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Well, I had another brain not in gear episode on Thursday!?! – I was decorating a couple of boxes – you’ll see the photos later on in this post – and it involved glitter and gilding flakes. Now, remembering the episode of having glitter all over my bed when I made up some cards that involved glitter previously on a lap-tray in bed, and managed to tip up a tub of glitter and then sneeze it all over the bed, I decided to de-camp to work on a coffee table in the sitting room. I was really careful and put down sheets of paper to catch the glitter and put it back in the pots, and put the lid back straight away. So far, so good. I then put fresh paper on the table, and put out a plastic tub to work in with the gilding flakes in the middle. Got as far as rubbing in the gilding flakes and then buffing off with the scoochy sponge. Still so far so good. Then a flake landed on the image on top of the box, and, not wanting to rub it with the sponge and risk scratching the image surface – brain not in gear moment coming up – I gave a quick blow! With a plastic tray of gilding flakes open in front of me! Oh dear! With the gilding flakes being so light, even a quick blow had some flakes wafting all over the place, out of the box, over the top of my area with paper to catch any stray pieces, and off to the floor. Thankfully I hadn’t tipped the whole tub of gilding flakes into the plastic tray, and only about half of what I had out went flying. But even after collecting what I could I’ve now got shiny bits on the floor. I need to wait for a niece or nephew who can handle our hoover to vacuum it up – the little sweeper I can use and that picks up bits of paper for me wouldn’t clean them up.  So that’s another crafting lesson learnt – don’t blow when there’s gilding flakes about.

I my last post I told you how I did a session of cutting out digital/electronic cutting files using my Silhouette Cameo on Wednesday.  Well I’ve managed to put a small number of them together last night and finished them off with some small embellishments this morning, so I’ve got those to show you in this post.  Quite a few more to finish making though, both from the cutting file pieces and some designs I’ve been cutting out by hand in bed of an evening while watching television.  So you’ve got those to come again at some point in the future, so I’ll hope you’ll be back for another look at my blog next week.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

1cup394018_596 - card03 - Birthday Horse Door Card  2cup394018_596 - card05 - Birthday Horse Door Card  3cup392498_1415 - card03 - Winged Pop-Out Card STUDIO  4cup391533_198 - card02 - GEISHA 1 FOLDBACK CARD  5cup388548_1415 - card03 - Shaped Easel with Lattice SVG

  1. Birthday Horse Door Card…CraftROBO/Cameo by Tina Fitch (As I wanted to make the card in Welsh I removed the cutting lines for the word “Birthday” on the doors and back before I cut the pieces out using my Silhouette Cameo.  I chose a brown, linen textured, cardstock for the horses and two different shades of deep cream, linen textured, cardstock for the doors and back, one from the same pack as the brown cardstock and the other from a pack of Create & Craft cardstock – Using a slightly lighter coloured card, with a fainter linen texture, for the back makes the cutout flowers and leaves show up clearer than if the back was exactly the same card-stock.  After cutting out all the pieces I used ultra sticky tape to stick the sides in place and a quick grab wet glue for sticking all the horses on.  I then simply finished the card off with a gold “Penblwydd Hapus” peel-off.)
  2. Same card as above but with the doors partly open to show dimension and that the horses heads appear inside as well.
  3. Winged Pop-Out Card *STUDIO* by Rae Carr (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the base cards and “wings” out of green, linen textured, 250gsm cardstock and the trellis panel out of the same type of cardstock in lilac.  I then folded the base card into shape and attached the wings and trellis using quick grab wet glue.  The card was then decorated with an assortment of white peel-offs, using leaf swirl ones up the trellis.  This card has a nice dimension and stands up well when the sides are pulled out, but also folds flat to go into an envelope with the wings pushed in, though it may need a box if you use deep embellishment on it.)
  4. GEISHA 1 FOLDBACK CARD by Clive Couter (I printed the design out, from within the Silhouette Studio software, onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock.  I then fed it into my Silhouette Cameo and cut it out.  After folding into shape I simply decorated by putting gold, fine border, peel-offs around the outside.  I haven’t put on a greeting yet as I’m not sure what language it will be needed in.  I may even hunt out an oriental coin style charm to attach as well.)
  5. Shaped Easel with Lattice *SVG* by Rae Carr (As the lattice on this card is quite angular I decided to use it for a card for a man, keeping it simple without much embellishment.  I simply cut out the base card, greetings panel stopper, and one of the mats out of linen textured black cardstock, and cut the lattice and the back layer of the front out of a pearlescent, linen textured, burgundy coloured card-stock – I rather think that this was either a Core’dinations or Bazzil card-stock but as most of my 12″ x 12″ cardstock landed up in a four plastic boxes, most without the pack covers, I can’t be certain about this.  After my Silhouette Cameo had cut the pieces out, and I’d scored and folded the base, I went round the black layers with gold, fine flexi-bend, peel-offs and stuck the layers in place using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I finished off with a gold “Penblwydd Hapus” greeting  – Welsh for Happy Birthday.   This lattice card would also work with the lattice used as a trellis for flowers to “climb” up over the front, or even with a small topper on the front.  Completely different looks can be had by cutting out of different colour and finish cardstock.  ** Please Note – although listed under SVG files, the kit I received included .studio, .mtc, etc.)

I cut out a lot more pieces for other cards with my Silhouette Cameo on Wednesday, as well as having several hand cut cards prepared and ready to make up, so check back again the beginning of next week to see more of my creations.


Having seen me give decorated boxes of various styles to family members as gifts over the last six months or so, and helped me do the basic painting of some of them, my two youngest nephews decided that they wanted “treasure” boxes themselves as birthday gifts, so as both of them have birthdays during the coming month I thought I’d better get some boxes in.  I chose 20cm wooden boxes for them. As I wanted to make sure that the boys had boxes like they wanted, when they were over one day last week, I got out the boxes, a box of paints and some brushes, and let them choose the colours they wanted and paint the boxes themselves.  They then left the boxes to dry and gave me rather strict instructions on how they wanted me to decorate the boxes.  Here are the results.  I just hope I understood their instructions correctly and they like the finished results when I give them to them on their respective birthdays.

1Box 04 02  2Box 04 05  3Box 04 01  4Box 04 03  5Box 04 04

  1. Front of finished box.  The box has been painted with a blue, watered down, acrylic paint.  This nephew chose a pale, pink flesh, coloured paint for the inside of his box.
  2. The metallic “strap” was created by putting two strips of red backed, super sticky, tape around the box from the bottom of the front all the way to the bottom of the back.  I then rubbed the tape very hard with the back of my scissors to make sure that it was firmly stuck to the box.  I then used a craft knife to slit the tape where the lid is – front and back.  I did it like this to make sure that the band matched up perfectly between the body of the box and the lid (even if there’s no guarantee that the straps are perfectly straight to the sides all the way).  After peeling off the backing I then put “Morris Dance” gilding flakes over the tape, rubbed it in well, and used a Scoochy Sponge to rub it off.
  3. The nephew this is for had asked for a rainbow on the top of his box, so I took a rainbow from Designer Resource kit Love Birds by Marie Wolman and stuck it on top of Cloudy sky with yellow field by Silvia Griffin.  the base background image was stuck to the box top using glue gel and then I went round the image, just going over its edge, using the same super sticky tape as previously.  I then rubbed blue glitter into this tape to give a glittery frame to the rainbow image.
  4. For some reason this nephew also wanted hearts on either side of his box.  So out came the FlitterGlue, Phat Foam and Spatula, and I used a small heart stamp to stamp a heart of FlitterGlue onto either side of the box and then rubbed in some more of the gilding flakes as used on the “straps”.
  5. This shows the other side of the box.

1Box 03 02  2Box 03 01  3Box 03 03  4Box 03 05  5Box 03 06

  1. This nephew chose yellow for the outside of his box and dark green for the inside.  The metallic “strap” on this box was created the same way as the previous one, but this time I used “Autumn Blaze” gilding flakes.
  2. This nephew wanted horses on his so I raided the drawers of crafty stuff the nephews have at our house and fished out a few horse outline stamps.  I used two horse stamps from their kit in the end, one on the front and one side, and the other on the other side.  Again I used Flitter Glue and the same gilding flakes as on this box’s “straps”.  I’m thinking about colouring these in in some way, but I’ll have to give it to my nephew first and see whether he wants it like this or coloured in, and if coloured – what colours?
  3. This nephew’s choice of top image was a picture of him on his horse.  It is framed the same way as the first box, but this time with gold “tinsel style” glitter, and because the glitter is quite large I’ve used Crystal Glitter over the top to fill in the small tacky areas.
  4. One side of the box.
  5. The other side of the box.



In my post of the 10/01/2013 I showed you the start of my project to knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves using a ball of bright orange yarn I’d had from my nephews and their parents for Christmas, together with some yellow yarn from my stash of yarn.  And in my post of 19/01/2013 I showed you the first glove after I’d finished knitting it on the smallest of my circular knitting looms.  Well I’ve now completed the pair and worked the ends in.

1Fingerless Gloves 01 09  2Fingerless Gloves 01 12  3Fingerless Gloves 01 14  4Fingerless Gloves 01 13  5Fingerless Gloves 01 08

  1. Yellow yarn, of a Saffron, shade of Stylecraft yarn.
  2. Closeup of the details off the yarn strap.
  3. The yarn strap off the orange yarn I received as a Christmas gift.
  4. Closeup of the details off the yarn strap.
  5. The finished pair of fingerless gloves.

I’ve now started a new project, this time using the next size up of loom from the same set.  I wonder if you can guess what it’s going to be?  I’ll come back in a future post to let you know and show you the finished article.

1Sgert Blocwen 01 03  2Sgert Blocwen 01 04  3Sgert Blocwen 01 02  4Sgert Blocwen 01 01

  1. This time I’m using two yarns from my stash of Stylecraft yarn in shades of Magenta and Plumb.
  2. Closeup of the details off the yarn straps.
  3. The two balls of yarn.
  4. The start of the project – I’m knitting the first 10 rows in a rib stitch.



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  1. Wow I don’t know how you find the time to make all these beautiful items,love them

  2. I love all of the four cards and couldn’t choose between them this time – great cards.
    Love the boxes for the boys too – great work!

  3. Wow! You’ve been a busy beaver again Gwyneth! Love, love, love the horse cards! The others are gorgeous as well. And those fingerless loves look lovely and warm. Great projects.

  4. Really fabulous makes, I love the one with the horses and the asain ladies one and the boxes look brilliant
    Lindsay xx