Crafting My Way Towards The End Of February

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If you are on Facebook, and if you like the digital stamps I’ve used in the past that were drawn by Janette Padley (who’s the designer at “Dragons Lair Designs”) – you might be interested in joining the group “Stamping Dragon Designs”.  Click – here – to go to the group and click to request to ask to be allowed to join.  I’ve got one or two more of her digital stamps printed out now, ready for me to colour in, so keep an eye out on my future blog posts for some more of her designs.

My leg, that was badly bruised when I fell, has gone all sorts of interesting colours, but at least the colours are beginning to fade and the swelling has gone down.  Nowhere near comfortable enough to have my lap-tray across it for hours a day yet, so I’ve not done a lot of crafting or computer work the last few days.  What I have managed to do is start to put together some of the cards from items from my last big cutting session with my Silhouette Cameo, and also do some photographing of the construction of another type of paper, so keep an eye out for this being added to my  “Making Paper Flowers” page over the next few days.

If any of you ever click on the link to my “Crafter Showcase Area” on that appears at the bottom of most of my blog posts you’ll have seen the number of designs I’ve got photos of finished items uploaded against slowly creeping up.  I’ve now passed the 1,300 mark, so have less than 700 cards left to make to upgrade from a Gold to a Platinum Crafter. I don’t expect to make the leap up this year, but every 100 cards I mark off gets me closer to the Platinum level.



(If you click on the thumbnail images you can have a look at a larger image of each item.)
(Clicking on the text links below each set of images takes you to the pages where you can see some of what I used to make the cards.  Where these linked pages are on the CUP site you will usually find a longer description of how I made the item at the bottom of the page.)

1cup222855_597 - card03 - Decorative Edge Card Blank 1 - Studio  2cup397144_1415 - card03 - Pair of Cars MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC  3cup401469_1443 - card01 - Designer Resource 4 Birds in Flight  4cup397525_1415 - card02 - Lattice Card A MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC

  1. Cowboy’s job digital stamp by Lynne Crosskill, Decorative Edge Card Blank 1 – Studio by Anne Huxter and Mat & Wrap 4…..SVG by Tina Fitch (I wanted to make a card with texture and interest, but not a lot of dimension, so I cut the wrap out of  Bazzill Basics 12×12 Bling cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo.  I also cut out a base card with a decorative edge out of a cream, linen textured, 250gsm cardstock.  I decided to make a landscape card so the wrap was placed over the top edge of the card and I added a white peel-off to the top border.  I printed the digi-stamp at a much smaller size than supplied onto  300gsm, Super Smooth, white card-stock, coloured it in using my ProMarkers, and then die-cut it with a Spellbinders die.  The colours I used were: Cool Grey 2, Buttercup, Dusky Pink, Satin, Grey Squirrel, Grass, Marine, Powder Blue, Denim Blue, Bluebell, Shale, Walnut, Chestnut, Cocoa, Cinnamon. I also used a Spellbinders die, this time labels 29, to cut out a blank greetings panel out of a black shade of the same Bazzill card-stock I’d used for the wrap.  I went round the edges of the base card, dig-stamp topper and greetings panel with a Copper metallic marker, and also used the same marker to colour in peel-offs that said “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for “Happy Birthday”.  I used wet glue to attach everything in place.)
  2. Designer Resource 8 Aged Papers by Gillian Hutchinson and Pair of Cars MTC*SCAL*STUDIO*SVG*WPC by Rae Carr (I selected one of the cars and cut the two layers out of black and brown Bazzill cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo.  I prepared an 8″ square base card out of Ivory Centura Pearl Cardstock.  I then printed out one of the aged papers designs onto 300gsm Super Smooth card-stock and after trimming it to leave a white border of a few mm, I attached it to my base card using finger-lift tape.  I used wet glue to attach the black to the brown layers of the car and 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach the car to the card front.  I finished off with gold, fine border, peel-offs around the outside and a “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – peel-off towards the bottom right corner of the card. )
  3. Double Oval Aperture Card Template – CU4CU by Mary Jane Harris, Designer Resource 4 Birds in Flight by Gillian Hutchinson and 5 CU4CU Fantasy Waterfall Backgrounds by Gillian Hutchinson (I took the template, together with a background, and two birds into one of my graphics programs and re-sized the background to fit within the inner black line on the template.  I then made a second copy of this background and re-sized the two birds and placed them on the second background where the apertures are on the template.  This was made into an insert of the right size for the card.  On the base card itself I used the graphics package’s tools to cut out the two apertures from the applied background.  The base card and the second background insert were printed out onto 300gsm Super Smooth white cardstock.  The card front was cut out along the given black lines of the template and the oval apertures were also cut out.  I went around the apertures with a lilac metallic marker to tone with the flowers in the background.  The insert was cut out and stuck inside with wet glue with the picture outermost inside the base card so that the picture lined up exactly and the birds were visible through the apertures. By making the card in this way the card folds completely flat for posting at the cheapest rate, but when standing the insert stands just enough behind the apertures to give the card dimension.)
  4. Lattice Card A MTC*SCAL*STUDIO*SVG*WPC by Rae Carr (I cut the outer card out of a lilac shade of Bazzill Basics 12×12 Bling card-stock and the inner piece out of a lighter shade of 250gsm linen textured cardstock using my Silhouette Cameo.  After folding each piece I used a narrow strip of red backed tape to attach the insert to the outside card at the spine end.  I then placed two different sizes of pink, holographic, circular peel-offs through the lattice onto the inside card.  I took a pink metallic marker and went round a small panel of waste card from another project, and also used the same metallic marker to go over a peel-off before that was attached to the panel.  The greeting is “Diolch yn Fawr” – which is Welsh for “Thank You Very Much”.  I used some wet glue on the central area of the lattice to attach the greetings panel to it.)

1cup398935_695 - card01 - Laveder cross  2cup397518_1415 - card04 - Diamond Slice Form MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC  3cup397518_1415 - card01 - Diamond Slice Form MTC_SCAL_STUDIO_SVG_WPC  4cup311343_379 - card01 - Studio Octagon Nesties

  1. Laveder cross by Gail Collins (I printed the design out onto glossy Crafty Bob paper and cut out all the pieces.  Keeping one strip of three ovals intact, and cutting the three ovals out of the other.  I took an A5 base card made of Adorable Scorable lavender coloured cardstock, attached the card front panel using finger-lift tape and trimmed the base card to match the panel size.  I used 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape to attach first the panel of three ovals and then, on top, the three individual ovals.  I took a Red Gold coloured metallic marker and coloured some fine border peel-offs and a “Gyda Chydymdeimlad” greeting – Welsh for “With Sympathy”- and then put three strips of border peel-offs down the card, top to bottom, either side of the panel of three ovals and on the right hand side of the card.  I then used some low tack tape to transfer the greeting to the card front under the main oval.)
  2. Diamond Slice Form MTC*SCAL*STUDIO*SVG*WPC by Rae Carr (I cut out the plain front panel and the decorative “diamond” panels out of a lavender coloured Bazzill cardstock and the back panel and two other panels out of a paler, 250gsm, linen textured card-stock. I used a wet glue to attach the intricate cut patterns to the relevant panels and to attach the front panel to the arms off the back panel. I then put on a peel off greeting – “Penblwydd Hapus” – Welsh for “Happy Birthday” – and then put on purple and silver holographic, round, peel-offs as decoration.)
  3. Angled view of same card to show dimension.
  4. Studio Octagon Nesties by Angela Burke and 3D Pentagon Box Card……CraftROBO/Cameo by Tina Fitch (I separated out the layers in Silhouette Studio and worked out which ones I wanted to use. I made three copies of one of the plain edged octagons, welding two of them together to make a base card and leaving the third as it was. I chose one of the layers with holes in to put on the same mat. All of these were cut out of pink, 250gsm, linen textured card-stock. I cut out another layer, the same size as the main layers but with holes, and cut this out of lavender cardstock. I scored the base card with  my Hougie Board to make an easel card, attaching the largest layer to the front, bottom, half with wet glue. The largest of the layers with holes was then attached directly to this with wet glue and the other layer with holes was attached using 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape. I decorated the card with some flowers that I’d cut out as spares when making an earlier project – the decorated Pentagon Box, plus some leaves.)



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  1. You have done it again !!! What a great display of your fantastic makes they are all so wonderful and some great shapes xxx

  2. Beautiful cards again Gwyneth, glad your knee is beginning to improve now. I love the 4 birds card. Good luck in your quest to become a Platinum Crafter. Take care x

  3. I thought I had left a comment, but must be losing it 🙂
    Great set of projects as always – love 1 and 2 in the second set especially, and not just because they are purple, lol 🙂

  4. A wonderful selection of cards Gwyneth. The “In Flight” card is so pretty and I love the dimension of the Diamond Slice card x