they’ve bought most from because some designers have uploaded more designs and variations of designs.  There are now over 280 designers on CUP, according to the Designers page on CUP, but, of course, many of those will be new designers without many sales or many designs uploaded so won’t make it onto crafters to 20 lists, but I’m sure that there will be many different designers who are favourites with different people.


You can see my page on Facebook by clicking – here.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Crafter Showcase Area” on Craftsuprint.com – here
(Just scroll down past the top boxes to see the cards.)


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  4. Congratulations on your win Gwyneth,your projects are all so beautiful as always.xxx

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