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I’ve been slowly working my way through all the pieces I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo last Wednesday.  I actually think my brain may be back in gear – although I have to admit that it is a very slow gear so everything is taking longer than it should.  I’ve got lots of items made up, so I hope you have the time to read on and have a look at them all.  Please take a moment to leave me a comment at the end as I love to hear what people think of what I’ve made.

This is just one of the items I’ve made – a Pentagon Box.  But it’s a box with a difference, as you can’t actually use the box to put anything in.  Scroll down and you’ll see more photos of this item.

cup392953_596 - card09 - 3D Pentagon Box Card……Studio
Side view of closed Pentagon Box Card



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)

As I’ve already said, lots of the items on show in this blog post were made using cutting files for my Silhouette Cameo, using my choice of cardstock and my ideas for embellishment.  If you click on the links in the descriptions beneath each image you will get an idea of what I had to work with.  I try to give links to as many of the designs, equipment, and consumables I use within my description so I hope that this will help some of you.

1cup370602_1834 - card03 - PRETTY FLORAL BUTTERFLY TOPPER AND PAPER - PURPLE  2cup394612_1415 - card02 - A Pair of Step Cards MTC-SCUT3_STUDIO_SVG_WPC_PDF  3cup394612_1415 - card05 - A Pair of Step Cards MTC-SCUT3_STUDIO_SVG_WPC_PDF  4cup392523_1415 - card02 - Window Slice Form Card SVG

  1. PRETTY FLORAL BUTTERFLY TOPPER AND PAPER – PURPLE by Sharon Duncan and flower from 3D Pentagon Box Card……CraftROBO/Cameo by Tina Fitch (I printed the sheet out onto 300gsm Super smooth cardstock and cut out the pieces.  I took a 15cm square white base card and stuck a 14cm square piece of the background onto this.  I then put a strip of white peeloff down about a third of the way from the right edge.  I matted and layered the base image, firstly onto a three quarter panel of lilac cardstock and then onto a panel of white card-stock a little bit larger.  The matted image was stuck to the base card using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I then took a white paper rose cut out when making the Pentagon Box project, shaped the butterfly layers and a smaller butterfly and added these to my card using glue gel.)
  2. A Pair of Step Cards MTC-SCUT3*STUDIO*SVG*WPC*PDF by Rae Carr (This card was cut out of 300gsm plain white cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo.  I also made mats of sizes to layer on the card front, one set in a colour to match my chosen topper, a duflex flower fairy with decoupage, in 250gsm pearlescent cardstock, and the other in the same white as the base card.  The “Penblwydd Hapus” greeting  – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” –  was coloured with a metallic marker to tone with my chosen toppers as well.  I used a tape runner pen to attach the layers, greetings panel and base image layers, and glue gel to attach the decoupage.)
  3. A Pair of Step Cards MTC-SCUT3*STUDIO*SVG*WPC*PDF by Rae Carr and Mat,Wraps & Border 1…..SVG by Tina Fitch, together with a couple of roses from from 3D Pentagon Box Card……CraftROBO/Cameo by Tina Fitch (The card was cut out of a black Bazzil cardstock from the Neutrals pack.  I also cut out a border out three times from a cream cardstock which I believe is the same type, and I had a couple of spare roses I’d cut out when making the Pentagon Box.  I stuck the same greeting, this time uncoloured, onto a panel of cream card-stock which I trimmed and then rounded the corners with a paper punch.  I used a Zig Memory System – 2 Way Glue Pen behind each of the fancy borders and stuck them down the front of the card, then used glue gel to attach the paper roses and greetings panel.)
  4. Window Slice Form Card SVG by Rae Carr (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the card pieces and layers out of green and lilac 250gsm, linen textured, cardstock.  I went around the edge of all the lilac pieces using a violet metallic marker.  I then used some fingerlift tape to attach the pieces together and 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to add the central layers.  I used some Tonic punches to cut out the rose petals from a ligher shade of of the same cardstock and constructed the rose, sticking all the petals in place using quick grab glue.  I found some leaves I’d cut out previously for another project and used glue gel to stick the leaves and paper rose on the central panel of the card. I used the same metallic pen as previously to colour in a peel-off that said “Penblwydd Hapus” and then used a low tack tape to transfer it to the centre of the front panel.)

1cup393706_596 - card03 - Mat,Wraps & Border 1…..SVG  2cup393706_596 - card06 - Mat,Wraps & Border 1…..SVG  3cup394229_1018 - card02 - Too Sweet Alphabet Tiles  4cup394988_99 - card02 - Sands of Time Decorative Mats - CU4CU  5cup394988_99 - card01 - Sands of Time Decorative Mats - CU4CU

  1. Mat,Wraps & Border 1…..SVG by Tina Fitch and 3D Poppy Flowers….SVG by Tina Fitch (For this card I cut the wrap from the kit four times out of white card-stock.  I cut enough layers to make up the poppies out of burgundy cardstock that has a pearlescent sheen – I think it was from a pack of “Christmas” card-stock so I’m not sure what type it is. I shaped the poppy petals and then constructed them, using gold brads coloured with a black Promarker through the centre to hold them. The first two wraps were scored and wrapped around a panel of the same white cardstock, leaving a little clear area in the middle.  To this middle area I attached three poppies.  The second two wraps were again scored and attached to the front of a sheet of acetate that was just over 1cm larger than the panel I’d used for the first two wraps and poppies.  I used ultra strong clear tape to attach all the wraps at the sides and a Zig glue pen under all the fine cut out work to attach it.  The back pieces of all the wraps were attached behind the panel, leaving the acetate front bowed.  The decorated panel was then attached to a card front that had been trimmed to be the same size as it.)
  2. Mat,Wraps & Border 1…..SVG by Tina Fitch together with three rose flowers cut when working on the 3D Pentagon Box Card……CraftROBO/Cameo by Tina Fitch (For this card I cut the large mat from the kit from cream, linen textured, cardstock.  The ornate mat panel was attached to a layer of white card-stock using zig glue.  The white card layer was attached to a cream card using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape and I trimmed the base card to fit. I created a greetings panel and added a peel-off greeting saying “Penblwydd Hapus” which was put on the front of the card with foam tape.  I finished off the card with little roses that I attached with glue gel.)
  3. Too Sweet Alphabet Tiles by Annie Lang and Animal Clipart Collection CU4CU by Marie Wolman (I took the right letters to spell “Penblwydd Hapus”, together with an assortment of animals, into one of my graphics packages and re-sized, moved around, created a background, etc., until I was happy with my layout for a card front for an A5 card.  I also made a second copy onto the other half of my working area before I printed so that I’d have pieces to decoupage.  I printed the design out onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, white cardstock and cut out the main card front and various letters and animal tiles to decoupage.  I used a pre-scored white A5 card and attached my card front layer directly to this using fingerlift tape.  I then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the letters and animal tiles I’d chosen.)
  4. Sands of Time Decorative Mats – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris and Flowers by Dawn Clayton (I took a few of these decorative mats into one of my graphics packages, together with some of the flowers, and re-sized, moved around, layered over each other, etc., until I had several different flower toppers to use on my card-making projects.  I then printed my sheet of toppers out onto Crafty Bob Glossy paper.  For this card I took toppers with two different flowers and stuck to the front of pale yellow panels,  cut out using my Silhouette Cameo when working on a previous project, using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I made a 15cm square, gate-fold card, from white 300gsm card-stock and used a punch to round the corners.  I used the same foam tape to add the yellow panels with their toppers to the front of both “gates” of my card.  I attached another panel flat inside on the insert.)
  5. This is the same card with the gates a little open showing the panel inside.

1cup392458_596 - card02 - 3D Clematis Flowers….SVG  2cup392458_596 - card03 - 3D Clematis Flowers….SVG  3cup394611_1415 - card06 - Double Window Card MTC-SCUT3_STUDIO_SVG_WPC  4cup392458_596 - card05 - 3D Clematis Flowers….SVG

  1. Double Window Card MTC-SCUT3*STUDIO*SVG*WPC by Rae Carr and 3D Clematis Flowers….SVG by Tina Fitch (The clematis flower layers were cut out of a white, linen textured, pearlescent cardstock – again I’m not sure where this one came from but suspect it was from the same “Christmas” pack as the card I used for the Poppies, with the centres cut out of a finer textured yellow card-stock the same as much of what I’ve shown you today, cutting the leaves out of the same type of cardstock but in green.  The front out of the base card was cut from the same cardstock as the flower centres and the back panels out of the same cardstock as the clematis petal layers.  After constructing the card using super sticky tape I decorated it using peel-offs with a garden theme that I’ve had for ages and have no idea where they came from by now.  I shaped the leaves with a large ball tool on the back, placing them on a foam mat first to help with the shaping, and then with a small tool along the centre of the front before attaching the swirl of leaves up the right hand side of the card overlapping one of the “windows”.  I used a quick grab glue to attach the flower layers and centres together and then used glue gel to attach the clematis flowers to the front of the leaves.  This picture shows the card with the windows pushed together which means it takes up less space on the mantelpiece.)
  2. A closer view of the side with the clematis.
  3. A view of the card with the front fully opened – you can just about see the shape of the back over the top.
  4. Another view of the front of the card fully opened.



Just one special box with a difference today –

1cup392953_596 - card07 - 3D Pentagon Box Card……Studio  2cup392953_596 - card05 - 3D Pentagon Box Card……Studio  3cup392953_596 - card02 - 3D Pentagon Box Card……Studio  4cup392953_596 - card01 - 3D Pentagon Box Card……Studio  5cup392953_596 - card10 - 3D Pentagon Box Card……Studio

  1. 3D Pentagon Box Card……CraftROBO/Cameo by Tina Fitch (This is a top view of my finished box when closed.  For this papercraft keepsake I decided to use plain, 300gsm white cardstock, linen textured and pearlescent lilac 250gsm cardstock, and 250gsm linen textured cream cardstock.  I cut out all the pieces from the relevant cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo.  I then used a  large ball tool to shape the rose petals before twisting them into a spiral to form the roses – 5 cream for inside and 6 white for the outside.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the diamond shaped layers together and to attach the first 5 inside the 5 triangular aperture boxes.  I didn’t attach the roses until the end to allow me to have room to manipulate the boxes as I stuck the sides, tops and bottoms together, gluing these in place using quick grab wet glue.  Once all five boxes were in the correct shape I laid a ribbon down over the outside wrap piece and used the same glue as previously to stick the triangular boxes in place.  I then decided that I wanted to have an area to put a greeting so decided to create two pentagon pieces, one white the same size as the pentagon box, and one from the lilac cardstock and made a little larger than the box.  These were attached to the central triangular box at the top and the bottom.  I attached the diamonds to the outside of the box, and the top, again using the foam tape.  I finished off by using the wet glue to attach the roses all over and then embellishing with  white peeloffs.  I haven’t put the greeting on yet, as I forgot to cut it out when I cut out all the pentagon box pieces, but it will go on the panel I attached to the bottom so that it is visible when the box is opened, but not when it’s closed.  An absolutely stunning looking creation.  I’m so pleased with how mine turned out.)
  2. The pentagon box partly opened so that you can see all five triangular aperture boxes.
  3. The pentagon box fully opened so that both sides are meeting round the back and tied together.
  4. Top view of the box when it’s completely opened.
  5. Another side view of the box when fully opened.



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