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Well, I’ve not made many cards since my last post, and those I have done are not the most intricate keepsakes that I make using digital cutting machines.  This last week since my last post has been the week of the – filling, extraction and fall.  I was back at the dentists on Wednesday – having a filling in a cavity that a previous filling had become detached from – and worse still – having an extraction of the tooth on the other side of my mouth that had got the abscess that I’d been given antibiotics for a fortnight ago. I think the headache brought on by the drilling in the tooth to be filled was worse than the pain in the extraction site, although the side of my face the tooth was extracted from has been feeling a bit bruised since the tooth came out.  Then yesterday (Monday) morning I managed to have a fall and badly bruised one knee, so am once again in some pain.  That’s the problem with having a “wonky leg” as my nephews call it, I don’t walk evenly, especially when I’m tired.  So what I’ve made since the middle of the week has been reasonably simple and not too taxing.  I hope you like what I’ve got to show you.

ValentinesBannerClearanceBannerI’ve got some more electronic cutting files ready to cut out at some point, as well as some digi-stamps printed off ready to colour in.  I’ve been having a look at the Letraset site to see if any of the colours I’ve not got are on offer at the moment.  They’ve got a “Valentine’s Store” with an assortment of ProMarkers, FlexMarkers, Metalic Markers, etc., available, and there’s a code to gain a 15% discount on any item in this “Valentine’s Store“.  Letraset also have an “End of Line” area, and they have added more items to this area, at greatly reduced prices.  The items in this area come from a wide range of Letraset products, including a variety of different marker pen sets.  I don’t personally use Tria markers, but if you do then you may be interested in Letraset’s “Tria Clearance” area.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

Set A

These three cards are made from elements from the Angelica and Friends Luxury Card Kit, cutting one sheet of background from within the kit to make a square card around 15cm in size and scoring and folding another sheet in half to make an A5 card and then chopping it in half to make two A6 cards from it.

12013 Hunkydory 01 02  22013 Hunkydory 02 02  32013 Hunkydory 03 01

Set B

1cup397118_961 - card01 - Monsters 3  2cup397118_961 - card04 - Monsters 3  3cup397118_961 - card05 - Monsters 3  4cup323309_1487 - card01 - Kingfisher Rectagonal  5cup26214_49 - card01 - best wishes Jungle time

  1. Monsters 3 by Dawn Clayton and Marble Swirl Papers by Karen Wyeth (I took three of the little monsters, together with three backgrounds, into one of my graphics packages and moved around, re-sized, etc., to create three card fronts with an extra layer for the central panel.  I used the greeting “Gair Bach I Ddweud …”, which is Welsh for “A Little Word To Say …”, and I can then put in the insert whether it’s a little word to say Happy Birthday, or Get Well Soon, or whatever.  These were then printed out onto Crafty Bob paper and cut out.  I created three A5 base cards from A4 sheets of 300gsm Ivory cardstock and stuck the cards directly to these using finger-lift tape.  The second layer was attached using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)
  2. Another of the set of three cards I made the same way.
  3. The third card made the same way, only this one was printed onto 300gsm Super Smooth cardstock, not the glossy Crafty Bob paper.
  4. Kingfisher Rectagonal by Susan Parker (I printed the sheet out onto Matt Crafty Bob paper and then cut out all the pieces.  I then separated the pyramid layers out into two bundles of three, to make two cards with the one design, as I didn’t want the finished card to be too deep to go through the post on an ordinary stamp.  I matted the base image and the chosen greeting onto gold coloured, perlescent, vellum and trimmed to leave an even border.  These were stuck directly to the front of a base card made of ivory coloured card-stock using finger-lift tape.  I then used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the chosen layers in order.)
  5. best wishes Jungle time by Sally McIntyre (I printed the design onto 250gsm Super Smooth cardstock and cut out the pieces.  I created a base card from an A4 sheet of ivory card-stock, trimmed to size, and used finger-lift tape to attach the base image to this.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape, to attach the greetings, and also attach each of the layers in order.)

Set 3

1cup394386_33 - card03 - Water Floral Toppers  2cup394394_33 - card01 - Water Floral Insert  3cup393171_33 - card02 - Bambi Toppers  4cup393176_33 - card01 - Bambi Insert

  1. Water Floral Toppers by Tom Curtis and ‘Swirls Embossed’ Backing Paper – Men’s DIY colours by Carol Clarke (I printed the topper sheet off onto Matt Crafty Bob card and cut out one of the larger toppers.  I stuck this onto a piece of Ivory cardstock using finger-lift tape and trimmed to leave an even border.  I printed the background onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, card-stock and made a base card from this.  I then attached the matted topper to my base card using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I haven’t put a greeting on yet so that I can add a suitable one in the required language when the recipient is known.)
  2. Water Floral Insert by Tom Curtis (This insert was printed onto 130gsm glossy Tesco paper, trimmed, scored and folded in half.  It was then placed inside a card with a matching topper.)
  3. Bambi Toppers by Tom Curtis and ‘Swirls Embossed’ Backing Paper – Men’s DIY colours by Carol Clarke (I printed the topper sheet off onto Matt Crafty Bob card and cut out one of the larger toppers.  I stuck this onto a piece of Ivory cardstock using finger-lift tape and trimmed to leave an even border.  I printed the background onto 300gsm, Super Smooth, card-stock and made a base card from this.  I then attached the matted topper to my base card using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.  I haven’t put a greeting on yet so that I can add a suitable one in the required language when the recipient is known.)
  4. Bambi Insert by Tom Curtis (I printed the design onto 120gsm, good quality, white paper, and then scored and folded it in half.  I attached this using finger-lift tape inside the matching card.)



Today’s sewing wasn’t done by me.  They are two pairs of foam slippers as sewn by my two youngest nephews.  The kits to make these were a part of their birthday present from me, though I did give them the kits to start working on well before their birthdays.  Other than knotting the provided thread and tying off at the end of the sewing they did the lot – well the instruction said “adult supervision”, so I told them that adults were only allowed to supervise, not do any sewing.  The kits were well under a fiver each off Create & Craft and although not very firm slippers they provided hours of quiet time when the boys concentrated on their construction and are just enough for the boys to slip on so that they are not running round here in bare feet when they come over to play.

1Slipers Islwyn 01  2Slipers Islwyn 02  3Slipers Wmffra 01  4Slipers Wmffra 02

  1. One pair had monkey’s faces.
  2. Closeup of monkey.
  3. And the other pair were tiger faces.
  4. Closeup of tiger.



In a previous post – here – I showed you the start of a knitting project using two shades of yarn called Magenta and Plumb. Well the article I was knitting was actually a skirt for one of my nephew’s teddies.  Despite having a bow tie, Blocwend has always been considered to be a female teddy by my nephew, and required some nice clothes to ware.  As soon as I finished knitting the skirt I started on a jumper for the same teddy.

1Sgert Blocwen 01 06  2Sgert Blocwen 01 08  3Sgert Blocwen 01 07  4Sgert Blocwen 01 11  5Blocwend yn dillad newydd 01

  1. This is the finished skirt.  As shown previously, I started knitting this on one of my circular knitting looms, working from the top down.  I did a rib pattern for 10 rows, then folded this over and grabbed the first row of stitches to kit up the top band into a double layer before continuing to knit in ordinary knitting.  After I did the main, straight, part of the skirt I used a crochet hook to cast off the knitting and then crochet a further, flared panel to the skirt, increasing the stitches to double the stitches straight away and then by a further half before the last row of crochet.  This is what gives the skirt its flared shape.
  2. As Blocwend lives with my nephew, and hadn’t come over when the garments needed trying out, Teddy Maes Mieri was persuaded to do some modelling.  He didn’t mind at all modeling the jumper.
  3. But Teddy Maes Mieri was rather indignant at having to try on the skirt – because he’s a boy teddy – so the skirt came off pretty quick.
  4. Teddy Maes Mieri rather likes the jumper.
  5. It was a good thing that Blocwend did come over quite quickly to try on her new clothes, or she may have found that the jumper had gone permanently missing (this photo courtesy of Blocwend’s owner.)

And for my next knitting project for my two youngest nephews – it seems that Blocwend now requires a nice, big, snugly, warm knitted coat!  And the other nephew’s soft toy – RaRa the Lion – needs a tail warmer and a jumper.  He’s been told that it will have to be a cardigan as I can’t make a jumper big enough to go over the lion’s head and mane.

1Scarf 14 07  2Scarf 14 02  3Scarf 14 03  4Scarf 14 05  5Scarf 14 06

  1. This is the strap off the skein of yarn I’m using for my latest scarff knitting project.
  2. This yarn has a looped “ribbon” strip on one side and lots of shaggy strands hanging down from this.
  3. I’m actually only knitting with two stitches/loops, leaving one loop unknitted in between the two stitches, but knitting the next loop after turning around.
  4. This is what the knitting looks like as it comes out of the loop after knitting – all shaggy.
  5. This is a bit of the scarf I’ve knitted so far, showing that there is a varigation of blue colour within the yarn.



Have a look – here – at my whole shop “Siop Crafftau MAES MIERI Crafts Shop” on craftybob.com.



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  1. Good evening Gwyneth, these are all fantastic. You sure have been busy. I love the knitted clothes and the fabulous slippers.

    Linda xxx

  2. Love your Monsters and Marble swirl cards – great fun. Love your nephews slippers too – they have done a great job! And the teddy clothes are fantastic – great fashion show Gwyneth!!

  3. Hi Gwyneth, wow! You’ve been very busy, what a fabulous selection of projects here, love the teddy jumper, very pretty colour xxx

  4. fabulous showcase Gwyneth, love the marble swirl backing papers. Your nephews have done a wonderful job on the slippers, and love the teddy’s clothes. Hope you beging to feel better very soon, take care x

  5. Really gorgeous cards, I love those sweet fairies and the dragons are adorable. Loving the teddy bears outfit too Lindsay xx